Have you been struggling with per connection for your home or office? Here are the devices you should consider to improve your internet experience? I compiled this list based on bar suggestions and opinions and hours of deep personal research. I have listed the routers based on price and their technical specifications, whether you’re looking for a gaming router or you would like the best connection for your smart home we’ve got you covered, perhaps you’re new to this channel. Let me welcome you to the five best here. We explore the best technology gadgets in the market and help you make informed purchases and get your money’s worth based on your specific requirements. The links to all the products mentioned in this video will be available in the description below make sure to click. The subscribe button to stay up to date on new information and content also hit the notification bell so that you never miss a new video as we bring them to you. That said now sit back, relax and enjoy this top 5 best wireless routers number five tp link, archer a9 tp link is one of the household names in home tank gadgets and not just that. The brand is known to produce fairly priced devices that give quality experiences for the price at which they come. This tp link router is our first mention in today’s video and is the cheapest on our list, but rest assured the quality it offers is great for its price.

The archer a9 is a smart wi, fi router with an mu, mimo high speed connectivity. The dual band router affords you the luxury of connecting more than one device to the internet at once. With its airtime fairness feature, you can be sure to get equivocal connection on all your devices and not have old computers slowing down your internet speed with this wireless router, you can either use the five gigahertz band or the 2.4 gigahertz band. For your connection. These provide up to 1300 megabytes per second and 600 megabytes per second respectively. The transfer speed for this device is pegged at 1400 megabytes per second using the ethernet connection. You can get this higher connectivity. This gadget has ports for wired ethernet connections alongside two usb ports. The technical specification of this gadget shows that is designed for home usage with the smart connection feature which allows your device to switch to the band with the better connectivity automatically. It also supports beam forming which ensures that the wi fi signals are concentrated to your devices. Security with this router is also top notch. It comes with a vpn server, guest, wi, fi and parental control features. You can control all these using your smartphone through the app. It also has options for voice control. If you have alexa devices in your home, you can connect to the router and control it. Using voice prompts seamlessly number four tp link 6000. Moving to our number four wireless router, we have again a tp link device.

This time, it’s, bigger and better with the tp link ax6000, you get more quality connection and speed anytime any day, this device comes with three options for connecting. You can use the wi, fi, ethernet or usb. The main attraction about this device is the eight high gain external antennas. With this you can be sure to get super fast connectivity. These work with its five connection: wi fi outlets, the 802.11ax, with ofdma being the fastest wifi connection available being used with wi fi 6 devices. The ax 6000 is also a dual band internet connection, gadget with 2.4 gigahertz band transfers, data at up to 1148 megabytes per second, and the 5 gigahertz are doing well up to 4804 megabytes per second. The wired connection. Ports are even much better than these with nine different ethernet connection ports, you get one primary 2.5 gigabyte, one port perfect for dedicated use and then eight one gigabyte adjoining lan ports that’s. Not all you can also connect this router using either of the two usb 3.0 ports type, a and type c respectively. The signal strength of this device is quite impressive, it’s designed to keep your wifi strongest where you need it, that is, on your device. This is made possible with the beam performing and range boost features. It also provides airtime fairness in case you also connect old devices with a gigahertz quad core cpu. You can trust this device to run your network without any hassle.

Controlling this device is easy, as it comes, you can set it by yourself using the step by step guide. The major controls is the smartphone app with this. You can enable smart connect for your home internet enabled devices. It also connects with bluetooth devices like speakers. This means you can use amazon alexa with the router for your voice control number three asus rtax86u asus is another brand at the forefront of technological devices, widely known to produce quality gadgets, especially when it comes to computers and internet devices that’s exactly what has come to Play with this wireless router, the quality is high grade with all the technical details needed for a seamless internet surfing experience. The asus rtax86u is a gaming router, designed to give your devices that cutting edge connection needed for the best gaming experiences possible. This does not mean that you can’t use the wi fi router, if you’re, not a gamer. Of course it would work just as fine for all your smart internet enabled devices for use in gaming or streaming 4k or 8k videos. You can use the dedicated connection by pushing the game mode button on the router. One of the major features of this router is its adaptive qos. What does that even mean? It simply means the router learns which of your devices uses the most data and which needs the fastest speed. It then prioritizes those devices for the most quality connection. This is supported with the beam forming feature.

