This is a mobile workstation, so it’s targeted to business and creative professionals. If you’re wondering what makes one laptop a business machine and another consumer level laptop, a key difference is the graphics card geforce for consumers and formerly quadro for business. This zbook firefly is using a professional mobile graphics card. If your workflow requires specialized or certified hardware that is guaranteed to be compatible with your software, for example, autodesk going with the workstation like this is the safest option. So this is hp’s lightest 15 inch, z book starting at 3.74. Pounds is not so heavy and clunky that you’ll be upset carrying it around it’s, an all metal, build minus this plastic portion for antennas. Nothing about the machine feels cheap it’s designed for durability and hp states that it undergoes a number of military standard tests. You don’t need to worry about taking this out in the field. The 170 degree hinge is rigid and tight in a good way. The screen also doesn’t flex. This design is nice and simple, with the sleek, gray, color and refined edges. This is going to look good inside and outside the office. Now a business laptop should have sufficient ports. So let’s see what we get on the left. We have the kensington lock one usb type: a port, the headphone microphone combo jack and the optional smart card reader. On the right, we get the power port, the hdmi port, two thunderbolt 4 ports with all the bells and whistles and finally, the sim card slot.

It would have been nice to get a sd card reader, since a lot of creative professionals use cameras that hold sd cards. Quick note about the sim card slot. This unit can connect to a 5g network for an always connected pc experience. Of course, you can always just use the wi fi 6. Instead, this has a great 60hz display. My review unit has the 15.6 inch 4k ips panel that covers 100 srgb, it’s color, accurate, vibrant and bright. If you don’t absolutely need a 4k panel, though i suggest getting the full hd screen it’s still just this color accurate, but it’ll require less power. Therefore, saving on battery life, the anti glare coating handles reflections and glare very well after using so many touch screen laptops. I slipped up a couple of times and found myself trying to scroll on the screen, but this isn’t a touch screen photographers and users. Editing video can feel confident in the colors of the images on screen. Of course, watching movies and videos is going to look good too, and the colors do pop moving down to the keyboard. For the most part, i, like it, hp redesigned it with rubber domes and is spacious. My favorite type of keyboard is mechanical, but since this is built with business and office users in mind, it’s meant to be quiet and unobtrusive. It has good key travel and for those that care we do get the numeric keypad it’s also backlit.

One thing i really like about this keyboard and several other hp laptop keyboards is the font, maybe most people don’t notice or care, but the font is good. This point: stick is hp’s version of the track point from lenovo. It works and you use these buttons above the trackpad to make selections but it’s, not as precise as the lenovo trackpoint. This trackpad, however, is a great size and it’s using microsoft. Precision drivers it glides smoothly and all the normal gestures work without lag right below the number pad is the fingerprint reader for logging into the laptop. You can also use the 720p ir webcam above the display for facial recognition. This webcam is the usual laptop quality and it does have a privacy shutter here at the top of the keyboard. Deck are the speakers. These are dual stereo speakers by bang olufsen. You don’t normally expect high quality audio from a business laptop. Well, any laptop for that matter, but these sound really good. They get plenty loud and it’s, an obvious benefit having them at the top instead of bottom firing. Like so many other laptops, i was surprised in a good way, so the thing that matters the most is the performance. The 11th gen intel core i7 1185 g7v pro is a 4 core 8 thread. Cpu it’s proven to be power efficient and offers higher performance with cooler temperatures, whether you’re running solidworks, coding or editing photos. This can keep up without blasting your ears with overly loud fan noise.

The nvidia t500 gpu performs, as expected, when running synthetic benchmarks, it’s not going to give you geforce rtx level power, but for a lightweight mobile workstation. It gets the job done. There’S 32 gigs of ddr4 ram installed that helps tremendously. When running system intensive tasks, you can configure this with up to a whopping 64 gigs, if you like, the ram, does run in dual channel mode and is user upgradable. In my workflow, my overall experience has been positive. This isn’t for 4k video editing gaming or 3d modeling, but it’s going to do pretty well for nearly everything else hp claims you can get up to 14 hours of battery life from the 56 watt hour battery inside those numbers were probably applied to the full hd Model, but i regularly get just under 9 hours out of this firefly 15. mobile workstations aren’t marketed on excellent battery life, but in comparison to my thinkpad p1 that barely gets 5 hours. This is more than enough for an entire day. If you use the better battery mode on this laptop, you can get even longer. It also supports fast charge using the included 65w power adapter okay. So there are obvious pros and cons to grabbing this type of laptop is business oriented with extra security features and hardware. For specialized workflows, those things come with an added cost. If you’re just an average consumer, you don’t need to pay more money for features that don’t matter in your daily life.

The hp envy line and even the hp spectre offer fantastic performance for cheaper price. However, if you need a lightweight business laptop for your small business, you are working from home, either full time or part time or if you manage a team in the it department. This is a viable option with an attractive design and a much more budget friendly price tag when compared to the typical workstation laptop i’ll link, this laptop and some great alternatives down in the video description for you to check out. If you like, this video hit the like button, if you feel like it jump down in the comments section, and let me know you like it, if you haven’t already and want to show your support, don’t forget to subscribe and make sure you tap the bell icon.