Now 2020 has been an interesting year. It’S been the year when many people were introduced to tablets or many people decided to finally pick up a tablet simply because you know we’re all doing kind of everything from home now and many of those people kind of knew why they wanted a tablet. But at the same time, they weren’t too sure which tablet would fulfill their needs without ruining them, given that we are in a recession now and there’s, a big decrease of disposable income for many families and i’m sure you have seen some of the numbers right. So the bureau of economic analysis, for example, has been releasing. You know reports showing continuous decreases in terms of you know: disposable income for families, in other words, not everyone, is out there just buying a tablet, because you know it’s a flagship tablet or because it’s the best habit. No one is buying things just to buy anymore and for those same people i just mentioned earlier, or at least the majority of them. Only one tablet was right for the job, and that tablet is what i call my tablet of the year now, despite owning. Quite a few tablets going anywhere from the budget to mid range all the way to premium category. I still went for a mid range tablet and i’m talking, of course about the samsung galaxy tab s6 lite here now. Quite a few people will disagree with me and you know that this is not the best tablet of the year and of course, that is absolutely okay right, it’s totally fine.

But you have to understand that, of course, that expression of tablet of the year in general could actually just be considered to be pretty subjective right, because people are different and have different situations, especially the financial situation. This year, the year 2020.. I chose this one, as i mentioned in that collab video i did with adam from tech odyssey simply because this is the one that is reachable for most. You know: americans, oh most people, let’s, just call it that right so it’s easily reachable for most people. Despite of the financial situation, because, as you know, many people were negatively impacted by the hit that the world economy took 250 or less, and you could get a unit of this thing along with a samsung s, pen, the one that comes with it – and this is Definitely not a review of this tablet. I’Ve made quite a few videos on this tablet already. So if you are interested for more details about this particular tablet, make sure to check out well, i’m, actually going to add some links in the description that you know that are going to take you to the videos, make sure to check out those videos. But anyway, so i’m going to spare you all of the you know technical stuff and just say that we can all agree that the tab s6 lite has some decent specs. Definitely not flagship tablet, specs, but still decent specs, so light to moderate work.

Here is just fine it’s fairly snappy decent speed has a nice display, so entertainment is actually pretty enjoyable on here great battery life. Depending on your usage, it may actually last you a full day, at least based of my usage. It lasted me that long and as i mentioned earlier, you do have a samsung s pen, so you do get access to kind of the core functionality of a nice stylus. I usually tell people don’t just go ahead and buy a tablet, because you saw some random or you came across some random article online. That was telling you that it’s, the best habit of the year that’s like buying a corvette, because some random articles said that that was the best car of the year and come on dude. You have four kids and you’re over here. Buying a corvette right, get yourself a nice van, you know it’s practical right, so that’s kind of how you have to approach this. You have to figure out your needs. You know what you needed a tablet and then find out what tablet you know, which of the tablets available in the market would be able to fulfill all of those needs right, anyways that’s, pretty much it. You know. I just wanted to make a very short video sharing with you. What i think is the tablet of the year. You may have suspected that that was my title of the year now i did say that it was my favorite time in the collab video, but i didn’t necessarily go as far as say.

That is the tablet of the year and again tablet of the year. For me, because, i simply think the majority of people who were hit by you know the bad economy. The recession are able to go out there and pick one up, because you know kids are going to school online. You know people lost their job or some people are working remotely, so they may need something like this to help them, and this is kind of reachable for many of those people anyways. As i mentioned, i do have quite a few videos on this tablet. I also have a ton of videos on other tablets if you want to check those out i’m going to make sure that the links are in the description.