The qos feature is designed to deliver the best gaming connectivity. You need, as is needed by new wireless devices. This wireless router is a wi fi, 6 device, so your smartphone’s gaming consoles and other wi fi six enabled devices get the best connection possible, it’s, also a dual band router, with a 2.6 gigahertz and five gigahertz band, which provide up to an outstanding per section connection. Speed, it also comes with an 802.11 ax wi fi connectivity with a setup like this. You are sure to get long range connection, low, latency, faster speeds and efficiency with energy consumption. For the wired connection there are two options of which are super fast. The first is a 2.5 gigabytes per second port, preferably used as the gaming port and then supporting a two gigabytes per second one port. You can go wrong using any of these wire connection outlets with your device if you’re particular about your internet security, which you should be this router has got you covered. It comes with free lifetime, internet security, setup and regular updates. Alongside these, you can personalize your device with the mobile app you get access to the traffic analyzer function, network diagnostics, guest, wi, fi control among other functionalities. Number two amazon ero pro the amazon ero pro is a high quality connection device with up to date, technological features it’s designed to provide all your smart devices with seamless connectivity, which translates to an absolutely delightful internet experience. For you, the eero pro is a tri band.

Router, this is the latest technology as it stands with internet connectivity, the three bands 2.4 5.2 and the 5.8 gigahertz give varying connection speeds and range. The shorter wavelengths allow you to connect devices that are far off with a lower speed, while the higher wavelengths bands ensure you get optimal speed. When you connect close to the router. As for wired connections, the router has ethernet ports with rapid data transfer speeds. It comes with two two gigabyte per second ports. These are great for devices that use cable connections like gaming, pcs, although with the wi fi connection as well, you will sure get fast internet connection access as well. The device uses the mu, mimo connectivity, startup powered by a 700 megahertz quad core processor. This wireless router also has beam, forming and range boost features. Priority connections is given to devices that need the most. It ensures airtime fairness when all devices are connected to the network. This router is bluetooth, enabled to ensure you can connect to other smart home devices and routers. It also has an excellent battery life to power. Your connection for long another takeaway about this device is the ease of setup and management with the true mesh technology. It comes with you also get to set your internet security as tight as it comes using the mobile app you get to configure all the settings you prefer, you can use the wpa2 encryption port forwarding among the many other security features, enabled on this internet gadget and Number one netgear orbee rbk50 on the number one spot for our top five wireless routers is a device that checks virtually all the boxes.

There are to check when it comes to seamless internet connectivity, a device that comes with the latest designs technology and specifications to look out for in a router. The netgear orbi rbk50 is a high grade internet device with high technical specifications and, of course, as expected, it costs more than all the other devices we featured in today’s video. So if you’re going to use this be ready to spend quite a handful, but the internet experience you’d get is definitely worth the spend. This router is a tri band device, but with two bands available for connection, the third band is dedicated for connecting to service provider. Satellites, the surest way to a fast network that never goes down. That said, the two bands in use have extensive reach and yet provide super fast connection, speeds up to 5 000 square feet in coverage and 3 gigabytes per second of transfer. Speed powered by an mu, mimo connection with beam forming features to augment the wireless connection are 7 01 ports for ethernet. This, of course, is a faster speed, though, with limited reach based on a length of cables. This setup is most ideal for online gaming on consoles and gaming. Pcs to set up this device is surprisingly simple and most of the features can be controlled from the orbee mobile app. You get access to the netgear armor online security.