So if you are thinking why we need to buy the GPS Navigators now, because everybody can use the Google Maps on the mobile phone or even the cars have inbuilt dashboard where they can use the navigation, then I would like to tell you first thing: red P Or Green P license holder, they cant use the mobile phone. Many people are not aware of this law. There is a 386 dollar fine and with the five demerit points, so it is very hard for the young boys or girls who are getting the license with the. So much trainings and all that classes so with because red P license holder, they have four points. Only demerit points and this mobile phone use. Fine has 5 demerits. So what it means is, you are ignorant about the law and you get fine and just lose the license. So, even if you have a red P, even if the mobile is on the stand, even if you are not taking call or touching the phone still, you have to bear the fine. It is a bit surprising and strange, but that is the law. So now lets see whats inside the Box. This Navigator has couple of cool features like it alerts you on the safety, camera, speed, cameras plus Lane guidance, also Advanced Lane guidance and plus fuel. Where is the fuel stations and a lot of other features lets see? Whats inside the Box Music, thank you Music, so lets see whats inside this box foreign.

So these are some of the information, booklets and and quick start guide, and this is the charging cable, and this is the cool navigator system, GPS and charging ports and data transfer. Cable and then this is the suction cup for the Navigator, so it is pretty much and this is the clip so for that, so so pretty much! This is what inside the Box. So, as you can see its a nice one – and it is always better to buy this set for 1′ dollar and save fine of 386 dollar with the five demerit points so to set up and start this navigator on the top left side you can see, there Is a power button, this one blue color and you have to just turn it on. So these are the basic menu find map places meeting settings, so it is showing a demo mode, so it is showing a lane guidance like you have to turn right after 80. Meter and street name is there more week State and on the right side you can see the kilometers for the destination, so this is a touch screen and the size is 5 inches, which is pretty big size. More disappointing is the cable. Charging. Cable is very small. Like if you put up it on the windscreen, perhaps you might be able to charge so this is press the main menu and then you can go to settings and you can see audio screen safety, routine option units demo, and you can press near me and saying Your last known location will be used, you can say, okay, so and then you can find out.

If you are after food, any restaurants, petrol parking hotels, so you can find out. So you can save your own places. Also your favorite one. My place is so just click on that, and then you can save that lets say my home, so you can put up the address so overall, the product is good and value for the money. The only thing is, the charging cable is not too long, so it should be properly so that you can put up in the car socket. So that is bit small size, and perhaps you need to spend extra money to buy that. If you like.