This is 15.6 inches, a 1080p screen that does have a fully laminated touch digitizer glass over the top of it, and this one, of course, supporting touch, means it’s a little bit more versatile than the other ones that don’t it’s a very bright screen. So this is from a company called interhill. They sent this out to me to review, and so far this is the best portable monitor, yet that i’ve tested in the channel first i’ll show you the accessories that they do include with the screens that’s the screen. It has the stand and the cover on it already a screen protector, so you could apply that if you wanted to do so, some wipes there just for cleaning the screen before you apply that, of course, a type c to type c, cable, type c to type A usb cable and then micro hdmi to hdmi and a user manual which is just pointing out the controls there, how to power it and the on screen menu and whatnot quick check on the weight of it. Doesn’T seem that light, but it’s one point: well almost 1.18 kilos there. So the back of the screen has an alloy finish to it. They’Ve got this metal on the outside. Now the other portable monitors, i’ve reviewed in the channel have been just 100 plastic. So this probably adds to a little bit of weight, but it does give it more of a quality feel now magnets are holding the case, slash stand onto it, so this is just magnetically on there and you see the whole back also made out of this brushed.

Alloy style, which doesn’t actually look too bad, the build quality, not bad at all, with this screen so strong magnets that keeps that there in place flip it over to the other side, and you can see the kickstand there. So this you just of course open up and you fold that right back like so, you could have it laying down or then you can stand it up like that. So we have a headphone here, headphone jack, which is great to have this on the type c monitor, so it does have built in speakers which are down the bottom they’re, not particularly good i’ll, give you a sample of them later on, so the on screen controls I’Ll go through the menu of that shortly in this video, so a status led power on button also reset, and then the on screen button. You push that in and up and down then to select different things, so that is, on the left hand, side. On the right hand, side we’ve got our inputs right here, so many hdmis you have to swap over the source. If you wanted to use that, we have our type c in and then type c to power, it so that’s going to power it and then just the type c, with the delivering the data there and signal. Looking now that on screen display so tapping the button on the side, this brings it up. So we have these presets here which are just color and contrast, tweaks and white balance.

I prefer to keep it on standard now. I don’t find the touch response on the screen very good with the on screen controls here i find i have to tap it again, but when i’m using windows and tapping on the screen, that seems to be perfect, it’s, not an issue there. It just seems to be the on screen controls, so here we have our hdr modes. There input sources, so you can change that from type c to hdmi, uh, freesync mode and the hdr is off at the moment. You can put that onto auto. On contrast – and this is our brightness – so the brightness at the moment is set to just the minimum, which is far too bright for me. That’S 230 nits now right up at 100 that’s a super impressive 760 nits of brightness that this does have, and then our volume can be adjusted there there’s also one other setting, which is the language for the on screen, displays so it’s easy enough to use it’s. Just the touch response for this control, i do find to sometimes be a little bit laggy, so the screen is fully laminated. That means there’s no noticeable gap between the glass digitizer panel on the outside and then that qled below real world images here do look very, very good on the screen, so just tapping that’s my cat vera and the late ruffa. Unfortunately, i don’t have him anymore, and here you can see some scenery so very good here.

The touch response again is okay, the touch accuracy that’s, where it’s a little bit better accuracy. I do find to be good now have noticed that if you move an image around, you will sometimes see a little bit of ghosting. So i do not recommend really this panel for gamers and most gamers wouldn’t want 60 hertz anyway. This is more. I feel for office work is using as a secondary, monitor, but a very nice high quality screen that this does have in it. So you can see there that that took me quite a few attempts to get that accuracy, then, with the touch just to minimize things. I do find well, you have to double tap there too. So if you use a mouse, you won’t run into that problem and i’ll just bring it up and show you again that the touch it can just sometimes be a little bit funny. I do find with this, but let’s have a look at some stats now i’m, going to measure the screen with my spyder pro. So this calibration is i’m calibrated out of the box. I found it had a bit of a bluish tint to the white, so that is the calibrated view. Now that is uncalibrated. You can probably not really see that i’ll notice that, as i switch over let’s, have a look at the color coverage here. So 100 of srgb, that is excellent. Ntsc is 88 adobe. Rgb is 90 really good.

