So if you’re looking for an entry level option or the best product money can buy, we may have the product for you in this list. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links in the description down below the products mentioned are in no exact order. So be sure you stay to the end, so you don’t miss anything. This is our pick of the best microsoft surface on the market. Right now, coming at number, eight we’ve got the microsoft surface duo the surface phone. This first product on our list is not a computer it’s a smartphone, but it takes the advantage of running on android. After years of anticipation, microsoft launched the surface duo in the fall of 2020, which is the product’s family’s first android smartphone. It stands out among its rivals by rocking a duo, a 5.6 inch amoled display and a 360 degree hinge, which makes it great for multitasking the device is also compatible with the surface slim pen. The unique hinge allows the duo to transform from a phone to an 8.1 inch tablet with a three by two screen or a viewing platform in tent mode. My favorite part is the ability to convert the device into a small, laptop and use one of its screens as a keyboard. I also like its side mounted fingerprint sensor. The surface duo is plenty characterful, sleek and superbly crafted, but far from perfect it’s 2019 qualcomm chip is dated, and it can also use a bit more ram as well as 5g and wi fi 6 connectivity, its sole 11 megapixel camera, could be better too pricing for The duo starts at 1, 000 for a variant with 128 gigabytes of storage, number seven microsoft, surface laptop, go the compact clamshell surface, the ultra portable microsoft surface laptop go is a great option for students, as well as anyone who’s looking for a reliable clamshell notebook on A tight budget, as its name suggests, the go is incredibly portable and smaller than the laptop for it has a 12.

4 inch screen and it weighs less than 2.5 pounds. With an onboard 10th generation intel core i5 processor. The notebook surface go is sufficiently powerful for casual use and light productivity. It has up to 13 hours of battery life, an excellent set of wired and wireless features, as well as a handy fingerprint sensor, that’s embedded into its power button. However, it could use a sharper display panel. Microsoft offers the surface laptop, go in several hardware configurations that start at 549.99. We highly recommend that you skip the cheapest model. It only has four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of slower emmc storage, so it’s only suitable for casual use coming in number six microsoft, surface studio, 2, the desktop surface designed for creativity and productivity work, the microsoft surface, studio 2 is the tech giant’s only desktop Computer, even though it’s been around since 2018, this all in one desktop is still impressive. Thanks to an ultra sharp and vibrant 28 inch touchscreen with an adjustable stand, the pixelsense touch sensitive display is truly, unlike anything else out there it’s equally impressive as a creativity tool. Hence the studio monkier or as a vastly capable desktop workstation well into 2021 it’s. The only hardware bit that makes the surface studio 2 worth considering a lofty price tag and a dated processor are the two biggest downsides of the microsoft studio 2, at least in this case, microsoft has opted to bundle the surface pen with the pc coming at number.

Five microsoft surface pro x, the 4g lte surface, the microsoft surface pro x is the sleekest member of the product lineup. It has the same form factor as the surface pro. Everyone loves, but thanks to a larger 13 inch touchscreen with ultra thin bezels, the pro x is even more elegant with an ultra thin design and lte connectivity on board. The newcomer is ideal for commuters, as well as those who like to stay connected while away from a wi fi network. The surface pro x has an sq1 chip with no cooling fans and onboard lte network connectivity developed in partnership between microsoft and qualcomm, it’s, dependable and energy efficient, but not on par with intel and amd processors and simply priced pcs have in october last year, the tech Giant expanded the surface pro x, lineup by adding a pricier variant with a more capable sq2 chip and adreno 690 graphics, it’s better than the sq1 version, though it could still use faster 5g network connectivity as well as wi fi 6. you’ll still need to invest in A keyboard cover as well as a surface pen in order to make the most out of the tablet’s capabilities. Microsoft introduced a new slim pen stylus. Alongside the surface pro x, you can order a pro x, signature keyboard, that’s, bundled with the accessory. It has a dedicated slot for recharging the slim pen, but it will cost you number 4, microsoft, surface laptop 4, the most elegant surface, the recently introduced microsoft, surface laptop 4, as its name suggests, is one to go to if you prefer working on a traditional laptop Over a hybrid option like its predecessor, the notebook is available with a 13.

