It is a kids smartphone with built in parental controls. No big upfront costs no contracts that youre locked into, and you definitely want to check this out. If you have a kid because its going to allow you to monitor their activities and control their screen time and much much more so lets do an unboxing well go completely through this and lets go all right. So heres a closer look at the box. You can see powered by bark its actually a Samsung smartphone inside alright. So inside of the Box, you get your the best phone for kids powered by bark, meet your new phone terms and conditions here for the actual device. All the certifications and things like that, you then get a USB C charging cable, so you will have to use a charging brick. You should have one lying around. You can just use that and then here is the phone, so the phone is actually already in the case. It comes with a case which so you dont have to buy an extra case that comes with one. You get three cameras on the back. You get your phone right here which, right when you turn it on, it is set up ready to go and thats after you have already purchased it online, which only takes a few minutes. You can see USB charging at the bottom. You get a headphone jack at the bottom speaker all right, so we have everything set up.

It did a couple of updates if you want to connect to Wi Fi, all youre going to do is swipe down from the top like. I just did press and hold on this wi fi button and then tap on your Wi Fi network and connect to it its pretty easy and then itll, you know finish the update and you can install it. So this is the way the phone looks right when you get it after you do the updates and everything else. So when you swipe over to the left, you get your free here, which is Samsung free, its basically a news Outlet of sorts that allows you to get information on the internet whatever there may be, so you can see how it looks hit your home button. These are your home screens. You can create as many home screens as you want. Just by pressing and holding you can see, I can hit plus and add another home screen. I keep doing that. Basically, as many as I want right now, theres only two apps on here on the home screen, you can see my phone app and also my camera open up your camera and allow you to take photos, videos. You can do portrait mode, uh video! You have your pro mode, your Panorama, your food Mode, photos and your macro, and if you want to switch the camera hit, the double sided circular, arrow and thatll. Allow you to switch between the different cameras hit your home button.

Three buttons down here at the bottom are for the following: this is your back button to go back, so if I open up the phone I hit the back button, itll go back also, you can hit your home button from anywhere and go home, doesnt matter where You are, you can hit this for your recent apps. This is going to show you any apps. You have open and what you can do here is you can tap on it to open the app. Maybe you just want to open up your camera again. Youre able to do that hit home to go back swipe up to see all of your apps and for me, if I was setting this up for a kid I would want to bring my messages is Im going to press and hold that Im going to bring It up here then Im going to drag it down and Im going to be like there. We go perfect phone messages and the camera, and also maybe I want them to be able to access the play store. So I press and hold that drag it up here and then Ill put it right there. So you have the ability to add any and all of these apps. Maybe you want the bark dog dog app on there to be there, your settings, so the kids can easily access settings whatever you want here, youre able to do it, maybe for an alarm clock you can come in here and set that so its on the home Screen this is great to see if they want to see their photos.

The gallery app, and that is looking pretty good to me at that point. Um well also bring this bark app as well, because you do get if you didnt know, since you do sign up with the bark phone you end up getting their bark premium service, which generally costs 14 a month, but its included in your monthly cost that you Pay which, if youre, not sure what the monthly cost is currently at the time of making this video it is as little as 49, and that would give you unlimited talk and text and Wi Fi data only 59 per month. You get unlimited talk and texted four gigabytes per month of data on their cellular network or obviously unlimited Wi Fi at the same time, and then for sixty nine dollars per month. You get unlimited talk and text, eight gigabytes of data per month on this side of the network and then unlimited Wi Fi. Now before we go into that bark Premium app, I just wanted to run through some additional features of this phone. So if you swipe down from the top – and you hit the gear right here here or you can hit settings where we just added it as well its going to bring you into the same location, what you can do down here is, if you go into Biometrics And security tap on that go to fingerprints, so you can set up a fingerprint lets hit continue and But first you have to set up a pattern: a pen or password Ill use.

