In this video i’m going to share the secret device on how you can do so. In this video, you got to just press record: hey what’s, up it’s omar cory with think media, helping you build your influence with online video and on this channel. Sometimes we do youtube strategy tips as well as tech gear reviews just like this one. So if you’re new here consider subscribing now when watching youtube videos, various type of youtubers and content creators sometimes use this certain type of shot in what is called a top down shot. Where you have a camera, pointing straight down on a flat surface and the reality is, you can achieve this by jimmy rigging. Something or some tripods actually allow you to invert the tripod to allow for a top down angle. But the issue with that way is that the legs kind of get in the shot, if you need more of a medium wide shot and that’s. Why i wanted to talk about this archon mount that is not only great for top down video, but just could be used for a million different reasons, so let’s get into this review now. I was super surprised when setting this up for the first time. I thought it was actually going to be kind of hard, but the reality is it’s straight out of the box, it’s literally as simple as clamping on the base to whatever surface you are going to be using to film once you do that you simply screw on The camera to the mount and you’re literally ready to go also at first, i was kind of sketch on how it would hold up the weight of a camera, and so we literally put on a full frame sony camera with a 24 to 70 lens and it’s.

A super heavy duty setup and the reality is, is because of how well built it is it’s able to hold the camera in place, and it really just makes it super easy to create content hands free. I also do love that they throw in a tablet mount as well as a smartphone mount if you wanted to use that for your tablet and your smartphone, but i would say it’s a little overkill if you were going to use this for your tablet. However, i think for more uh, you know mirrorless and dslr cameras. This is something you want to look into, so this vertical pole extends to 29.5 inches, which is well over two feet high, which is ample enough, depending on whatever lens and camera setup you’re using and then the horizontal one extends around 27 inches, allowing you to really Get super far away from the base of the mount. After using this mount for a couple of videos, we found that it’s way more than just a top down mount. You can actually replace a complete tripod with something like this if it allows you to so. If, if you were to put this on your desk, you can legit angle the camera to face you and then you can just have your camera in a corner for live streaming or if you really wanted to get serious with like a two angle setup, you can Get a small rig, clamp that costs around 13 and then mount a camera that shoots straight on and then simultaneously record video top down, while you’re doing a tutorial unboxing or what have you now as far as the price for this r con mount? It costs 170.

Here in the us – and, i think, that’s a fair price when considering how heavy duty this is. This is something that can be your entire youtube studio setup and it won’t fail you because of how well constructed it is. I think the fact that we can put a full frame camera with a super heavy lens on it and it doesn’t matter. What angle we put the camera in is uh is super nice and it’s good to have that reliability when it comes to putting something as expensive as your camera on, and i would say you don’t want to cheap out or even jimmy rig your overhead camera setup, Because if it really is hanging top down – and it fails – you uh, it can really take you out, but the reality is you’re paying for convenience as well as quality. When investing in something like this. All in all, i think this is super cool for a lot of different content creators that need a top down shot. I think there’s something to say about having a setup where you literally just hit record and start creating content, and something like this can make it that easy, because you don’t have to move this around. It just stays clamped where you want to shoot your videos and then, if you actually want to use the camera in a different angle and maybe stand up or what have you, you can do that with a mount like this, especially if it’s put in the right Place but i know a lot of our community uses their smartphone to create their content and if you need to do top down filming with your smartphone check out this video from jordan, she breaks down her setup and she actually does cooking videos.