We have tried to include in depth information on new tablets in our video, which will be enough to fulfill all of your needs. All of them are maintaining their features, prices, quality, durability and reputation of the manufacturer and real customer feedback. If you want to buy a new tablets, we think this list will be very worthy to you. Now lets get started with the video Music at the first position of our list. We have samsung galaxy tab 8.4 in this specific category, its a good and cheap tablet. If youre looking for a budget tablet that can get on the lte network by itself, then ill say the samsung tablet 8.4 is worth taking a look at. Furthermore, it had a wi fi speed of 100 megabits per second, which isnt bad enough for video chatting and watching hd movies battery life is up to 12 hours. In reality, from our test, we got seven hours chairing the tablet from zero percent to one hundred percent took around three hours. The display is really great for the price, with good viewing angles. The battery life is decent, even if youre playing games watching youtube or movies. If you want to get a tablet under three hundred dollars, its a pretty great choice, well, theres, a reason why this tablet is at the top of this list. Moving on to the next at number, two, with apple ipad mini five. This tablet is 7.9 inches. We had a debate, as should we even include this table under the eight inch category, but hey its just 0.

1 inch right. So here it is its also under 7 inch tablets apple, released, the new apple ipad mini 2019 model on march 26th. The first refresh of apples, 7.9 inch ipad mini since 2015, and it now packs some serious power again. The tablet is equipped with an a8 chip, making it very powerful. As a user of this product, you can design different graphics, download movies, make notes, draw and do much more stuff, depending on your daily activities. Regular use can see the tablet last up to 10 hours. It also has two cameras that can record 720p videos which quite decent, the quality and performance of this device is outstanding, but its also on the high end side when it comes to price. Due to that fact, we can give this tablet a better position. The number three position is held by samsung galaxy tab active3, the new tablet from samsung samsung galaxy tab, active 3, released in 2020 september in 2021 january 19th, finally released in the usa, the samsung galaxy tab. Active 3 is the successor to the samsung galaxy tab. Active 2 that was unveiled in october 2017, overall, its a good tablet, but its segmented for workspace people or hikers people on the go. Since you can use it with gloves. It makes it perfect for nurses, doctors since its shock, absorbing its great for construction workers, and the s pen makes it great for transporters. Would it be a great entertainment device? No, but it wouldnt be the worst.

It has a low resolution, not the best sound and low storage. You can definitely watch movies, youtube and use it for video meetings etc. But if thats your main purpose for the tablet, we would suggest something bigger with better resolution. Eg samsung galaxy tab s7. Next, at number, four, we have samsung galaxy tab: a7 lite, the recently launched samsung galaxy tab a7 light is a promising tablet when in the 8 inch category, the tablet brings an 8.70 inch touchscreen display. That bears a resolution of 1340 times 800 pixels. Talking about the build the samsung galaxy tab, a7 light comes with a glass front and an aluminum back together with the aluminum frame and plastic ends. The device gives a premium feel altogether alongside an 8.7 inch display. This android 11 os compatible tablet with one ui 3.1 features the octa core mediatek alio p22t chipset samsung galaxy tab a7. Lite also has the power vrg 8320 graphics, powered by three gigabytes and four gigabytes ram options to handle everyday processes pretty seamlessly talking about the camera. Youll have an eight mp main camera, a two mp selfie camera included in the premium aluminum built, but above all the samsung galaxy tab. A7 light packs a usb type c 2.0 port that can help charge the 5 100 milliampere hours battery really quickly. The number five position is held by lenovo smart tab m8. The lenovo smart tab m8 tablet isnt all that original, though the lenovo smart tab m8 is the successor to lenovo tab m8, while the smart tab, m8 comes equipped with some pretty nice features.

There is a significant lack of quality in performance even for a budget tablet. If youre looking to entertain your kids, its a nice choice, plenty for kids to do if you wanted to buy it, just to watch youtube videos and work as a voice assistant, while youre cooking, good choice, small routine tasks, emails video calls would work well on it. But if you wanted to use for more difficult tasks, its probably not the best pick, the number six position is dominated by amazon fire, hd 8 plus 2020 130 dollars for a tablet. What is it good for mostly entertainment, if you think of amazons fire hd, 8 plus tablet the same way? You approach other tablets, youre going to be dissatisfied, theyre technically tablets, but the technology in them cant keep up with the kinds of things you normally associate with. Tablet, computers, you wont be able to do those things you can do on ipad or samsung galaxy tabs, its mostly fit for kindle book and video browsing and web browsing moving on to the next at number. Seven with lenovo tab 4, when amazon declares a product is their choice. You know it is going to be a good product or at least a really popular item, with lots of good reviews, and that is exactly what the lenovo tab. 4 is a great 8 inch tablet worthy of being bought as a present for a friend or family member or 2.. After all, the device is available for only about one hundred and twenty dollars, but thats.

Just a number lets talk about what you get for your money, although this eight inch tablet is equipped with dolby internals, a household name and speakers. Lenovo graciously opted to include a headphone jack so between the brand name speakers and on the go plug in essential. This 8 inch tablet has all your audio needs covered in addition to the impressive speakers lenovo equipped this bad boy, with a battery capable of being used for about 20 hours during that time span the device never skimps on its exceptional responsiveness. This means, if playing games is your jam, this 8 inch tablet will be a keen ally. Other nifty features included are a pair of front facing speakers and a micro sd card slot. The number 8 position is held by vanquisher 8 inch. Ultra rugged tablet: windows. 10. Pro another device equipped with an ear jack is the vanquisher 8 inch ultra rugged tablet, as you may have guessed by the name. This device is designed to withstand a lot of damage. After a quick review of the amazon page, you will quickly find out this. Eight inch tablet is marketed to those looking for field equipment, but do not let that deter you if you can afford the four hundred and fifty dollar price tag. So what does it take for an eight inch tablet to be considered field equipment when manufacturing this device? Vanquisher followed military standards for tablets, specifically in regard to standing up to the harshest conditions? This means you can comfortably hold the ultra rugged tablet in one hand, without having to worry about dropping it, and if you do so happen to let this tablet fall from your hands, the odds of it being damaged are ridiculously low.

Having this much protection also means this 8 inch tablet can be used in basically all weather conditions, and if that is not enough to have you screening here, take my money get this. The device has a built in gps system, which means you can use it to navigate the wilderness. Even if your network doesnt reach that far. This can be great for long distance hikes into the middle of nowhere or a camping trip to a similar location. Just be sure to bring along a solar charging battery charger next, at number nine we have asus zenpad8, just shy of 77 screen to body ratio. Asus made our list of best 8 inch tablets this year due to the pristine, imagery and selfie capabilities. The device comes with asuss, very own visual master software, which makes viewing scenes through the camera virtually indistinguishable. From what you see with 2020 vision, other nice to have features for phenomenal pictures include the following. Finally, the number 10 position is dominated by samsung galaxy tab, a user friendly sleek and inviting sound good, then top off your holiday shopping session this year, with a couple of samsung galaxy tab. As for about two hundred dollars, this eight inch tablet comes with two gigabytes ram: a quad core processor and 32 gigabytes of disk space. This impressive combo means binge watching netflix for 14 hours in daylight or an awesome. All night gaming session is in store for whoever owns the samsung galaxy tab a.

But if gaming or watching videos is not your thing, because you are always on the go. Do not let that deter you from buying this device, in addition to playing music for approximately 150 hours. This tablet can take some really nice pictures and with a micro, sd card slot, you can hold about 250 gigabytes of pictures without having to delete a single one.