A pin and Im going to do one two three four now before I hit continue Im going to tap on this confirm, pin without tapping okay, so my child, if he puts in their pin doesnt, have to be the OK button. You just have to put the pin in and itll unlock the phone one. Two three four hit: OK and there you go now. I am ready to set up my fingerprint its on the side here. So its going to be. This is actually my favorite place for a fingerprint, and you just you dont, have to press the button in just place your finger along that and do it a few times and youll be able to set up the fingerprint sensor on here so that you can unlock The phone when you need to all right, my fingerprint, is now added Im going to hit done. If you want as well, you can go back here under Biometrics and security and you can do face recognition so that itll unlock with your face. I like this as well: Im gon na hit continue and itll register my face and add my face to it real quick, its scanning. It almost done Ill take off my glasses. Now, Im going to hit continue and its going to scan my face in case I dont have my glasses on as well perfect, so now it is now registered, and this one I would turn off where its a stay on lock screen until swipe.

This is going to allow you to when you unlock it. With your face. Itll automatically go into the phone, it wont stay on the lock screen so hit done and then hit the back button back button one more time. Okay, so now, at this point, lets get to setting up the bark guard dog so tap that and its going to bring you into this page right here, where its going to allow you to scan this QR code with your phone or you can go to So Im going to scan it with my phone currently Im going to tap it. Alright, so whats bringing me to this website so lets get to your childs new device. Setup Im going to hit lets, go and Ive already. When I signed up to get this phone to purchase it. It had me set up a profile for my son, so Im going to say yes, its Finns phone and its preparing the device for Finn setup, Wi Fi. If the devices lock swipe up so already set up, is Wi Fi and so Im going to say. I set up Wi Fi. This is where you can enable bark VPN if the device is locked swipe up to unlock finspot. If you dont see a prompt open, the bar kids, app from the home screen and click ok, so were gon na the reason youd want to do. This is basically anything that your kid does on here, and actually it popped up right here on the screen.

I didnt really have to do anything because Im doing it on the other phone says, Buck wants to set up a VPN connection that allows it to monitor. Network traffic only accept so Im gon na hit. Ok, so basically that does a couple. Things allows you to monitor your kids traffic, but at the same time it keeps their information safe so that they use this phone on a public, Wi, Fi network or any Wi Fi network. It will protect them and will encrypt that information that theyre sending and if you want to verify if the bark VPN is enabled to swipe down from the top and youll see barkvpn is active at this point Im going to hit, I enabled the VPN – and this Is where you can allow App Store, allow Finn to browse and install apps from the App Store? Now, if you have a young child or you dont trust your kid or whatever the reason you can turn that on or off so that they cant go into the App Store to download apps. You can also require approval, so if you do leave it on you can you can have it so that they need to get your information to approve it in order to do that, so what Ill do is Ill leave the App Store on and Ill require approval Texting and calling you can enable or disable receiving of text messages right there on or off you can require contact approval, choose which phone numbers fin can call or text you can, and you can turn that on or off.

If you want other device settings, you can enable or disable the camera web browsing. Allow Finn to browse the web using the devices default web browser, so lets just bring this phone up real, quick Im going to hit my home button and you can see when I swipe up. I dont see an internet browser in here. There is no internet browser, so if I allow it lets just hit allowed, it should pop up in on here. In just a moments. Im going to hit looks good. It gives me a congratulations and says his phone number set up and the phone number is ready to use Im going to hit done so, while Im in here, you have a setup checklist which you can connect Finns, apps and devices. So if you tap on that, you can see Android monitoring. I want Finn to help ask fin to connect accounts. I can hit next review fins alert sensitivity or you can track all that information that comes through this so hit next Music screen time review and activate Finns rules. If you tap on that, you can use pre configured rules for children, six and under and itll block that kind of content, social media and six other categories are blocked. Safe search turned on for search engines automatically device settings you can allow or just allow these different settings with on within the phone. You can block this kind of content, social media. You can block these apps so that they cannot use them now.

