I know that, but this is a laptop and you’ve already read the title, so we’ll be talking about the best laptops that you can buy under 35. 000.. Trust me, this was quite a touch because i had initially thought of a different price segment, but then my boss was like you know: let’s just aim for 35 000, because a lot of guys are on tight budget and i was like yeah 35 000. Can you really get some good machines? Well, i searched the internet, took out my review list of devices that i’ve tested and turns out. There are some pretty interesting and very good value for money devices that you can buy that’s. What this video is all about. This is one from guiding tech and today, we’ll be talking about the best laptops that you can buy under 35 000 for each and every different use case or utility needs. Let’S get started Music, alright, so let’s start off with some business users who just need a lightweight and very portable laptop with a good keyboard, which is why my first go to recommendation for business users under 35. 000 has to be the lenovo theme, part yeah. You might sound surprised, but lenovo does offer thinkpad under this price segment. It comes with the core i3 10 processor, coupled with well just 4gb of ddr4 ram and a one terabyte of hdd storage, there’s no ssd here, but i mean you’re still paying a good price for that excellent thinkpad keyboard and a good skew of io ports as Well, the laptop does come with doors, so you will have to install your own uh copy of windows.

Now, if you’re looking for an alternate drive to the lenovo thinkpad in the same price segment, the hp 14s is a very, very good option, simply because of its one unique feature. Of course. That unique feature is that the laptop comes with a 4g uh sim slot right inside the laptop, so you can just plug in a sim card and use internet on it while being on the go. As for the specifications, it comes with the 10 gen intel core i3, coupled with 8 gb of ddr4 ram, along with a 256gb ssd and windows 10 home, so yeah, if you compare it with the lenovo thinkpad. Of course, you get more ram, a better storage and a copy of licensed windows, but you do miss out on that thinkpad premium, keyboard and touchpad, so there’s that now for budget users, i think we can club your school needs, your home needs and your so called Multimedia entertainment needs into one category, so let’s just talk about some options under this kind of a segment of users and my go to recommendation for budget laptops well for multi purpose. Budget laptops has always and always been asus vivobooks simply because of how great value for money devices they are for about 35k. You can get the asus vivobook 14 that once again comes with a core i3 10th gen 4gb of ram and a 512gb of ssd it’s. Quite lightweight at just 1.4 kgs and is one of the most premium looking laptops under this segment.

We recently did a video talking about a different variant of the viewer buffer team, so you can take a look at the overall design and form factor of the laptop, and what i’m trying to basically make you guys understand is that for the price that you pay, The vivobook 14 is a multi utility laptop that should aid you for pretty much all your needs. Of course, the best alternative to that under this category has to be the me notebook, see, we’ve already reviewed the me horizon edition, which is well. It has better competition in that premium price segment, but for budget users around the 35k mark. The me laptop offers quite a lot of features. So once again you get the standard core i3 10gen processor, coupled with 8gb of ram 256gb of ssd and a laptop package that weighs just 1.5 kgs and speaking about the package. This is one of my favorite designs out there on a laptop simply because it’s so minimalistic. Of course, if you want to flaunt your laptop, the asus vivobook might suit your liking more. But personally i do admire the minimalistic design of the me notebook, which has very practically zero branding and just the me logo up front. Okay now this might sound like a weird suggestion, but i just really wanted to put it out there. If you are well interested in buying a laptop for your home needs or you’re a student buying, a laptop for your education needs, or you just buy a laptop for, while watching a movie or a couple of games, sort of on this budget.

Whatever sort of a user you are but yeah, if you are into all of that, i would actually suggest skipping both these options and actually getting an apple ipad. The new one with the apple a12 bionic chipset, the ipad, starts at 29 000 and couple that, with a smart keyboard and you’re getting around 38 000 and that’s a pretty pretty good package. Of course, you can buy the apple pencil as well to further enhance your productivity, but the whole advantage here is that this is probably the most portable laptop kind of a machine on this list and, of course, it’s quite multi purpose. The touch screen is great ipad. Os has matured into something that can very easily uh, replace your laptop needs for most users, so yeah, if you do not want to necessarily spend on a laptop, the ipad is a very good option. Now let’s talk about the other category, which is gamers or content creators see these are people who need high performance machines. Of course, getting a lot of power from a laptop that’s priced under 35k is very, very tough, so you’ll have to make some compromises somewhere or the other, but yeah i mean i’m, just saying just keep your expectations. Realistic don’t expect to be like playing 4k games or even playing games at 60fps on 1080p. To be very frank with you or editing, a lot of video files just keep our expectations real and you might be able to get some very good value for money.

High performance laptops under thirty five thousand and my go to recommendation well not go to to be very friends with you. I’Ll tell you why. But my first recommendation in this category is from avita it’s called the weta libre version version 14., see in terms of the spec sheet it’s a very feature fired laptop. It comes with the ryzen 5 quad core chipset 3500u uh, coupled with 8gb of ram 512gb of ssd, and a licensed copy of windows, 10 home it’s, quite lightweight at just 1.25. Kgs has a very premium design, with ultra narrow bezels and a fingerprint scanner up top. As well, the laptop also adds on a licensed copy of ms office, so that’s great. The only reason why i do not feel entirely sure about this laptop is because i have had issues with their service team previously now last i checked they do not have their own service retailers. They are partnering with other companies and also avita is a brand that’s brought to you by nextgo and yeah, basically they’ve reached out to other service centers to help them facilitate with the services so yeah. It will be a couple of months before i can wholeheartedly recommend. Avita products and if you still have the fear about that, i can totally understand that because see if i was a consumer, obviously i’d be attracted by the kind of spec sheets and the kind of value for money features that they’re offering.

By the same time, i would feel that yeah what if something goes wrong the better option against this would be the lenovo ideapad, not the thinkpad, the ideapad. So the ideapad s145 comes with the ryzen 5 3500u couples it with a 4gb of ddr4 ram and a one terabyte of hard disk. So you do miss out on the sct, storage and 4gb of ddr4 ram, which is well a pretty big compromise for a lot of users. But you do gain the satisfaction of buying a laptop from lenovo, which has one of the best best supports in this country. So yeah this is that, of course, if you can extend your budget, we already have a video talking about the best laptops that you can buy under 50, 000, so make sure to check that video out from the link in the description box or from a card Here also, you might be wondering what this laptop is all about, and why did i have it in front of you well one because the theme of this video was laptops and two. This is the msi modern, 14. uh. I just had it in my backpack because i’ve been reviewing, it i’ve been testing it for the past two weeks and i do have some thoughts.