Even though this was a very weird ces because even though technically you could have gone to las vegas and some people did most of us didnt every year at ces, we talk about the difference between concepts and reality, and so this was the concept of what ces Was supposed to look like – and this is the reality – Music theres a lot of vaporware at ces, but i think that people who complain about that are kind of missing the point. A lot of the concepts at ces are about floating ideas. To see what consumers reactions are to it, and also theres, actually just a lot of stuff that actually does ship that is shown at ces, and so i want to talk about both of those things. If you know anything about ces, you know that it is a tv show and the tvs at ces are concepts and theres. Also some real stuff. So lets talk about the concepts. First, the first concept to be aware of is hdmi 2.1 a a new version of the spec because it wasnt confusing enough before whatever to me. The most exciting concept was sony announced quantum dot, oled tvs, im sure theyll ship one. But the idea here is that oled is a little bit dimmer than it needs, because it has to shine the light through a filter, but quantum dots can make color without a filter, and so they can be much much brighter. They beat samsung to it.

Im really excited to see what sony does with it. The other tv technology at ces are mini, led and micro, led and neoq led and oled ex, which is even brighter oleds from lg. Just have all that stuff. In the back your mind to stuff that might exist in tvs, you actually want to buy someday. There are some other concepts so, for example, theres a camera that sonys going to sell that will change the sound based on where it sees you in the room or it will scold you. If you sit too close to the tv, which is incredible, samsung is putting nfts on their tvs. Dont buy an nft from samsungs on their tv, just dont. Just dont. Do that thats a bad idea, theyre, also making a remote that can be powered off of the radio from your router, because why not okay but whats the reality of tvs in 2022? Well, first samsung is shipping new versions of its tizen software with a new home screen, the ability to watch together with somebody else remote but, most importantly to me, a new gaming hub, its going to support geforce, nvidia and stadia game streaming, but its also going to Work better with local consoles and if you manage to get a next gen console like a ps5 or an xbox one series x, whatever theyre called. Hopefully, that will be a little bit easier to set up your tv with, but the sleeper hit of the show might be lgs 42 inch oled tv.

Now, normally, you think of tvs being impressive, because theyre huge, but this smaller one is interesting because it could be used as a gaming monitor. Maybe, but at the very least, youll have a tv with just perfect picture quality in a smaller size that you might actually want to put in a smaller room. The next big thing that happens at ces is we get a lot of chip announcements. Those are the concepts and then the reality is you want to buy a laptop, so lets talk chips, so intel announced the 12th gen alder lake chips and they say theyre going to be the most powerful laptops ever that theyre going to beat apples m1 max chip On performance, because theyve got a dramatically increased core count and maybe they will but intel didnt, say much about battery life and thats. One of the reasons people are so impressed with these macbook pros is they have the power and they have the increased battery life. Now, intel, i think, is the more important company to talk about, because, frankly, most laptops are still shipping with intel chips, but i think amd is the much more interesting chips to talk about. They announced their ryzen 7000 desktop ships, thats the zenfone architecture, five nanometer process theyre coming in the second half of 2022. It should be a step change in performance. We hope they also announced the ryzen 6000 laptop chips. Now this is zen three architecture on a six nanometer process, but it should have double the graphics performance.

So if i buy a gaming laptop this year, thats probably what its going to be and then lastly nvidia announced some stuff 3080 tie. Ti 3070 tie ti whatever they call it. They dont even know themselves theres, also the 30 90 ti, but are these real or are they just concepts because nobody can buy nvidia graphics cards because theyre, never in stock? Who knows theres? Also, a new version of the g sync monitors that lets. You switch dynamically between 1440p and 1080p thats cool, so conceptually know what the chips are, but reality. What kind of laptops are you going to be able to buy? Well, i think the most interesting laptop to me is the dell xps 13 plus and its interesting, because yo its weird, they have like a touch bar thats, not a touch bar. The trackpad is like completely invisible. The keyboard is redesigned. We have a great hands on video from monica. You should go check it out because again, its super weird theres, also the new lenovo thinkpad z series z series, its a new version of thinkpads on a little bit less enterprise, a little bit more designed for consumers or gen z. Theyve got a new look. You can get them with vegan leather. The camera on the front of it actually sticks out of the top of the monitor. So instead of a notch on the inside youve got a notch on the outside, i think thats clever.

Finally, there are a bunch of laptops that are gon na ship, but theyre theyre concepts theyre like real concepts, theres the lenovo thinkbook plus gen 3, which has an 8 inch secondary screen on the keyboard deck asus says its going to release a 17 inch foldable oled Laptop this year, sure uh to me, the most practical, exciting laptop is probably gon na, be the asus rog zephyrus, g14 and g15, because theyre finally adding webcams to these laptops next up. Cars ces is a car show this year and oh, my god, it was a super year for concepts concept, cars out the wazoo, mercedes benz unveiled a ultra long range vision, eqx, electric concept, car. It looks ridiculous, but its supposed to have 600 plus miles of range. Its there to prove that evs can have that much range, but its never going to sell. There is this new bmw that had color change technology, where it could change from black to white dynamically because it uses e ink on the outside, and it just looks sick. Also, sony has this vision, s concept. They showed off a car a couple years ago. They had an suv this year and they say theyre starting a brand new company to explore actually making cars. Okay, sony chrysler had a concept. Hyundai said that theyre gon na have robots everywhere. General motors says that theyre gon na get to autonomous vehicles by the middle of the decade volvo says theyre going to have unsupervised highway driving mode in california.

