Why is this one? The number one on amazon keep watching to find out: Music. Okay, so in today’s we’ll be taking a look at the uh, the best selling microsoft amazon. This is well technically it’s. The best selling wireless mouse so let’s. Add that slight caveat in there – and this has been number one on amazon’s list for as long as i can remember so i figured we’ve been doing this for long enough. Now people have been asking me about it. What would i recommend for a cheap wireless mouse and uh yeah it’s? Something i’ve not really looked into? Yes, we’ve looked into plenty of sets keyboard and mouse combos. You can check out some of those from the playlist linked up here, such as the logitech, the mk 270, which has been pretty much number one for as long as i can remember also. But that is a complete set, and maybe you don’t need a keyboard. Maybe you’ve got a laptop or some sort of tablet or android device, and you basically just want a mouse to make life a little bit easier, but you don’t want to break the bank. Now this certainly isn’t going to break the blanket around about 10 pounds and quite often seen on sale for around about seven pounds. This looks like it potentially could be an absolute bargain, so let’s do a quick unboxing on this see some of the pros and cons and then give it an actual practical test on the laptop to see how well it does so, as you can see from the Packaging uh yeah, no expenses spared there whatsoever.

So this is the uh wireless mouse model. Number d09 and it’s probably been seen on amazon under thousands of different guys’s um yeah do shop around i’ll leave some affiliated links in the video description, so you can check out for yourself. But yes, there is various manufacturers or sellers. We should basically put their name in front of the model number and using the exact same device and same packaging, etc, just under a different name and with slightly different pricing. So if you’re not too sure what you can do is head over to amazon, which i’ve done now and just type in wireless mouse and go for basically amazon’s choice for wireless mouse and it generally comes up either the first or second one. So, as you can see from the uh the version, so this is the updated version wireless mouse. This is from i’m, not even going to try pronouncing that, but it’s. A 2.4 gigahertz usb wireless mouse with optical sensor suitable for a laptop computer, cordless mouse with nano receiver, yeah they’re, getting the keywords in there. My friends also it’s got six buttons on there up to 2400 dpi in five different adjustment levels and it’s suitable for windows. Macintosh linux, etc, etc, etc. Now it does claim to have super energy efficiency, and they do say that the battery that you installed in there could last anything up to kind of like 18 months or so which obviously, depending on the amount of usage your mileage may vary drastically.

But certainly it does seem to have its own built in kind of power management settings. So basically, if you’re not using it after a minute or so it will basically shut down into complete kind of no battery use whatsoever. Then all it takes is a couple of taps on the mouse and then it will wake it back up, so yeah pretty straightforward. So what do we actually get in the packaging which is uh very bland? It does say on there obviously optical sensor, wireless and also portable design. It is actually pretty small and on the side it says what you get inside, so you get usb receiver. You also get the mouse itself, obviously, and you get a user manual, so let’s validate that clean. So, first of all, we have the mouse itself in some bubble, wrap and also we have the user manual, which user manual is probably over egging. It slightly it’s a user piece of paper and a very small piece of paper. Basically a postcard size. So basically tells you how to use it, tells you the different diagrams on the back, so where to put the battery the usb, etc, etc, and also there’s a qr code. If that is a little bit too much for you to take in now, let’s take a look at the mouse itself. So, as you can see, they haven’t gone particularly overboard on the packaging, which is uh something to save as a little bit of cost, and actually the mouse itself does look, in my opinion, pretty decent, considering this is less than 10 pounds in pretty much most locations Again can be seen on sale for around about 6.

99, which is the price i actually paid for it when i picked it up so for seven pounds for a wireless mouse, i don’t think you’d complain, even if it was shockingly badly designed seven pounds isn’t a lot Of money it’s, basically the price of maybe two cups of coffee and your favorite coffee bar, so yeah it’s, not a massive amount of money, and even if you don’t, like it, yeah chances are you’re not going to return it. Hence why? I believe this is the number one mouse, because yeah you pay no money, you don’t like it, you stick it in a drawer and you get another one. So let’s take a look at some of the other features. So we’ve got the actual receiver, which is implanted in the the base of the device, so just a small usb nano receiver, which is nice and straightforward, so all you need to do is to find a suitable port on your laptop pc, desktop whatever it may be. Plug it in job done, it is very slim line, so you could leave that installed and not have to worry about taking it out every single time, so yeah it’s not really going to get caught on things, so yeah that’s, definitely a plus going back to the Mouse itself, so we’ve got on the bottom. We’Ve got the optical sensor, which is uh in a slightly unusual place. It’S actually been offset quite a lot to the side, so for some people, the tracking they may find that slightly unusual, but in use i’ve actually found it to be totally fine.

