As a gift, if youre sending this video to somebody as a hint or that somebody is really going to appreciate getting because either theyre very fancy or do something specific, thats, very cool or their budget laptops, that dont feel like budget laptops. Theres, really something for everybody. Here we cant have any conversation about laptops that people want to get as a gift without talking about the MacBook Air. For many many years, I have called this the most universally useful laptop line out there. It really is the default choice for a lot of people. That equation has changed a little bit in 2022, because there are now two distinct Forks of the MacBook Air. There is the latest version thats the M2 MacBook Air using Apples, new M2 Chip and thats. Really one of the biggest changes to this line since it started like 10 plus years ago, its got a new designed its got. This, like slider top comes in different colors, obviously has the M2 Chip from Apple in it and adds a few other improvements, including, I think, very, very importantly. A 1080 resolution camera a high res camera, because one of the big secrets is for many many many years. Macbook webcams have kind of sucked, but now theyre, finally getting better so most new MacBooks have 1080 cameras and thats great and thats why you would want to get or give an M2 MacBook Air. I like the midnight color, its very dark and cool.

They have other colors as well, but there is a caveat there. The MacBook Air, you always think of traditionally, as a 999 laptop, you can add more memory and more RAM and you know drive up the price but thats the base price for the new version. They went up to 1200 bucks. I was not happy with this, but I was happy that they kept the previous version. The M1 MacBook Air, which has a little bit more of a traditional MacBook Air, look thats still in stock, theyre, still selling, that that is still 9.99 and, in fact with either a student discount or you know, a holiday season sale. You can usually get it for about 100 bucks or so less than that and theres absolutely nothing wrong with getting that M1 MacBook Air, the traditional design, still a very relevant laptop. If you want to go a little bit fancier, yes, you can trade up to the M2 version, but not necessary. I think somebody would love getting either one of these one of my other favorite laptops this year. A real Discovery for me is one of the least expensive products. I think I have reviewed this year, but it is definitely one of my favorites. It combines uh budget price lots of features really outperforms what you think itll do for that price and that is the Lenovo duet Chromebook. So what Ive got right here is the Lenovo duet 3.. It is a Chrome, OS tablet, thats kind of like a Chromebook but its a tablet.

However, it comes with this clip on keyboard and its got a little back part of the keyboard cover with a little kickstand on it, and unlike something like the Microsoft Surface, which is kind of the computer tablet that people always think about. In that case, you got ta, buy the keyboard separately, in this case its all included. So for 379 dollars. You get not just the Chrome OS tablet. You also get uh the clip on keyboard and the kickstand in the back and is a combination. I think its a really great value, its, not the fastest machine out there, but it its a its a Chromebook theyre using it to go online, to use online tools to stream movies, to use Webmail stuff like that Google classroom and if you want to just watch Movies or play games or something you can just pop the tablet part out and just carry it around with you almost like an iPad and then, when youre ready to do some work. You pop it into this keyboard cover and, frankly, for an inexpensive keyboard cover its really good feels really solid its not one of those like flexi keyboards, thats really hard to type on. I would not use it as my all day everyday computer for everything, but as a student machine, second machine travel machine. I carry this little guy around with me all the time, even though I could take fancier more expensive laptops with me.

I love this little Lenovo Chromebook Music. Now you can get Chromebooks that are fancier, however, cracking that fancy Chromebook formula has always been very difficult to do. If youre going to spend a bunch of money on something you might as well get a fancy Windows laptop or a Macbook, but there are times that you want a nicer Chromebook. Acer has got one called the 714 and it is not only a regular clamshell Chromebook. Its got one of those 360 degree hinges, so it folds all the way back, which means you can turn it into a big 14 inch tablet or you can set it up just with the screen in front. I call that kiosk mode great for watching movies, maybe youre doing some cloud gaming. You got your controller hooked up to it. Anything like that Intel powered so its going to be as fast as a regular uh. You know Windows laptop and frankly, for about 700 bucks. Its going to feel faster than a comparable lets say: 700 Windows laptop, which is still gon na, feel pretty much like a budget laptop spending, the same amount of money, a Chrome OS system is just always going to feel faster and zippier because it doesnt have that Operating system, overhead running Windows, two other really great things about this 74 14 Chromebook. Its got that 1080 camera that fhd camera that everybody really appreciates its got a little stylus built in its got a little dock for the styles that actually charges it.