All of this self driving stuff is very unlikely to actually be as good as they claim, but im glad theyre still pushing for it. I guess okay, but what about the real cars? Well, i think the most important one is probably going to end up being the chevy silverado electric truck, because americans like buying trucks, however its not due to ship until late 2023 and its based on that hummer base. And i just think that that ship date is not likely to happen, so is it real or is it vaporware who knows? Gm also announced that theyre gon na have electric versions of the equinox and the blazer. The equinox in particular is important because its supposed to have a 30 000 starting price. Finally, bmw has a new car, its the m60, its a dual motor performance, even with 280 miles of range. This ones important, because its got that m branding for performance its supposed to go zero to 60 in 3.6 seconds. To me, the interesting thing is that bmw claims they dont have rare earth metals in the electric motor you think of evs as being more environmentally friendly, but most of these companies arent talking about rare earth metals, so good on bmw for trying to push that forward. Now, as far as phones go cs is not a big phone show, but there is always some phone stuff to talk about. So on the concept side, the big news is that google is going to be making a bunch of new features for android.

That will make that ecosystem feel a little bit more integrated a little bit more like what apple users enjoy. So, for example, bluetooth. Headphones should be able to automatically switch between android phones and say a google tv. You should be able to have your text messages on your chromebook, so itll mirror your apps from your phone directly to the chromebook. You should be able to use nearby share, which is kind of like airdrop to squirt files from your phone to a windows pc, but only select windows, pcs, not everything the hassle with all these concepts is their concepts they havent shipped. Yet google says theyre all coming in the coming months, so we got to wait for those updates to actually arrive what about reality? Well, theres a real phone coming, its the galaxy s: 21 fe. The fan edition its a mid range phone that i find a little bit weird because its not that far in price from the regular galaxy s21 and the galaxy s22 is right around the corner. Hopefully, this thing gets some major discounts, so it actually makes sense for consumers theres, also the oneplus 10 pro that has been coming out in multiple announcements because thats how phones seem to be announced these days. So we know what it looks like. I think it looks pretty good. We know the specs, their flagship specs for 2022. We know its coming to china. As of this recording. I dont know when its coming to the rest of the world or what the price is going to be im sure therell be six more announcements between now and we find out that information, okay, lightning around concept reality whatever i just want to talk about stuff, thats Cool there is a home robot that is basically just like a self driving shelf and box that follows you around.

That sounds silly, but if you have mobility, issues having something to help you carry stuff is actually super important. So i hope this thing. Ships withings has a new smart scale with a handle and you pull up the handle and thats used for ekg, but also for body composition, which to me is more important than just your raw weight. This is nerdy, but nxp has a chip that makes it easy to add wi, fi, six bluetooth, 5.2 and thread to a smart home gadget. One of the big stories of the show is matter this new smart home spec. That makes it easier to make smart home gadgets work with anything, and so this should mean that well see more of those next year and the year after samsung has a portable projector, its the freestyle, projector and actually its really cool, because it solves a lot of Practical problems that portable projectors have, that is a lot of peas and i managed to get it right that time, so it shows up on different colored walls. It auto fixes the color it does keystoning. It can go in different directions. You can put little caps on it to make a light, show you can screw it into a light, bulb its just a ton of fun. Speaking of samsung. There is the odyssey arc, its largest curved, monitor yet, and instead of looking at like this, you can turn on its side. So it goes over your head, like an omni max screen and thats dope theres a new skydio2 plus and theyre, going to have a software update for it later this year, where you can program it as a cameraman instead of just having it follow you.

So you can do more complex actions without having to have a drone pilot around last and i dont think least, theres a new smart dog collar weve seen these before its got gps. But this one also tracks vitals heart rate and activity and thats kind of neat, because getting that into a relatively loose dog collar is a hard technical challenge and they say they solved it, so that was ces. 2022 weve got a lot more coverage on theverge.com. I have barely scratched the surface because this was actually a relatively good year, both for concepts and i hope for real products that are really going to ship, so whats, my big takeaway for the difference in the concept and reality at ces. Well, its simple were living in a simulation where the distinction between concept and reality doesnt actually exist. No im just kidding. No to me the thing that surprised me this year is: i actually am a little bit hyped up about some of this hype, and i think that that is okay and, if youre hyped 2, just remember that hype isnt real its, not real until its shipped, so Dont pine for something until it really seems like its going to hit store shelves and dont buy it until you see a review, so ces has kicked off the year in gadgets just like it does every year. I really hope this year is a better year than last year, so not to get too sincere about it.

I hope that you will have a better year this year than last year, and i really do appreciate you watching all the videos that we make here and were excited to make a bunch more for you.