We can also use this microphone stand as a webcam stand.. The quality of this stand is excellent. It is made of metal is flexible, is adjustable, is a very good microphone. Stand. And here the image of the product is shown, The back side of the packet gives all the details of how we have to install it on our table., So let’s open it and see how this microphone stand. Music. This is a microphone stand.. It is also called Boom Arm.. It can be mounted on the desk On this stand. We can put our microphone or our web cam, Its quality is good and it is made of metal.. Its finish is also very good. The quality of these springs that are fitted in it is also good.. It is fully flexible. We can use it any way, And here it is also given the option to tighten and loosen it. With this. We can fix it in any position, And this type of mechanism is given at one end of it.. You can adjust it according to your need, And on top of that, you can put your web cam microphone or you can also mount your camera on top of it, And this kind of option is given at the bottom end.. With this we get a bracket. We have to mount it on our desk. This is the bracket mount. We have to mount it on our desk After mounting this bracket on the desk.

This part of the stand will be inside this bracket. I will show you fix it too. You can fix it on your desk very easily. The thickness of your table top should be up to 5 centimeters.. It supports up to 5 centimeters.. Apart from this, we have also been given a mini Ball head.. On top of this, we can also put our DSLR camera if its weight is not much.. So now i install it on my desk, So let’s see how we will install it This bracket that comes with it. We have to put it on the table like this. After putting the braking on the table like this, we will tighten it., We fixed the bracket. Now this stand has to be placed in the bracket like this.. This part of the stand will be inside the bracket like this. This stand is now installed on our desk. We can easily use it, it is completely flexible. You can also fold it., You can use it as you want, And on top of that you can put your webcam or your microphone or your DSLR here. If you want to increase its height, then you can also increase it. You can use it even by making it straight.. With this stand, we are also given a Ball head. This Ball head has to be attached here, like this.. You can now put your camera web cam or mic on the ball head. The advantage of Ball Head is that we can adjust it anywhere.

. It can rotate at 360 degrees. You can set it at any angle. If you want, You can fix your webcam or microphone at any angle. This stand is strong and the quality is also quite good.. I ordered this stand for my webcam.. I will install my webcam on top of it. Because, as you can see, my microphone is already installed, so I don’t need to put a microphone on it. I installed my webcam over it Now. It will be very easy for me to use webcam. If you also want to buy this stand, then the link to buy it will be found in the description. That’s.