vishakha sawant im, reviewing new tablet, XENX P3 1060B, which is helpful for online teaching. You are thinking that why I introduce this tab to you. Many of viewers asked me for show me your teaching setup and best gadgets to use for online teaching. This tab is xnex. P3 1060b is very good for teaching and also build quality is best in segment. This pen tab consist of good features, build available at amzon and flipkart at around price segment of 3600. Only this table of size about 10 inch by 6.25 inch with this big surface available for writing. Drawing is best in segment, which is very useful for making notes. Drawing etc. better than other tablet in this segment. With this tab, I have received one pen, usb c connector, otg, adapter, extra nibs, nib tool and manual. This tab is useful for me for teaching with this big screen size and with 10 short key buttons, also provided by xnex. I will show how to use this pentab. Firstly, install xenx software. I will show demo to install it further. Click on xenx logo follow this instruction use software like openboard and microsoft. Note for teaching you can draw drawing with help of this tablet very easily and teach concepts. You can also join this tab with your pc and mobile. This tab is better than wacom and xp pen tablets. Purchasing link of this tab is given in description box, and this tab is better than wacom and xp pen in term of price and features use this tab to teach concept clearly for student or for making notes.

link in description. How to install software for this xenx tab is show in this video. Follow these steps to install features of this tab shown in xenx website. You can read it. link for amzon and flipkart in description box.