Yes, even better than the M1 and M2 MacBook airs and cutting right to the chase, its the late 2021 Apple silicon, MacBook, Pros and Ive held off on making this video for a while, mainly because, although it is a great laptop, the price was just too high For most people, but then Apple did something no one could have expected for some reason. Less than a year after they announced it, Apple decided to cut the price by 400, bringing the 14 inch MacBook Pro to the insane price of just 15.99, a 20 discount and 2099 for the 16 inch version. So in this video I want to talk about specifically why these MacBooks are so good compared to other competitors and Ill also dive into that massive price cut and discuss what it might mean for the future of Apple silicon MacBooks. Also, quick thanks to insta360 for sponsoring this video, but more on that later. Okay. So, to give you an idea of my laptop Journey over the last 10 years, its safe to say, Ive tried many laptops from both sides from an old school Dell Latitude in 2008. To various Windows, gaming laptops, MacBook Pros and even tablet hybrids from the Microsoft Surface, lineup all of them had their pros and cons, but one that stood out to me was the 2015 15 inch MacBook Pro. The 15 inch form factor was a great balance between portability and productivity. The port selection was decent and the retina screen, although it had been around for a few years, already, was Miles Ahead of the competition now performance.

Wasnt great there was some thermal throttling with the Intel CPUs and also the R9 m370x GPU. If you had the spec Im showing on screen now, but overall it was a very solid laptop and I think between 2016 and 2021 Apple actually went backwards. With this lineup. The 16 inch Intel MacBook Pros had the same throttling issues as the 15 inch, but even worse, they also had a few new flaws and none of these were resolved until the new Apple silicon MacBook Pros were released now before we get into my specific MacBook Pro. Obviously, if you dont need the power of the M1 Pro or M1 Max either the M1 or M2 MacBook Air is a great option. But honestly, though, at the end of the day, if youre just browsing the web and doing emails, there are a lot of decent options in the entry level laptop space and although they might not be as premium and feature Rich As the MacBook Air again, they all Accomplish essentially the same task, but what about those users with workflows that are too intensive for the MacBook Air? Well, at the time there were a few options: the 16 inch Intel MacBook Pro that was essentially a furnace, a chunky Windows laptop or an RTX desktop PC. Like the one I was using at that time, but these were your only options and all of these options had massive compromises like the RTX laptop and all the associated thermal fan, noise and wattage requirements, or the lack of portability with the desktop.

If you wanted something portable, silent and cool all at the same time, that simply was not an option until, of course, Apple announced their new Apple silicon MacBook Pros. Okay, so lets talk about my specific MacBook Pro, and I want to clarify that Im, not saying this exact spec or the 16 inch form factor is the best honestly. I think the 14 inch base model provides the most bang for buck, but I needed extra performance in some areas, so the spec I personally have is an upgraded 16 inch, M1 Max MacBook Pro, but no matter what laptop you choose, its probably going to have a Pretty crappy webcam, even the upgraded 1080p webcam on the M2 MacBook Air, and they dont really do much other than record a grainy image of your face enter the insta 360 link, an AI powered 4K webcam with features that blow your macbooks webcam out of the water. Its half inch sensor not only allows for great 4K image quality, but excellent, low light performance in dimly, lit rooms and the true Focus feature means no more blurry shots using artificial intelligence and its three axis gimbal. The link webcam allows you to use hand gestures to enable AI tracking, where the webcam will follow you around the room or zoom in and out or for those of you in work or school environments. Enable whiteboard mode theres also a desk View mode, which I would have loved to have back in University and and built in privacy protection when the webcam is not in use.

So if you want to check out the insta360 link, webcam in more detail, make sure you use the link in the description down below. So why do I think this is one of the best laptops out there, even when compared to the competition from the other team? Well, Apple has always traditionally leaned more towards the creative side of things, which is what I mainly do with photo and video editing website, design, 2D animation and even some coding that Im trying to get into – and I think many people that buy these more powerful MacBooks Fall into these categories now Windows – laptops can do all of this too, and more, for example, theyre much better at machine learning, 3D modeling and gaming and theyre also usually much cheaper, sometimes by 50, but they come with flaws, just like every laptop, for example, needing to Be attached to a charger for full performance or very loud fan, noise and thermal output when under load, the build quality is nowhere near the MacBook either, and I actually compared my MacBook against two powerful ryzen and Intel laptops and Ill link. Those two comparison – videos in the description, but in a nutshell, for my workflow and for daily use, I found there was absolutely no comparison, even if the MacBook cost a thousand US dollars more. I mean the build quality alone on the MacBook is exceptional. Find me another laptop machined from a solid piece of aluminum, an incredible trackpad and one of the best screens ever made, which is essentially a shrunk down.