This is essentially a right handed mouse, so there is a little bit of angle and sort of ergonomic design, but me being a lefty, as we all know, i’ve actually found no problems with it and i’ve found it to be relatively comfortable in my claw type grip And talking the grip on the side, there’s, actually, a very nice rubberized, textured piece for uh, well grip in and above that you’ve got two buttons on there, so those predominantly will be used in windows for forward and backwards. That translates to a lot of other apps. As well, things like discord and basically most things word excel, powerpoint, etc. You can use those. You can of course, program them to other settings. If you wanted to, and certainly if you’re using this as a gaming mouse, then you can set those up to be. Maybe drop weapon, reload, etc, etc. Moving on to the top, so we’ve got our textured rubber top as well, which is quite nice and you’ve got some clicky buttons. Those are rated for around about five million clicks, as we will say, won’t be testing that, and also in the middle you’ve got a reasonably nice scroll wheel there. There is a very slight notch to it, not the massive one, and there is like a rubberized tread around there as well, so it’s, actually quite nice to use it’s, not one of those things where you can kind of spin it, and it just keeps on spinning.

So there is a little bit of resistance there, but certainly we’ll get the job done. Moving down from that we’ve got our dpi button or cpi button. So you’ve got various options in there, ranging from around about 800 dpi up to 2400 dpi and there’s various gradients. There’S five settings in there, so you can choose which one works for you generally. I tend to find around about the kind of 1200 to 1600 dpi. For me, personally works. Absolutely fine, as we start going over, that i find the mouse is a little bit too accelerated a little bit too sensitive and the cursor goes flying around everywhere, which is definitely something we don’t want. Moving on to the other side, so we’ve got a bit of a rest there again if you’re, left or righty depending and going back to the bottom. There is a battery compartment, so that’s relatively easy to do. The plastic does feel a little bit on the cheap side, if i’m completely honest with you. But oh this is a seven pounds mouse. What are you expecting? So it only takes one battery, which is a single double a, which is why i’ve got this conveniently stored on the set, and that goes in there’s a spring at the bottom, so negative end onto the spring pop it down the bottom press it in and that’s It you’re off to the races now getting the actual plastic bit back on when there’s, not a battery and it’s, actually quite difficult, because it tends to kind of lean on there, a little bit so yeah that’s, uh, it’s, okay, and actually with that added there’s.

Very very little weight to it and straight away on my windows desktop, i can see the mouse is working and it’s active, so let’s go through when you press the button. It gives you a couple of flashes to tell you which mode it’s in so this is in level three at the moment, so that is actually yeah that’s, probably pretty much exactly as i would have it so, overall, really it’s, not a bad looking mouse you’ve got A little bit of a logo on the back there, which i have seen on various devices which uh yeah i had a keyboard. I can’t remember what the keyboard works ages ago. If i can find it i’ll link it. So if you want to get the keyboard to go with this, then you can have a matching set but yeah as it goes design wise. It doesn’t look offensive and i think, if you’re buying this to use in the office, you’d be absolutely fine. If you pulled this out of your handbag, when you get into your work meetings, i don’t think anyone be overly shocked. Just it looks the part: does the job if you’re a gamer i’d, think some of your friends possibly may look down on you slightly for having this kind of mouse? It doesn’t have that kind of gain vibe to it. Obviously, no rgb and uh limited on what the actual sensor can do from what i can tell it’s, not a particularly known sensor: it’s, not like one of your pixar sensors or something along those lines.