For me, I would be fine using my child using uh Google meet so that they can video chat with family and friends so its easier for them. So I would turn that on certain games that are allowed – and you can see its its allowing certain games on here and you can disallow it if you want, like. Maybe you dont want them to be able to play, Xbox Live or to be able to play. Roblox or whatever it is, you can turn that on or off same thing with the streaming services as well. You also have YouTube. You can require restricted mode for YouTube so that they can itll block some of the content on YouTube search engines. You can require search when using Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo block all other search engines that dont have safe search features. I unidentifiable traffic. This includes sites, so you have complete control with easy on and off switches for all of these different apps and settings. I can set up Finns App Store, so when I come in here, I can hit continue and this is going to be. Where is this fin have an account, or is it for me? I can put yes and and has a supervised account. No fin only has a school issued account or no fin doesnt have a Google account or you dont have the password, so you can choose which one you want to set up. So I will do that Finn.

Doesnt have a Google account and if I want, I can block and allow App Store on his phone, I can just tap the bark phone in the parent app and select App Store next Im going to tap on location alerts, and I can let myself know when Hes arrived at certain locations, so I can put in, for instance, School and I can type his school address and when Im done I can hit add location. So this is my phone right here and this allows me to again go into any of the things that Ive just recently set up, so I can tap on tap on bark phone. I can do bark phone settings. I can tap text, for instance, and I can turn this stuff on or off and set rules for all of that stuff heres the dashboard. I can set screen time limitations if need be and switch the rules or pause his device, so it blocks the internet on his device. I can go to monitoring and I can monitor exactly what has happened on here. The following apps are automatically monitored by Bach for kids, Android apps. You can go into insights and this will tell you if its done any of the activities that were being tracked or if any alerts for his phone have been tracked. Itll show me the recently installed apps on the device, so I can take hold of any of that kind of stuff and block it.

If need be, another cool one is location, tap on that and when Im in here, I can actually check exactly where hes been recently within the last couple of hours to show me on a map going back into the bark phone. I want to show you two things so, for instance, if I come in here and if I try to call someone say Im, the child Im trying to call a phone number and hit call it automatically says: weve detected a call with one unapproved number click. Each number below to request approval, so they cant just call or receive calls from somebody that isnt already in their context that they know so they have to tap on that and they have to. Please provide information to send for approval name and how you know them. So I could put like whatever Greg and uh for approval friend, whatever it may be, hit send and what ends up happening. Is you get an actual email notification to the parents phone allowing you to review review their Quest? You can tap on review request and it brings you back into the bark app, and this is where you can confirm. We can block the number or you can allow it lets just say we want to allow it. I can hit confirm and you can see all set allowed one contact. It may take a few minutes to apply hit done so thats, absolutely amazing, to be able to control who my child can and cannot contact either when they send or receive a call or send or receive a message.

So, just to show you some more features on the phone Im going to the gallery app heres, a couple of photos that I took you can see it takes some good quality photos that looks actually really good with the portrait mode heres a video see the video Looks good heres, a rear facing camera theres a recording with the back camera on the microphone, so you can see no problems at all with taking photos or videos looks good. So if youre used to a Samsung device, you can tell this has a fairly bright display. Overall, I dont even have it that bright right now, but you can see I can go a lot brighter itll get nice and bright. Also, you can see it has all the Samsung quality features that you expect with all the Samsung apps that you expect from the theming to the camera. App their text messaging app youve got the full Play Store if need be, or you can block some of that stuff out. Also dont forget when you get this phone, the case comes pre installed. The SIM card is already in here, and everything is activated for you. So you dont have to do any of that. All you have to do is basically set up the bark app on the phone connect it with your phone and thats pretty much it. So if you want to order the bark phone it is listed down below, I think its great because of the reasons of it takes all the guesswork out of setting up and controlling a kids smartphone from your phone, its so simple, you see everything step by step.

Everythings written out clearly its not confusing and its easy to use. So if you want to pick it up its linked down below no huge upfront costs, no contracts that youre locked into everything is just simple.