This is Oculuss first virtual event with VR game announcements and updates., Like they gave more details on Resident, Evil, 4 Lone Echo II news and more updates.. Honestly, I wasnt wowed by this showcase, But there are for sure some things to talk about today.. So if youve missed it fear, not, I got you.. This video is a short and sweet recap of the things announced during the showcase. At the end of this video, I also have some other Quest updates that werent included in the showcase, but I thought it was worth sharing. Hi there Im Cas – and this is your channel for VR and XR.. Consider subscribing for news. Gameplay amp tech tips Were also doing a giveaway of 2 VR haptic suits for our 100K celebration check out. The link below. Now lets get started. Join me beyond reality.. First up … Something many of us have been waiting for A Lone Echo II release date. Well, theres still no specific date, but its coming this summer on the Rift platform.. Unfortunately, no Quest version confirmed yet. Lone Echo. I is still one of my favorite space adventure games because its animations and hand interactions were next level and still are ahead of its time.. If you havent tried it yet now is a good time.. Next up. Star Wars news. As expected part 2 of Star Wars, Galaxys Edge, is launching this year.. This one expands the core adventure with two more legendary tales and two new characters.

The first is Dok Ondar, hello And the second is this translation droidsuch, a cutie. Part 2 will be launching later this year. And we got Star Wars. Pinball. Weve talked about this one before so not much news here., They showed a trailer and it looks like the same one weve seen before already.. We already knew it will be about The Mandaloran, but they also sid will highlight the entire first season. And of course Grogu is an unlockable.. I am excited.. This title releases next week on April 29th watch our channel for an upcoming review.. By the way, can I just say I love how they used the Oculus Quest home environments as the background. Nice green screen setup Now the next one is the best news of them. All. Youve probably heard about this already, as this was announced during the Resident Evil. Showcase. But now we know a lot more Resident. Evil 4 is coming to VR.. This game was initially released 16 years ago and its a classic survival horror game that has changed the gaming industry with its over the shoulder third person camera view that you now see in many games.. Interestingly, some gameplay will be different.. Content wont be touched, of course, that will stay the same and it is a full port of the game. Character. Animations and cutscenes will be left the same., But the graphics will be enhanced. Amp remastered. And the most interesting of all. There will be a first person mode, so you can step inside the game for the first time.

. The showcase showed new gameplay that we havent seen before. Theres motion controller support.. You can touch physical objects like pick up, ammo keys and treasures., As well as holding a knife loading and firing weapons.. Oh gosh, this looks awesome. Look at the typewriter. You can wield several weapons with each hand. Weapon. Holstering will be on body. Too. Oculus says a ton of effort was made to make the interactions and weapon handling smooth and satisfying.. What else has been added? Well, positional audio has been added, which is very important for immersion in VR. Plus. There are also lots of comfort options. For movement. They said theres going to be teleportation room scale and smooth locomotion.. I cannot wait. I used to watch my dad play this game as I was too young and it was way too scary for me.. So although it looks like it is a lot scarier in VR, I will definitely play it., As I think its going to push VR forward and were going to get a lot more people into VR just because of this game.. So definitely look out for some screams on this channel.. I do have to remind you. It is an Oculus Quest, 2 exclusive., So unfortunately, it isnt coming to Quest 1 and also not on PC VR.. It is launching later this year.. Will you be playing Resident, Evil? 4, and are you a first timer or will you replay it? Let me know in the comments below.

Before we move on, give my clone 60 seconds to talk about our sponsor today., A big thanks to Surfshark VPN for continuing supporting the channel by sponsoring todays video Surfshark is the VPN weve been using even before they reached out. So I was eager to say yes to this. What a VPN does is keeping your data private by encrypting, what you send over the internet.. You can use it for unlocking geoblocking too., For example, on Netflix. We recently watched The Serpent highly recommend it., But its not available everywhere. Surfshark is also one of the competitive ones, and one subscription allows you to use it on an unlimited devices at the same time.. So your phone tablet and laptop can all be protected, simultaneously. Or use it on your router to protect all connected devices.. If you use our link in the description and enter our promo code, youll get 83 off and 3 extra months for free.. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee. Policy., So if you dont like it, you can just cancel it. Then The Climb 2 releases, a free content, update today.. This is a freestyle expansion pack with a two part release.. The first part will give us six new levels for casual and professional modes, and it also adds rhythm based, climbing. Interesting.. So if you have the game, you should be able to try it now.. Another free update is coming to Pistol Whip.. This is Smoke amp Thunder, which adds 5 new levels that are narrative driven and wild west themed.