Version of the five thousand dollar Pro display, xdr, plus the way Mac OS balances, temperature performance and fan noise together is just incredible. Yes, repairability, sucks and thats. Something Ive criticized Apple for in previous videos, but the overall experience is just so good that I found it. Didnt matter to me personally as much as I hate to admit that – and I know I sound like a massive Apple Fanboy here, and maybe I am, but I think even the most die hard PC fans and I used to be one – can at least agree that Apples done a good job with their own silicon recently, no matter how hard you push these MacBooks, they stay relatively cool and quiet and consume far less power allowing much more portability and battery life. If that is important to you, while competing with the RTX laptops in many areas, quick side, note, though its annoying that the HDMI port is only HDMI 2.0 and not 2.1, it seems like a strange choice on a professional laptop in 2021, but I admit this is A very Niche requirement and most people wont care now. The reason I went with the 16 inch form factor over 14 inches is because this is my main computer for work. I dont want to be tied to a desktop, and a 14 inch screen is just too small for me personally. Yes, portability does take a hit. The 16 inch MacBook is heavy and bulky much more noticeably so than the 14 inch.

You cant use the 16 inch on airplane tray tables and it barely fits into some bags. The 14 inch is much much better for portability and for those of you on the fence about which screen size to get just ask yourself this one question: how much portability do you actually need for me? I mainly move between desks from home to office and also sitting around on the couch. You dont need an ultra portable laptop for that and Id rather have the much bigger screen better battery and cooling capacity of the larger form factor so lets address this insane. Price decrease for these MacBook Pro base models. Now I was honestly a bit shocked when I saw how much it was because, as Apple usually doesnt discount their products, and certainly not by that much and certainly not in the middle of a massive inflationary period, combined with supply shortages. What this means, though, is that the value proposition of the current Apple silicon MacBook lineup changes significantly when you consider the new price of the 14 inch MacBook Pro the 13 inch M2 MacBook Pro was already an unpopular choice, but now its all but obsolete, Im really Struggling to think of any situation where someone would buy it over the much more feature – rich 14 inch M1 Pro, and it also makes the new M2 MacBook Air a much harder Choice. Previously, if you upgraded the air to a 512 gigabyte, SSD and 16 gigabytes of RAM, it was still a fair bit cheaper than the 14 inch.

Now, though, its the same price, of course, there are still many reasons to go for the air over the 14 inch. M1, Pro notably form factor and the vastly reduced weight and increased portability, but man thats about it and even then, I think a lot of people wouldnt mind the extra bulk for all those additional features for the same price, so whats. The reason for this insane price decrease. Well, it could be that apple is unveiling an M2 Pro and M2 Max upgrade for the 14 and 16 inch MacBooks later this year. Most signs point to these new Chips using the same 5 nanometer architecture of the M2 Chip. We saw earlier this year and not three nanometer as previously suspected to me personally. If these MacBooks are refreshed with M2 chips, it would be pretty surprising. Firstly, its not like apple has a lot of excess stock of M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBooks. They can barely keep up with the current demand, its only been a year since they were released and also, I think, theyre already powerful enough doing. Videos for this channel puts me in the fortunate position of being on the bleeding edge of Technology, where I can justify more frequent upgrades than say the average consumer. But I dont see myself needing any more power or performance for at least three to four years, and personally, I think apple is making the price cheaper simply to be ultra competitive with other brands.

Apple has an absolute boatload of cash. Locked away in the various bank accounts across the planet, they can afford discounting products or the increased Supply costs, and now they have a laptop that can compete in a lot of areas with many of the really powerful and chunky Windows laptops out there. If there was ever a time to aggressively grow your market share its now and with this product so yeah, I think these 14 and 16 inch MacBooks are really some of the best laptops you can buy right now. I really dont think that, even if we do see an M2 or an M3 come out in the next couple of years, theres going to be that much of a worthwhile or noticeable upgrade between the generations. I think its going to be very similar to the difference. We saw between the M1 MacBook Air and the M2 MacBook Air, but even less because were going to have the same chassis, the same screen, the same ports, its just going to be a very minor spec, upgrade to the internals.