They can watch you go through certain instructions and they can follow along and they can replay, for example, this screen recording – and this is what we are going to talk about today – how to screen record with your pc using wonderchest demo creator, and especially, if you have A low end pc how you can still record your screen in some way and if you are new to the wondershare demo, creator channel definitely make sure to subscribe to the channel by clicking the little subscribe button down there, as well as to activate the little notification Bell that way, you are going to stay updated about future features that come to wonderchest demo creator, as well as certain giveaways and videos that are created here on this channel, so definitely make sure to become a member of the channel. Like mentioned at the start of the video, we are going to deal with the fact today that some users might only have a low npc or a 32 bit system and are not sure if they can actually screen record something because of the poor performance of this System in general and for this purpose i would like to introduce wondershares demo creator to you today, which is, on the one hand, a very minimalistic and user friendly, but on the other hand, and more importantly, for this video, a very resource, friendly screen, recording and video Editing software, which you can try out for completely free by taking a look at the link at the top of the description.

So if you are completely new to the channel, make sure to download wondershare’s demo creator at first and then keep watching the video for more instructions, but before we dive into the how to edit and how to record videos in general, we must at first take a Look at the system requirements that you have to fulfill to run wonderchest demo creator and the good thing is spoilers ahead. It runs on both windows and mac, which is pretty good. Those are the both most used operating systems on earth and once this demo creator can be run on both of those. Let us take a look at specs. Shall we, if we take a look at the website of wondershare’s democrat, you can find the respective links down there in the description, too, you are going to notice that wondrous demo creator is compatible from windows 7 upwards on both 32 and 64 bit systems. But as mentioned previously, it cannot only be run on windows, but also on mac os from the versions 10 to 13 upwards to 11., an hour that we are done with all the specification stuff that you need to fulfill in order to run what is demo creator, We are going to dive into how to actually record videos and, after that i’m going to give you a small glimpse into how to edit videos too, and by the way, you cannot only record your instructional videos using one chess demo creator.

No, you can do way more. You can record gaming videos um. You can record powerpoint presentations online courses for your university et cetera. Whatever it is, you want to do. You can probably do it using one semicreator. It comes with such a huge amount of features built in it, even though it’s so minimalistic it’s overall such a fantastic program and if you’re interested in using the full version, definitely make sure to buy yourself a premium subscription. And now we are going to dive into the details about how to record videos after you’re done downloading wonder, system creator, as mentioned before, you are going to open it up and then just click on the new recording button after you clicked on it. The recording interface is going to pop up immediately and now you can start setting up all the things that you need to set up before getting started with recording the video meaning. What part of the screen you actually want to record? Do you want to record your own voice? Do you run want to record your own face, etc, etc? All of this can be set up in wondershare’s demo creator quite easily and let us go ahead and get started with the screen. Part that you want to record for that. You can either record the full screen. So just click on the full screen down here or you can drag on the corners to reduce the size of the screen that you want to record.

So just want to record a part of the screen, not a problem at all. Then you are good to go or if you want to record the full screen, as mentioned before, just click on full screen and then you’re also good to go after you’re done with that you can also set up cam or maybe your own voice, etc. All of this can be easier done if you click on the gear icon here after you’re done with that, new window is going to pop up, and from here onwards you can go, for example, to the audio settings. You can either capture your windows, audio, mac, audio, etc, or not. You can either enable it or disable it or you can record your own or external microphone, also here’s, a little pro tip it’s helpful to, for example, record using headsets. These have an external microphone attached to it, giving you a better audio quality than most laptop microphones, for example. So this is definitely a better option and you should definitely invest a bit of money into an external microphone. Just gives you a way better audio quality, wan na record your own face just click on the camera right here and set up the camera that you wan na record with and after that, you can also set up the resolution of the camera and also the frame Rate you want to record with, and also there are a few advanced settings by the way.

If you indeed have a low end, pc definitely make sure to set down the frames per second, a tiny little bit when recording, because this is going to have a bit of less strain on your pc and it’s. Just going to make your overall recording. And after that, editing experience a lot better and also, if you want to record a game of some sort, you can click on game capture. And if you click on choose again, you can actually choose some kind of application. That is running in the background or just the game that you want to record. But we are going to restrict ourselves to screen recording for now and after you’re done with setting everything up, just click on capture yet again and once you’re in that window, you’re going to click on the big red button. And then you can start recording everything and never forget when recording a video it’s all about personality and the engagement with the viewer and people tend to engage more with the person creating the content if they can see their face. It’S. Just more personal experience – and i know this from my youtube channel just makes people feel better so definitely make sure to show your face, especially if you’re some kind of teacher or professor at the university, just as a little tip and once you’re done with recording your Session just once again click on the start, recording button right here and it’s going to track you over to the editing interface and in the editing interface.

You can edit everything. However, you wish you can cut parts out, you can speed parts up. You can add annotations. Add text etc: emoji, for example, whatever it is you want to do, you can basically do all of it using wonderchest demo. Creator like mentioned before a lot of features at a very low price, just an overall fantastic experience, and this is basically it for today. Just to conclude everything once again and to put the key features of one stem locator once again into the frame wondershare demo creator is very easy to use. It has a very user friendly interface and is extremely um resource friendly on your pc. Just overall giving you a very good fps, even if you have a low npc other than that it gives you a lot of editing and screen recording options. Everything that you’re ever going to need is implemented in wonderchest demo creator and just overall it’s giving you so many options. You are very likely to never use up all of those options, especially if there are new updates to the whole one shared demo creator program. So yeah definitely a pretty great deal and, most importantly, you can record your face on audio and also you can create annotations text etc. Inside of your video, when editing, which is just going to give you a way better engagement with your viewers overall, which is a very huge plus and if you did enjoy what you saw today, then make sure to subscribe to the wondershare demo creator channel to stay Updated for future features, unwanted demo creator, probably giveaways – that are going to happen from time to time here on the channel, etc, etc.

And you can see more of me if you want so yeah that’s, definitely also pretty cool. This has been yet from the wondershare demo.