. This is Viewsonics Pen Display Tablet. I am using this from last 15 days In todays video. We will review it unboxing and will also see using it., So lets see how this pan display tablet from Viewsonic is So lets. First show you its unboxing video music. First, a user manual is given 1 year. Warranty is given on this product. With this viewsonic pen display tablet. We get three connecting cables. The first is HDMI to Mini HDMI cable. It has an HDMI connector on one end and a Mini HDMI connector on the other., and this is its second cable. It has a USB, A connector on one end and a C type connector on the other end., And this is its third connecting cable. It is C type to C type. Connecting cable C type connectors have been given on both its ends.. This is its pan. We also call it stylus. This is battery free pen, It doesnt need any battery inside. There are two buttons here which are programmable buttons.. This is Viewsonic Pen Display Tablet. Its model number is ID 1330. Viewsonic is a well known brand name, Its a US Based Company. Its headquarter is in US. This company makes many products such as monitors, projectors, pen, display tablets, Etc. This company makes many such products.. Here we get a very big size. Its size is 13.3 Inch. This pen Display Tablet has a resolution of 1920 x1080 P full HD display All the connecting ports are given on this side of this pen.

Tablet. At the top is the mini HDMI port. Apart from this two C type, ports have also been given. Here. Its LED indicator is given, And this is its power on off button. Apart from this, a scroll wheel has been given here so that we can control its brightness and And this side six programable keys are given. You can program them according to your need. We can use this pen Display Tablet on Windows, 7 Windows, 8 Windows – 10 – All of them. We can also use it on Mac, 10.4 or above You can easily connect it to your laptop or PC.. If your laptop has C type connecting port, Then all you need is this cable C type to C type? This is C type to C type connecting cable. Apart from this, you will not need any other cable If Your Laptop Doesnt Have a C Type Connecting Port. In that case, you have to connect two cables. The first is HDMI to Mini HDMI cable, And we also need to connect a second cable Which is USB A to Type C Cable. My laptop does not have c type connecting port, so first i have to connect mini hdmi to hdmi cable. We have to connect the mini hdmi connector of this cable to the mini hdmi port of our tablet, And we have to connect its other end to the HDMI port of our laptop.. After that, we have to connect another cable, which is USB A to Type C.

Cable, We have to connect its C type connector on our tablets, C type port, And after this We have to connect its USB connector to the USB port of our laptop. Our pen tablet will turn on as soon as we connect it. Now you have to do a little setting go to your laptop bottom side, where the start button is Here, you have to click on Settings After clicking on Settings Now, click on system, After that click on Display. Now, here you have to scroll down and go down. Now here you will see an option, Multiple Displays here. You have to check Here. We have to select the option, Extend these Displays.. So now we have a kind of dual monitor setup. Now we have to do one more thing. Viewsonic website has to be opened. Now we have come to the official website of Viewsonic. Here you have to click on Pen display After clicking on the pen display. Now you have to search your model number, which is ID 1330, have to click on it. This pen tablet is starting to appear here Now. Here is the download button on the top side. We have to click on it Here. The option of Driver and Software is available.. First option is ViewSonic Pan Manager for ID1330 Windows. I have Windows operating system, so I will select the first option and install it.. If you are a mac user, then you have to install both the below software pen manger for mac and firmware For Windows operating system.

Only Pen manager will be required., so i install it Now. Here you have to click on the bottom side. Here you will see the pen manager have to click on it. As you click the pen manager will open. Now from here we can customize the buttons of the pen, i.e. we can set the functions of the buttons from here. Apart from this, we have been given more options: here. such as tilt sensitivity. We can change this too Tip feel we can change it too. You can also check the current pressure from here. We Can also Customize 6 express Key From Here. You can use any whiteboard with the viewsonic pen display tablet. You can use any whiteboard that you are currently using with this pen tablet.. I have installed myview board on my laptop. We will use the same here so i have opened myview board. It is very easy to write. You will not even feel that you are not writing on paper. Its writing response is 266 pps. Its pan is completely battery free. No battery is needed. Here. You can use the ViewSonic Pen Display tablet for online teaching such as google meet, zoom, microsoft, team, Etc. You can use it on any software Ill show you this by connecting on google meet. First of all, you have to create google meeting Click on New Meeting Click on Creator. A Meeting Now click on instant meeting click on present now Now present will not click above now, click on entire screen And from here you have to select the pen display tablet.

Now, Click On Share. Now our work is done So now our paint display tablet is visible here And if you want to use it live on YouTube or Facebook, then you have to use OBS studio for that. Friends. I liked this pan tablet of ViewSonic. Its quality is excellent And the best thing about it is While writing on those which are normal pen tablets. We have to write in guess, because we do not get the display screen there.. We have to look at the screen in front and we have to write on that graphic tablet by guessing below., But the best advantage of this pen display tablet is that we see everything clearly in this. What we are writing we see clearly on the display.. If you want to buy this pen display tablet, then its buy link is given in the description of the video. Thats. All in todays video See you in your next video JAI HIND, … …