Why today we’re going to review the five best models for you and we’ve, ranked them by many different factors such as product features, price performance and more make sure to check the product links in the description for more information? Let’S get started with the video here. We present the five best mobile printer let’s, get started with the list number one hp desk jet 3755 at 5.1 pound and measuring 15.86 by 6.97 by 5.55 inches the hp desk jet 3755 won’t feel as mobile as our overall winners, but its positioning by hp as An ultra compact, all in one, is worth noting far smaller than most traditional desktop printers the hp won’t fit comfortably into a backpack, but if you’re on a road trip and want something powerful without compromise, the 3755 is perfect for sticking into your car setting up at A hotel or coffee shop and printing before that big meeting additionally, printing using a smartphone or tablet, is offered through a variety of methods, including wi fi, hp’s reprint, app number 2. canon selfie cp1300 wireless compact photo printer geared towards smartphone snappers. The canon selfie cp1300 might be mistaken as anything other than a printer under two pounds and small enough to easily pack into a bag or luggage. The portable wireless device can print high quality photos up to four by six inches in size, on the go at a competitive per print cost. The selfie cp1300 has a 3.2 inch lcd screen and lets you print using airprint a usb card or the canon print app on your smartphone or tablet.

Thermal dye sublimation. A type of printing technology results in sharp dynamic water resistant photos that can last up to 100 years, number three hp, sprocket portable 2 by 3 inch instant, photo printer. The hp, sprocket studio, 2nd edition is a compact portable photo printer. Its main features come with the included, fully featured app. That gives you a variety of customization options and features. The studio 2 uses the zinc technology of the first generation, which means colors, are embedded in the paper beforehand and released by heat. The outcome means that pictures aren’t high resolution, but the second edition sprocket retains its compact dimensions that make it easy to slip into a bag or pocket number 4. epson workforce. Wf 100 wireless mobile printer, like the canon epson’s workforce, wf 100, was released a few years ago, but has continued to outshine the competition as an excellent wireless mobile printer at just 12.2 by 6.1 by 2.4 inches and 3.5 pounds it’s as lightweight as the canon, though Slightly larger overall size aside, the epson is capable of printing directly from a pc as well as ios and android devices through wi fi connectivity, printing itself offers both black ink and color cartridges with a rating of 250 and 200 pages respectively, which is more than enough For printing out the latest invoices contracts or spreadsheets that might be required on the go number 5. brother, pocketjet pj, 773 direct thermal printer, the brother pocketjet pj 773 is a monochrome direct thermal printer.

It prints in black with a resolution of 300 dpi rivaling larger printers. In terms of clarity, the compact size and the inclusion of features like a replaceable battery and car charging port makes it a good options of workers in retail, enterprise, accounting and other business uses. It supports wi, fi air print. In addition to a usb plug in you. Can also buy additional accessories like more batteries in a carrying mounting case, we have included the product links in the description below for more details. Thank you so much for watching.