. This update includes The Concierge which expands the games modifiers to give players total customization. All is coming this summer.. I love these free updates from existing games.. These developers are absolutely great.. Ok, next up is the first Quest. Snowboarding game. From the creator of 1080 snowboarding comes Carve Snowboarding.. It will have two modes time attack and freestyle.. There are lots to discover courses, boards gloves and even mixtapes to unlock., And you get a pet.. It looks totally awesome.. I love to snowboard in real life, so I cannot wait to check this one out., The Walking Dead, Saints amp Sinners is also getting an update.. They dropped a trailer for a free, DLC called Aftershocks where we see some action that seems to center around a new mission where you have to retrieve a mysterious supply cache., Not much info yet, but we do know its coming to Oculus Quest first on May, 20th. Were not sure when its coming on PC VR., So the next games weve covered before so Ill, go through them. Briefly. After The Fall, the 4 player, co, op Zombie shooter in ice, cold, post, apocalyptic LA is coming this summer and we finally got a confirmation that its coming for Quest with cross platform support. Same for. I Expect You To Die 2. Finally, a confirmation that its coming to Quest and Rift this year. Wraith The Oblivion Afterlife got an awesome new launch trailer in the showcase and it is looks scary.

, But it launches. Today on Quest and Rift., You may have seen our video already on this horror game. If you havent yet go check it out to see if its something for you. Link is below., Warhammer 40K Battle Sister also announced a couple of updates to the game. Some visual improvements and lots of under the hood stuff. And 2 new maps, a horde mode plus Multiplayer co op with cross, buy and cross play support.. It should be out now. Now. I also have a few updates that werent part of the Oculus Gaming Showcase, but I wanted to put them on your radar. Maskmaker just released this week and it is an intriguing original game.. Youll learn how to craft magical masks in order to traverse throughout the different biomes of the mask realm.. There are resources to collect puzzles to solve. While you develop your crafting skills. Im going to try out this game as soon as possible as its very intriguing sounding.. Now you may recognize Puzzle Bobble VR, as it was a pretty popular arcade puzzle, game from 1994 and its now coming to VR What a contrast from the first trailer right. I think it looks charming and in the VR version you can of course, physically use. The slingshots to shoot and match the colors.. The game is said to include 100 levels in story mode.. Well, an arcade game may not be for everyone, but being in a game like this could be a really nice way to relax.

, Plus its being developed by VR veterans. Survios, the developer behind Creed Rise to Glory and Raw Data. Puzzle. Bobble VR is releasing on May 20th on Quest. Last game on this list. A version of Zero Caliber VR is coming to Oculus Quest on May 13th for 25 US dollars.. This is a military, shooter and PC VR game from 2018, with very positive reviews on Steam.. The Quest version will be a different game though, but it will include its single player and four player online coop campaign. Interesting for the shooter fans. Lastly, a tiny update about the newest Quest 2 update the infamous version 28.. Well, most people have gotten the v28 update. Now or have manually, updated it., However, not all features have been unlocked, yet. Most only have the 120hz mode and the new keyboard feature., But no desk mode or Oculus Air Link yet., Apparently Oculus Air Link is being rolled out even later. So, if youre not on v28, yet on your Quest, it might be worth it just to wait until Air Link is out before you spend the time to update it manually.. I am personally waiting on Air Link too, once I have it Ill make a video on it with tips and tricks and Ill compare it with Virtual Desktop. And thats it for todays update. I am a bit disappointed about the Oculus Gaming Showcase, as I hoped for more news on bigger titles and more things we didnt know.

Yet. Like I would have loved to hear more about Sniper Elite or Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed VR from Ubisoft.. But hopefully this showcase is the start of an annual thing and it will get bigger and better every year.. Let me know in the comments what you would have loved to see and what your favorite piece of news was., I think for me it was definitely Resident Evil, 4, all the gameplay stuff and also Lone Echo II., And by the way, if you want these kinds Of news more quickly, next time we post regularly on Twitter about things as we find them out. And on Instagram we post behind the scenes things. So come, follow us there. Links are below. Thanks for watching. Everyone Leave me a like if you like what we do. Support us for free by watching more. Dont forget about our bHaptics giveaway too.. Did you find the secret key? A special thanks go to all our Champions, especially these Patrons down below.