At the same time – and these are really premium features that you would not expect to find in something at this price and my last little bonus battery life was really good and our tests, which are pretty tough, it ran like 13 hours, which, frankly, pretty good buying A budget laptop for somebody is definitely difficult, because if you get something thats really inexpensive, oftentimes its not great it doesnt look great doesnt run great. You could get a Chrome OS system thats a great way to do it on a budget. But if you have to get a Windows system, a lot of compromises there, a nice way to get a really nice look and feel something that is a budget laptop doesnt necessarily come off like a budget laptop still runs Windows is the Microsoft Surface laptop go when They say: go in a surface product thats, the cheaper version of the surface go surface laptop, go well. This new version of the surface laptop go, looks like a much more expensive machine. Frankly, the parts inside are still kind of budget, but you get a really solid. Aluminum binder you get some cool color choices, you get a great keyboard and touchpad to get a fingerprint reader and you really get a nice design. You would not be embarrassed to pull this out of the coffee shop, whereas if you pulled another five or six hundred dollar laptop out of the coffee shop, you know everyone elses got a MacBook Air and youve got this little Rinky Dink thing and least with the Surface laptop go to youre going to feel like you can compete.

You know the drawbacks are obviously youre, not getting a super powerful CPU. You can get either four or eight gigs of RAM thats. It theres only options for this guy, but I do like that. Uh, its got a solid, build great keyboard. I like the fingerprint reader so really for 600 bucks. It does a lot right now. I talked a lot about the MacBook Air already. If you want something on the Windows side, thats kind of like a MacBook Air but runs Windows, my long time, favorite has always been and continues to be, the XPS 13 from Dell. This line has been around for a long time. It gets a little bit better. Every year this year they actually had two versions: they had an XPS 13 plus, which was a little bit fancier and they had the regular XPS 13. I frankly like the regular XPS 13, better, its a little more traditional. It gives you what you expect: regular function keys a regular touchpad. It starts at under 900 bucks, so its cheaper than a MacBook Air, but definitely has that thin light. Portable, look and feel really great screen. The couple of things I would say to watch out for on it are the webcam is not a full HD webcam theyre, not quite there yet, but its very, very tiny. It fits in a very tiny screen bezel on top, so you really get a lot of screen, not a lot of border around the screen.

So it looks super fancy. You got a couple of different color options, which is great and its very configurable. You could go 900 bucks, you could go 1500 bucks, so you can get more RAM, a better CPU, all kinds of stuff to kind of customize it the way you want, but it is definitely my default go to. If you want something that kind of got a little bit of that MacBook Vibe but runs Windows, other choices too, but I just love the XPS 13. theres, even a couple of other versions of it that are also pretty good. Xps. 15, a little bit bigger you get some more options with it and Im actually very excited about the XPS 17, which I have used uh off and on during the past year, thats a big 17 inch version, but you can sneak in in Nvidia graphics card in There so it ends up being a great work, laptop big screen, work laptop, but also a gaming laptop that does not look like a gaming laptop and if youre looking for a gift, thats a hybrid works at the office works at the coffee shop works when youre Gaming in the middle of the night at home, I love that XPS 17.. One weird thing about the XPS line this year and I first noticed it on the plus, but its also true, that regular XPS 13. They have gone down that road of taken out. The audio jack, more and more laptop makers are doing this.

I dont like it, you dont like it. Maybe they save 75 cents by not having an audio jack in there. I dont know the phone guys got away with it now. The laptop guys think they can get away with it too. I dont love it now to make up for it Ill give Dell a little bit of credit. They include in the Box a USB to audio adapter and they also give you a USBC to regular USB a adapter, so you can still plug your stuff in you. Just got ta carry a couple extra wires with you and decides that they give them to you. You dont have to go, buy them separately, Im Apple, listen, getting somebody a laptop. Is a gift thats, a big commitment, its got to be someone. You either feel very strongly about theyre, very special to you. Maybe you owe them a lot of money or a lot of favors. I get that, fortunately Ive, given you here a wide range of ideas from a couple hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars and in there I bet youre gon na find something fantastic.