Now you can pick these up from Ill, throw the link up in the description all right, so lets get right into it. First, things: first shout out to White Shoes back in the building Music: calm down; okay, so we got the grand Pro headphone stand now this one is going to run you 54.99. Now this is lightning fast and productive, efficiently power, your digital devices wirelessly with 15 watt, fast charging structure, integrity and patent design. Your most stable companion embark on your wireless charging Journey, get rid of messy cables and get more productive. Now this one comes in two different colors: you got black or white. Okay. Here we go Grand Pro headphone stand now lets see. Did I miss anything non slip? Bottom perfect: fitting support 15 watt fast charging and you got a curved touch surface now. If you watch my channel, you know one thing that I love is clean, desktop setups, and this is going to go right on my desk here we go lets see how it looks. Okay, a little box struggles, angle levels, increasing White Shoes is trolling. Okay, all right. The boxes of the box is kind of telling me all right here we go, but this is what I like to see: quality packing okay, any day now, okay, here we go. Okay, all right, okay inside got the usual books and pluck them and follow them. This is going to be your base. Lets open this one up.

Okay, now look at this. The bottom nice non, stick material! This is going to keep it from sliding around on your table, see what else you get. Okay matter of fact. Let me just go ahead and set this up all right, so inside of the Box, this is going to be a wireless charging base and, like I said earlier, got a nice grippy material on the bottom, so its not going to slide around is going to be Your headphone stand soft touch material so its not going to scratch your phone or your headphones. You also get a screw and an allen key and the cable now heres how it looks fully assembled. Okay, all you got to do put the screw on the bottom. Tighten it up plug the cable in and youre good to go now, one of the things that I like. If you get the black you get the black cable. If you get the white, you get the white cable all right now. Let me set up the white one, all right so now that we got them assembled heres, how they look set up now, if you want that clean neat desktop set up just run the cables behind your table, all right, so first lets check Wireless charge. We got an Android phone there. It is lets, try an iPhone okay. Just like that now lets grab some headphones Lets see we got my favorite airpod Max drop them on just like that, and lets try some master and Dynamics on the Black Version.

Bang, just like that, keep your desktop set up. Looking nice and clean now, one more thing lets try to charge some airpod pros: okay Bond there. It is, and, of course, my bno headphones flare them out. Just like that lets do the airpod max lets turn them around flare them out. Just like that, I assumes I need you to skedaddle. People want to see how these look set up all right. So this is the grand Pro headphone stand with wireless charging official tissue. All right lets keep it moving all right. So next up we got the Infiniti Pro magnetic iPad stand. Now this one is going to run you 85.99, its available for your iPad Air four and five, your iPad Pro 11 inch, 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022, and your iPad Pro 12.9 inch, 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022. turn your iPad into a real workstation with banks magnetic Ipad stand: crafted with aluminum and strong magnets snap on your iPad fast and firmly thoughtfully, designed to be highly aesthetic in appearance. The magnetic iPad stand has an elaborate Sleek surface to go with your Exquisite desktop setup: okay, 85.99. Okay, let me grab a little unboxing knife. Got the switchblade today lets see. Did I miss anything on this? One. Okay looks good wow. Okay, lets check this out. Lets see if we can uh have no struggles on this one magnetic iPad stand now. I got this one for the iPad Pro 11 inch.

Okay, see what you get inside, this is going to be your stand and, of course, usual books and plug them and follow them all right. So let me go ahead and set this up all right, so heres how it looks completely set up now. If you listen closely, you hear that sound, very satisfying clicking sound as it rotates on the bottom grippy material, so its not going to move around now just adjust in multiple angles. Okay, you can lean it all the way back all the way forward and it rotates 360 degrees, so you can use it in portrait mode or landscape mode. Now, your iPad just magnetizes right on the back its gon na look like this okay and there. It is all right, so lets uh open this up and check this out now. I can use this in multiple angles. I can lean this all the way back all the way forward. If I have an iPad pencil and I want to draw tilt it down tilt it up, but most importantly, I love that sound okay, when its rotating – and I love the look nice and clean okay. So this is the Infinity Pro magnetic iPad stand its going to look from the back one more time: everything aluminum high quality materials. Okay, keep your desktop set up, looking exclusive, now heres how its going to look? Okay, with your headphone stand and your tablet stand pretty Epic all right lets, keep it moving all right.

So next up we got the mag clap two in one wireless charger. Now this ones going to run you 46.98. Now this is the banks. Two in one magnetic wireless charger, provides up to 15 watt fast charging 50 charge in less than 30 minutes. Now you got time, saving simultaneous charging charge, two devices compatible with magsafe. At the same time now I got a hands free magnetic connection 15 degree adjustable according to your needs, a stable and adjustable phone holder, practical and working scenario, and watching movies now stay faithful to details a standard one meter, CNC cable is provided okay, so this is The mag clap two in one wireless charger, okay lets see, did I miss anything. Nope grab a little unboxing knife. Take it to the kevlog. Here we go again more products to keep your desktop looking exclusive. Just like months. Okay, you got the usual books and pluck them and follow them. Okay, all right, so lets go ahead and set this up lets see what you get inside. Now you got your charging cable and the stand okay, so this one is real simple. Now, if you notice on the bottom same thing, all of these products have a nice, sticky, grippy material in the bottom, so theyre not going to move around on your table. Okay, now you get your wireless charging. Mag safe lets go ahead and plug this in and set it up all right, so heres how it looks set up now.

All you got to do is plug in the USB type c. Cable drop it on your disk. All right so lets grab a phone drop. It on the bottom theres your Wireless charge grab a phone drop it on the top more Wireless charge. They can rock this and Landscape or portrait mode. If you want to. Instead of charging two phones charge, some airpod pros or if you happen to have an Android phone lets, do iPhone and Android. At the same time, this is pretty dope. So this is the mag clap two in one wireless charging desktop stand. Look how clean and sexy this looks. Nice strong, magnets, okay drop a phone in the bottom. Do that one more time and one on the top. I think Im gon na rock mines like this all right so lets, keep it moving all right. So last up we got the mag clap foam grip. Now this ones gon na run you 16.99. This one comes in three different colors you got white black or green. Now has a firm magnetic attachment snap on and go better grip with more Comfort born for versatility, with flexible adjustment. Okay, 16.99 on this one. Okay, so lets check it out all right here we go okay lets see now this is going to be magsafe compatible use. Your books or ship plug them and follow them. Of course we got to try this out with the banks Kevlar case, one of my favorites snapped right on the back.

Okay, so lets go ahead and open this up now check this out. You can use this to watch videos, okay, you can also drop it on your hand, just like that, give you more grip when youre holding your phone and lets check the magnet strength on this. Look at that extra strong magnets slaps on just like that. This is not going to come off. Okay and again, when youre ready to watch some videos set it up. Just like that matter of fact lets throw in a video real, quick lets. Take it over to YouTube and well do a live. Demo lets go to my channel. Why not? Okay, we can adjust the ring and rock out just like that. This is pretty dope 16.99 on this. This is a great look. Lets kind of wrap this up all right, so these are the banks desktop setup accessories. If you like, what you see head over to the website and use code, flossing 15 at checkout and save 15 percent hit me up in the comments. Let me know what yall think about these shout out to everybody like I will be on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Google Plus shout out to all the Google gangsters. I see I holding down that Facebook page shout out to everybody. Hit me up on Boxer and a special shout out to everybody rocking with me on Instagram yall, know thats, where Im at full time 100 Full Throttle and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the new stream on Sundays.

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