I got sent this product here for review, so this thing is called the doc case and it's currently on Kickstarter. So there will be some links in the description below if you want to go and check it out, but I've been using this for a few days now, and I think it is a fantastic piece of equipment. So, basically, what it is, as the name suggests, it is a case that has a built in dock so I'm just going to open it up here. So the case itself is really premium. It is made out of microfiber leather, so at the inside here is a microfiber finish, the outside really nice feeling the other will love the smell of leather and, of course, in the end we get a hub. So, just quickly look at what else we have in here, so we get a USB type c, cable and – and here is a manual or something not really interested in that. Okay. So, basically, to use this thing, you just grab your macbook and, of course, we all know. Macbooks only have USB type c ports, which is why I think this product is so fantastic, it's really frustrating to have to carry around you know, dongles and and adapters in order to be able to get the port's that you need. I constantly lose my adapters or must place them or when I go out leaving the house, I quite often take the wrong cable with me and that could be quite frustrating.

So basically, you just get your cable plug this into the back and then plug it into your laptop. And now you have access to a huge range of ports, so the port's that we get include Ethernet HDMI. You get two USB type c ports, three full sized. Usb 3.0 ports – and you also get SD and micro SD card reader there as well. So the cable here as well you're not going to lose that because and aside the case, there's also a little storage compartment where this gets placed. So I'll just pop that inside here and it means that it's not going to scratch up your laptop when you're carrying it around so I'll, see if I can get the camera to focus in there. So, as you can see, the got a little pouch all for itself and then we can just get the laptop it's a really snug fit too. So you can get these for all the currents netbooks that have the USB type c ports. So the 12 inch MacBook and both the 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro. So there you have it very, very slim, very sleek, very professional, looking much nicer than just get my other case much nicer than some of the other cases you can get, and this is one of those. What do you call these forget the material that this is called anyway much nicer than that doesn't look very professional, and it means now I don't have to carry around stupid dumbbells wherever I go, so I absolutely love this product now it does say on the back Of this one here it says beta version, and it says we sincerely invite you to review this product.

Constructive feedback will be delivered to our product team and reflected to the next upgraded version. So there are a couple of things that I could see being improved. One would be the magnet here that holds us down it's, not particularly strong. It works fine, but I think would be more satisfying if they could put a stronger magnet in there. Another thing is that the USB type c ports here only the one on the left can be used for charging so be good if they could make both chargeable ports. Otherwise, you have to check to make sure you have plugged into the correct one, and another thing would be the hub itself. So after a few minutes of use, it does start to get warm, which makes me questions just how energy efficient it is. So those are just a small recommendations which I think can turn a fantastic product into a truly great product, but anyway, as it is right now, it is a fantastic product, I'm going to be using this everyday. No question about that means I'm not going to have to carry around these stupid, dongles anymore, so I'm really looking forward to there, but anyway guys.