So many came out. I almost drowned, but dont worry ive swung to the surface, to offer you the five most exciting laptops of ces 2022 Music. This is luke again and ces is coming to a close, so make sure to check out our channel for all of our recent videos. Weve been putting out a ton of content, some of which you may have missed and, of course, make sure to subscribe as well, because were going to be getting a lot of these products in for full review. But for now i present to you the five laptops that made waves at ces, 2022.. Music lets start with something a little wild. The kind of thing you only get announced at ces were talking about the lenovo thinkbook plus gen 3., and with a name like that, you might be tempted to just pass this thing on without noticing. Until you saw what this laptop has inside, which is an 8 inch tablet like display, built right into the deck of the keyboard, even crazier, to support such a thing, the laptop comes with a get. This 21×10 aspect ratio screen, which basically means this is an ultra wide laptop, and it feels that way when you have it on your lap and have multiple windows open, like you would in ultrawide monitor and of course, the point of all this is to have access To a secondary screen like a phone or a drawing tablet that can be accessed right within the laptop itself.

The system basically sees the screen as an external monitor, and you can use it that way if you want, but lenovo has also built in its own software, letting you take notes illustrate or have a document open that youre referencing and its all on a flat surface, Which makes the use of the stylus that much more comfortable, i think steve jobs would approve of the ergonomics here. Touch surfaces want to be horizontal. My next choice is technically a gaming laptop or tablet. Actually the rog flow z13. Now i was a big fan of the flow x13 that came out last year, its basically a 13 inch convertible two in one that still somehow managed to have a ryzen, 9 processor inside and up to an rtx 3050 ti. If you remember it even had that proprietary pcie connection to the xg mobile and external gpu enclosure, pretty cool but get this. The new flow z13 does all of that, except in the form factor of a surface pro complete with a kickstand and a detachable keyboard. And all that its not quite as thin or sleek, but yeah its kind of insane. What asus was able to pack into this little 13 inch tablet this time around theyre using a 12th gen intel processor, but you still get up to an rtx 3050 ti for the graphics, as well as an oled 120 hertz screen as to how it performs well Ill have to wait and see, but it does have active cooling, so theres at least hope that this little gaming tablet can actually handle the hardware inside either way.

I cant wait to check this out some more before we move on to some more brands. I want to return to lenovo because they had two really impressive new designs this year, the thinkpad z13 or z16, as well as the yoga 9., but the yoga 9 is the one that really caught my interest. I really like the look of this new design. The curved reflective edges that look really inviting and polished, and obviously this is a convertible, so its meant to be held in your hands and flipped around a lot of the features of the yoga 9i are oriented towards media consumption. Now, obviously, this will be a fine work laptop too when it needs to be, but hey most of us actually use our laptops for other things as well. So why not make a laptop actually good at those things, the yoga 9 comes with a sound bar built in tuned by bauer and wilkins thats built right into the hinge, meaning you can get forward facing sound, even when the yoga 9 is flipped around or in Tent mode, it even comes with a vibe check button, and, yes, that is the name of it on the keyboard that flips between different sound profiles such as for watching movies or listening to music. Of course, it also has a 4k oled screen and one of intels new 28 watt p series processors. All of that, along with this really nice new design, makes it a standout from ces this year.

Next up is a laptop that still has that conventional laptop form factor, but tweaks it in some pretty controversial ways, im talking, of course, about the new dell xps 13 plus. We have a whole video on this if you want to go in depth, but basically this throws out a lot of the hallmark xps elements in favor of something extremely minimalist and i got ta say really fresh. Looking designs, the haptic feedback track pad blends seamlessly into that single piece of glass on the palm rest and the keyboard is even larger and more edge to edge. It looks and types fantastic, but in dells push for a more progressive design. Theyve tossed out a couple of things that laptop users hold dear, namely a physical key function, row and the headphone jack. The functional has been replaced by capacitive touch buttons, but the headphone jack is just straight up: gone now, im a person that can appreciate a bold design. That begs the question of whether we actually need these certain features, but i do like having a headphone jack on my laptop then again, thats what we all said about our headphone jacks on our phones not so long ago. Last up on the list is something you can hardly call a laptop, in fact, its really a tablet with a foldable screen and a wireless keyboard attachment thats. The asus zenbook fold 17.. Now ive already talked at length about this thing and you can check out our full video on it, but basically this isnt, the first weve seen in a product like this shares a lot in common with the lenovo thinkpad x1 fold up just a couple years ago.

However, i think the zenbook fold 17 fixes some of the problems with that device. It makes the whole foldable tablet thing a much more viable product, especially as a laptop replacement. First off the oversized tablet screen means a larger portable monitor to travel around with, because remember, you can use the kickstand on the back of it and sit back a bit with the keyboard, but the larger screen also means when in laptop mode, you have a three By two twelve and a half inch screen left over to work with now its not without its issues, its thicker and heavier than your average tablet for sure, and some of the oddities with foldable screens are still present here, including that ripple. That goes right down the middle of the screen where the fold is, but its products like these that pave the way forward and just ask the question what, if and really thats what ces is all about? Hey thanks for watching this video. Those are my picks for the best laptops of ces 2022, its been a lot of fun, bringing you all the ces content.