Centric shows like mwc this year. Both samsung and oneplus had important phones to show off, while companies like azus continue to push the boundaries of tablets and laptops. Lets. Take a closer look at the best mobile and tablet devices that ces 2022 had to offer Music lets start with the galaxy s21 fan edition. Samsungs latest flagship without frills is launching at 100, less than the original galaxy s21 and thats meant a few corners had to be car. That said, you still get the same: five nanometer processors, same 120, hertz refresh rate on a slightly larger screen, no less and a similar triple camera system. The s21 fe has a larger battery too. Its style is a little bit more restrained, however, with no shiny camera module to catch the eye. The biggest difference compared to last years s21 is probably the camera layout and its a mixed bag. The fes ultrawide lens has a slightly wider field of view at 123 degrees, while the fes telephoto camera uses a smaller 8 megapixel sensor compared to the s21s 64 megapixel telephoto. The phone edition also has a higher resolution: selfie camera 32 megapixels. If thats important to you, the only issue for samsung is its launching a cheaper flagship device, presumably only a few months before it reveals its 2022 flagship talking to flagships, then theres oneplus. It wanted to reveal the oneplus 10 pro at ces, but due to covid concerns, withdrew its in person plans.

It did, however, reveal most, if not all, of the details on its new smartphone. The 10 pro will feature a similar camera layout to the oneplus 9 pro with 48 and 50 megapixel sensors. Alongside an additional 8 megapixel telephoto, the company is building up hype around its hasselblad collaboration, promising a new raw plus format, which sounds at least similar to apples. Pro raw format, this should combine the computational photography. Skills were used to on our smartphones with the data rich editing, capabilities of raw files, all three cameras will be able to shoot using a new hasselblad pro mode to capture 12 bit raw files. The assistance from hasselblad also includes its color know how the cameras will be able to capture 10 bit color for less color, banding and smoother shading. It will also be one of the first phones to land with qualcomms new snapdragon, 8 gen, 1 processor and faster 50 watt wireless charging, if you have a wireless charger capable of that its set to launch january 11th in china. But as of this time, pricing is still tbc, for once a trade show. The tablets were arguably more interesting than the phones. It was pretty rare to see a by the number slate lets start with asus zenbook 17 fold. Its a 17 inch oled tablet that can fold in half and even disguise itself as a 12.5 inch laptop with a bluetooth keyboard resting on the lower half of the screen.

The fold might seem familiar to a few of you. Asus first revealed this form factor as project precog, a developmental prototype back in 2018. Now its ready for prime time folded out. The 17.3 inch display has a 4×3 aspect ratio qhd resolution of 2560 by 1920 and up to 90 hertz refresh rate running windows, 11 youll be able to use it half folded propped up or simply, as a pretty big tablet. No word on pricing, but the company expects to launch the device in may asuss game arm. Republic of gamers is offering an entirely different tablet proposition one aimed at mobile pc gaming. The flow z13 tablet is an evolution of the flow x13, but it looks an awful lot like a microsoft surface. It has intels new 12th generation processors and will support up to nvidias rtx 3050ti. It can even connect to asus mobile external gpu, which supports amds radion, rxm and nvidias mobile rtx 30 series useful. If you really want this to be a true gaming pc now, despite this form factor, theres also still plenty of ports, one usb type, a connection as well as two usb type c ports, not forgetting that xg connection for external gpus theres, also a micro sd card Slot just because there is expect to hear more later this year, rounding out the best tablets, its a surprise, appearance by tcl, which has quietly been launching devices at ces for several years from well regarded tvs through to very cheap smartphones that are finally finding their way To us stores its latest tablet, the next paper 10s might look like most other tablets, but were intrigued by the next papers.

Screen a colored, matte lcd tcl uses a special low power, reflective lcd to aid reading and reduce power consumption, and that paper like screen, should go very nicely with its companion stylus. The only issue and one weve had since the last iteration of this tablet is the sluggish screen refresh rates, especially if youve been spoiled by recent phones, tablets and even laptop screens. If youre intrigued, the tablet launches later this month in europe and china priced at 249, that was the best mobiles and tablets at ces. But what about tvs or gaming or cars well check out all the curated highlights from ces 2022 at engadget.com, thanks for watching and dont forget to like subscribe and reach out in the comments with your favorite reveal at ces this year.