There and p3 is 96, so excellent, color gamut. The coverage on this this is going to be a great screen. I think, for professional use now looking at the screen just for media use, so for 16 by nine videos like here one of my own reviews. It does look great so if you’ve only got say a 13 inch screen like the macbook x pro that i have you want something a little bit larger for media consumption like watching movies or youtube videos, then it is ideal for that now, of course, this is Not just for pc users, people using this as a secondary display with your laptop, but you can use things like a mobile phone that does support samsung dex, for example. This is my z fold two here that i have and i’ve just plugged it in looking at a video clip here in youtube. It looks great now i do find touch response with. This is a lot better for some reason, so possibly it’s a driver thing is why i’m having a few little difficulties, i just find that i have to retouch everything with windows, so i believe, maybe it’s a bit of a driver thing there. So you can see scrolling performance here very good that is really quite smooth, i’ll just swipe up and bring up the home there, so that is samsung’s dex dx and it looks great and runs really well on this with the screen. The touch performance and just looks amazing on this 15.

6 inch screen and you only need the single cable too. I don’t need to plug in additional power, at least with my zed fold too. Now i’ll give you a sample of the loudspeakers in this. So there’s two little downwards firing down speakers, they’re! Okay, if that’s all you have remember, you can plug in a headset to this 3.5 millimeter. That is supported, and it is on this side right there. So i’ve set the volume to 100. Now you’ve noticed that i’ve plugged in power to this. The reason is that if i push the loud volume or higher brightnesses, the samsung galaxy zenfold 2 that i have here won’t be able to deliver sufficient power. So the screen will cut out and restart the desktop mode, so that’s, why i’ve done that which it hasn’t done there it’s just decided. Oh, it has actually done that, so you might run into this with the lower volume and higher screen brightnesses. This could happen. It may reset, but here’s a sample now with the speakers at 100 volume, Music, Applause, okay. So a few other things to point out with this screen: what about the blacks? Because it’s, not an ips screen? It doesn’t, exhibit those typical ips problems with the light leakage. All around the outside, you don’t see any of that when you power it on you look at a black image. It looks excellent, very, very good, you’re not going to see all that white or lighter gray areas all around the outside viewing angles are excellent.

With this, there is a bit of a ghosting problem with this. I wouldn’t call it more of a problem, but you do notice it a little bit that it’s not going to be the response there, the refreshing of the screen as good as other ones. There 60 hertz panel is expected for this type of screen. I mean running 120. Hertz would be a huge drain on batteries of other devices, and one thing to point out too. Another thing is that if you run something like say a mobile phone with the desktop mode on here, it will power it depending on your device, if it outputs sufficient enough power. That is for it. As soon as i go to increase the brightness too much with samsung dex here their desktop mode, it will then reboot itself. The screen will just power off it’ll power off because it just cannot power it at all. That’S even happened with the matebook pro x that i have so. This is a very nice premium, huawei portable it’ll power, the screen, no problems with just the single cable. However, if i want to push the really really high brightnesses that 760 nits, which is crazy bright, then i do need an additional power supply for that need to plug it in. If you try and push the speakers up to 100, depending on again the power use, it might cut out there, so the minimum brightness right now i’ve had trouble recording the screen that’s, why everything looks a little bit dim in the background, because it’s been so bright, I think 230 nits is simply just way too bright for a minimum brightness.

It should be like 30 or 20 minutes only and then give us the 760 for maximum there. So yes, glossy panel with the fully lamin laminated glass over the top of it means it is really really reflective. So you can probably see if i angle it like this it’ll reflect my bright studio, lights, everything, okay, so that’s. One thing to point out: if you’re going to use it in the sunshine outside no it’s just going to be simply too reflective there well this, so i do like the build quality of it. The weight is decent just over a kilo, that’s, fine and it’s, very thin and portable, of course. So here it is with the kickstand that’s about the best angle. Well, a little bit more. I can get back here and then the magnet might come off. Okay, if i push it too far down so to sit there, you can press against it, it’s not going to collapse on you and to simply travel with it. You fold it up like this and we’ve got decent protection here on the screen and the back of it, but this part is exposed and that’s brushed alloy on the outside there. So if you put it up against the laptop, it will scratch your laptop, so be very careful with that. You want to put it up against only this layer or possibly put it in another compartment or another sleeve there. Of course, opening it up is again easy.

You simply fold it right down, so it is without a doubt, the best portable monitor that i’ve reviewed here in the channel, simply because of the brightness the fact that it’s a q lid screen it has brilliant color gamut coverage. There really good 90 adobe coverage. Srgb hundred percent and 96 p3 as well hdr support free sync support really good. There it’s just the touch response a little bit troublesome at times more with windows i find with android it’s, not too bad, then that minimum brightness and a little bit of ghosting are the cons with this one. So, thank you so much for watching this review here of the qled 15.