It’S, basically, a generic optical sensor, but anyway, let’s see how it actually does so now we’re going to go over to the the desktop and do some scrolling so scrolling. Absolutely fine in windows yep that works particularly well and just one click of the scroll moves. It nicely so, if you’re reading a document, if you want to you, can press the button in on in the middle press the wheel button as you would normally and then you can choose the uh, the staggered scrolling. So if you want to read through something or have it scroll generally, that works particularly well, hopefully the obs recording this is reflecting it and isn’t, giving it any lag or jaggers, but does seem perfectly smooth, so can’t see any issues there, the the side button. So if we could go backwards, yep that works fine and go forwards. Yeah again, all works fine, exactly as you expect, so. The real test of this is going to be actually can a person like myself actually use this with some degree of accuracy and in order to prove that we’re going to go over to mouse accuracy which again conveniently i’ve got set up already on the laptop. So let’s give this a go. Now. I’Ve used this before previously with the gaming mouse to see what my performance was like. I can’t remember the scores, but certainly if you want to play along with this again like we did last time, please feel free to go on to mouseaccuracy.

com and uh. Do the same settings for me. So difficulty is normal target size. Medium duration is 90 seconds. Unfortunately, and yeah target color i’ve changed, but other than that. That is pretty much it so i’m going to click on start and see how accurate i can get. So we are three two one and you’re in the room. I think i’ve actually got the sensitivity set. A little bit too high, this is actually uh quite fatiguing, trying to actually control it. So this isn’t going to be one of those things where, if you’re doing a fast shooter it’s going to be particularly useful and i’d, be interested to see what the accuracy is. Actually, like my hit rate, is particularly slow. I am deliberately trying to try and be accurate rather than speedy, so let’s see how well we do. I think i’m getting most of the hits uh pretty much bang in the middle. Obviously, we’ll find out that in about 90 seconds time, i do apologize for this, but i think doing the 30. Second, one is actually quite easy to get a relatively good score, because you can kind of concentrate and focus for that amount of time relatively easily, but for 90 seconds that’s when things actually change a little bit and you do start to get that little bit of Fatigue or your accuracy kind of drops off. This is great content, just in case you’re wondering – and i almost have my tongue hanging out there with concentration so we’re in the final few seconds now and time is up so our stats, as you can see, 161 targets.

Uh 87 hits 74 misses not great 1.8 per second clicks 89, so actually for 89 clicks to get 161 targets i’m, not too sure how that works right. So two misses yeah, one per second total score 517, which is probably pretty awful and target efficiency. 54 click, accuracy, 98, so of the 1989 total clicks 87 were hit so yeah. I don’t think that’s too bad at all, but certainly do let us know what your scores are in the comments section below really looking forward to that i’m going to see. Actually, if i can change this, so you press the button and you get a flash to tell you what your settings are, so that is now on the highest level, so cool yeah. That is all over the place so that’s level, one yeah. That might be better. Actually, let’s try level two yeah just with the increased accuracy, i think, because of it being a relatively um for one of the better cheap sensor, the mouse accuracy or the acceleration isn’t great, so i’m thinking probably on setting number one would probably be your better bet. That’S gone back round to two again right, that’s level, one, so i might actually try again with level one see how i do, but i think i don’t wan na bore you guys to tears with this essentially yeah it’s, a mouse which is less than 10 pounds Here in the uk, again, as i said when it’s on special offer, often for 6.

99, including postage with amazon prime, which again for seven pounds, i know i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again for seven pounds, you’d be hard pressed to do better than that. For a wireless mouse and if you’re looking at getting a combo set such as again the mk 270 from logitech those sometimes going off around about the 15 to 20 pounds mark. So certainly, if you do need a keyboard as well. Those are certainly a very good option. They do have in fact with the logitech. They do have a physical on off button which, for some people they may prefer again with this, if you’re putting it into like a carriage, a handbag, whatever your luggage, then obviously, every time the buttons are pressed it’s going to wake up the mouse and drain the Battery potentially, whereas, obviously, if you just use it on a desktop and you go away for the evening and you’re leaving it it’s going to be absolutely fine unless your cat decides to find it particularly comfy to sleep on, but other than that, the battery is going To be absolutely fine in there, but i would have liked to have seen a physical means of turning the battery on or off. Obviously, if you want to you, can just take the battery out, but yeah it’s, one of those things it’s the hassle factor you don’t want to have to do it. So would i recommend this mouse? Certainly yeah definitely would, and i guess that is pretty much.

Why it’s achieved the ranking it has on amazon because again for the money, you really really can’t go wrong. It would have been nice to see some of those other features and maybe a little bit more accuracy with the mouse sensor, but certainly for seven pounds. It gets the job done and gets the job done pretty darn. Well. So for me, if i was to give this a rating, i would say this is probably a good eight out of ten could do better. Let me know what you think and give it a rating in the comments section below so anyway, that has been the uh, the cheapest and best selling max on amazon i’ve been mike.