Then we’ll talk about what you should look for before buying a laptops for photo editing, we’ll put the links to all of the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below subscribe to my channel and click on the bell. Let’S get started number four, the microsoft surface, pro 6, our favorite detachable just got even better with the surface pro 6, which significantly improves battery life and performance when compared to its predecessors, now equipped with a quad core cpu, the two in one can run adobe, photoshop And lightroom without breaking a sweat. The 12.3 inch 2736x 1823 resolution displays everything. A photo editor could ask for it’s bright, vivid and accurate. In fact, it covers a very good 136 percent of the srgb color gamut and reached more than 400 nits of brightness. You’Ll have to buy the surface pen and the type cover separately, but they add a ton of functionality to this lightweight 1.7 pounds tablet. What about the surface pro 7? We praised the tablet in a review, but can’t recommend it over the pro 6 until the price drops number four. The dell xps 13, 2 and 1 had to be practically perfect to dethrone hp’s exo inspector x, 360 13, and it is dell’s newest flagship, two and one pack strong performance thanks to its 10th gen intel ice lake processors. Battery life at nearly 11 hours is also fantastic. On top of that, you get a unique 13.

4 inch, 1610 aspect ratio display that is bright and vivid and a slim premium chassis number three, the lg gram 17, when photographers touch up their pictures, they need to see every last detail, which is why the editing is Often done on a massive monitor, but how can you get the same precision when you’re on the go meet the lg gram 17, a remarkably portable laptop with excellent battery life and a large high resolution 17 inch display how portable is it really get this? The graham 17 fits a 17 inch display into a featherweight three pound chassis that’s about the size of a 15 inch laptop. Another reason photographers will love. The graham 17 is for its display. The laptop’s, bright and vivid panel has a resolution of 2560x 1600 and its unique 1610 aspect ratio lets. You see more content at once without scrolling number two: the dell xps 15. You haven’t seen a good laptop display until you feasted your eyes on the oled panel. Gracing, the newest dell xps 15., with exceptional brightness and color reproduction. This pricey upgrade is a photographer’s dream. The 15.6 inch laptop also gives you tons of power to run even the most demanding photo editing software all packaged in a chassis that can be easily transported from shoot to shoot. But our favorite thing about the 2019 model is that the webcam had returned to its rightful position above the display number one. There is no better laptop for photo editing than hp spectre x, 360.

15.. The highlight of this machine is a 15.6 inch. 4K oled display that is exceptionally vivid, 256 of the srgb color gamut and blindingly bright 483 nits. That panel is the only thing that will take your eyes off the spectre x, 360 15’s elegant chassis, which looks like something only the rich and famous could afford. Photographers will also appreciate that the laptop’s discreet mx 150 gpu offers enough graphics, oomph to run demanding, photo editing programs with some help from the core i7 8565u cpu, and the keyboard on the spectre x.