For this year, first we’re going to show you our five best picks then we’ll talk about what you should look for before buying a tablet for sheet music. We’Ll put the links to all the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below let’s get started, Music number five apple ipad air want an ipad, but can’t justify paying the eye. Watering cost of the ipad pro with its compatibility with a smart keyboard cover and first gen apple pencil. The latest ipad air is well worth your attention. First off for those of you using hefty music production, multi tracking and apps you’ll, be pleased to know apple have upped the storage size to 64 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes on the air. The battery life has also been upgraded from the previous models. If you get around 10 hours of normal use, due to its laminated display, the screen’s thinner, top glass layer fits snugly on top of the lcd panel. Underneath what this means is the colors and clarity of the colors shine through on this latest air model, noticeably more than the previous number four samsung galaxy tab: s6: the versatility galaxy tab s6 is lightweight and portable with performance. To impress anyone doubting that android can pull up their sleeves and go the full 12 rounds with apple, the crisp 10 and a half inch amoled display and quad akg speakers makes both work and play a pleasurable experience on the s6 and the speedy snapdragon 855 processor Means multitasking between taking notes, checking emails and using music applications is easy, as pie from music to movies media loaded quickly and streamed like clockwork over wi fi mini users report.

The battery life is very decent on the tab s6. However, despite samsung claiming that you get 15 hour standard video playback battery tests have reported 11 hours number three asus zenpad 3s10 we’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend a solid budget option. Let’S face it. The average gigging musician needs to play a lot of late nights to save up for an ipad pro, so we recommend checking out asus’s zenpad 3s10 it’s great a tablet for reading sheet music as it features a nice size, 10.1 inch easily readable screen plenty of storage Space and a decently high battery life span, it weighs less than a pound, and its battery can withstand some 10 plus hours of usage. It should be enough to last for a gig or even two, unless you’re playing jazz those guys play some long gigs. The downside is zenpad 3s10 isn’t, quite durable as durable as the other options at least number two microsoft surface pro 6. microsoft’s surface. Pro 6 is much more than just the large screen tablet. The surface pro 6 really is a high powered laptop computer that can handle running your favorite music. Recording programs like pro tools, presonus studio, one or cubase, with ease it’s slightly smaller than the ipad pro 12.9, but they’re really close on the downside. However, its battery lifespan leaves a lot to be desired if you intend to perform, live, you’ll need to be plugged into the charger after a while. The question really comes down to two things: do you want microsoft or apple, and do you need something powerful enough to run cpu intensive software like pro tools, guitar pro fruity, loops, cubase, ableton, etc? Number one ipad pro in our opinion, if you’re looking for the best of the best best size, quality, speed and visibility, the ipad pro 12.

9 is your obvious choice: it’s very big 12.9 inches to be exact so reading sheet, music and chord charts won’t be a problem Regardless of how far you’ve placed it, it’s also compatible with the best bluetooth, 4.0 ipad, page turner pedal on the market what’s more the ipad pro 12.9 boasts incredible speed and the screen is brighter when compared to the older version, making it even more suitable for musicians. Overall it’s great for the buck and i’ll help you achieve plenty of other stuff. Apart from reading chord charts. Now that we showed you the best tablets for sheet music out there let’s talk about a few things. You should look for before buying one apps and sound tools: metronome timer, amp, modelers, digital music, multitrack, recording apps, synths they’re, all easy to handle on a tablet; it’s, often a pain to get out your laptop or trudge to the other room to sit at your desktop. Every time you want to do your musical thing buying a portable lightweight tablet solves all these irksome pain points and will make your playing and listening time more. Enjoyable. Music player want to nail that rhythm in the new song that you’re learning on guitar grab. Your tablet load up your music player of choice and get jamming whether you’re listening to your own uploaded music library or want inspiration for music streaming apps. One thing’s for sure. You’Ll have a ton of choices to choose from on your tablet, recording home and live whether you want to record regular practice, progress, clips, catalog song ideas or create multi track studio productions.

Tablets are one of the top gadgets every musician should have.