5 inch or a 15 inch touchscreen. It has a timeless beautiful design and tactility to match every surface. Laptop 4 has a powerful and up to date, amd or intel chip, as well as outstanding battery life, that, depending on the variant, can reach up to 19 hours between charges, microsoft once again teamed up with amd to develop ryzen 5 and ryzen 7 processors that are Tailor made for the product, there are multiple hardware configurations to pick from the 13.5 inch laptop 4 is available with the product’s family signature wrist pad covered in alcantara a luxurious sustainably sourced material with a suede. Like finish, the 50 inch variants have a more understated, aluminum build that’s available in silver or black, depending on the color, and the hardware configuration you choose, you might get an all metal 13.5 inch laptop for as well coming in number three microsoft surface book: 3, the Ultimate surface the surface book 3, like the original and the second generations, is the most capable portable computer microsoft currently makes available with a 13.5 or a 15 inch display panel. The convertible laptop has a distinctive design, a magnesium build with exceptional quality and versatility, that its rivals simply cannot match it’s the one to go for. If your budget has no restrictions rather impressively, you can detach the surface books 3 display from the keyboard base and use it as a tablet with the touch of a button. When you need to work on more demanding tasks, you need to dock the screen back as the base is the home of the nvidia graphics chip.

Every surface book 3 has intel’s latest quad core cpus, so it’s a great option for power users, variants equipped with the nvidia geforce gtx graphics are legit gaming rigs too delivering a solid gameplay experience, especially considering their elegant and versatile form factor. The inch book 3 also has built in xbox wireless connectivity, which will let you easily connect an xbox elite wireless controller series 2 to play your favorite games. The microsoft surface book 3 starts at 1 600 dollars for a 13.5 inch model with intel, graphics and eight gigabytes of ram, so it’s pricey variants with nvidia graphics and more memory easily surpass the two thousand dollar mark. While a fully loaded 15 inch book 3 will set you back north of 3, 000 oddly microsoft has opted to not include the surface pen in the notebook’s retail package, despite its hefty price tag. Coming in number, two microsoft surface go 2: the budget surface price below 400, the microsoft surface go to has the same design and impeccable craftsmanship as its pricier relatives, but in a considerably more compact form factor with a 10.5 inch display. Curiously, the latter makes the tablet feel a whole lot like the original surface pro from 2013. compared to its predecessor. The surface go: 2, has a bigger screen with slimmer, bezels, longer battery life and a more future proof. Wi fi 6 connectivity, my colleague, brandon cartier, tested the surface, go 2 and noted that it is a nicer machine overall that packs a more powerful processor and a larger 10.

5 inch touchscreen. Fortunately, without increasing the base, model’s ‘9 dollar asking price, because it’s equipped with an intel, pentium gold or a core m3 processor, the surface go to is best suited for casual use or light productivity work. If you’re, looking to edit large images and video files on the go, this is not your best number one, microsoft surface pro 7, the best surface, this elegant slate has all the qualities that make the surface product family popular with consumers, looks craftsmanship power and versatility, like Its predecessors, the microsoft surface, pro 7, can instantly transform from a tablet to a laptop via an optional keyboard. Cover microsoft offers the surface pro 7 in a plethora of hardware configurations ensuring that you can find one that fits your budget. All variants feature intel tense generation processors. The entry level picks best for casual use, go for less than one thousand dollars, but the more powerful offerings designed for demanding pro users will balloon in price. A top shelf pro 7, with maxed out specs, will cost you almost two thousand dollars by equipping the slate with a usbc port. Microsoft addressed one of its predecessor’s biggest shortcomings the 10.5 hour maximum battery life of the pro 7, however, is not as impressive. We also still wish that microsoft didn’t charge extra for the super type keyboard cover, as well as for the surface pen. That brings us to the end of our review and buyers guide for the best microsoft surface.