Actually, an adhesive backed laptop stand, that’s foldable and is all in one piece stays on the laptop we’re going to be going over the pros and cons of that. If you stay to the end, i’ll give you my final thoughts and opinions on it and if i think you should buy it or not, if you’re in the market for one and as a quick note, i just want to say thank you so much to my 50, subscribers uh it’s an honor to have 50 people watching subscribe to my channel. I just want to say how much i appreciate that if you do watch this video and let’s get to the moft laptop stand. When you get the package it’s like an envelope, you take it out and then it’s flat like this and this side, underneath this material here had a film on it and you take the film off and it’s like a sticker and you’re supposed to put that this Sticky side down directly onto your laptop, i, as you can see, have a color wear black matte skin on mine uh. I wouldn’t have cared to put it directly on the macbook pro body, but maybe that would be a hesitation for some people is that they would not want to put this sticker type material on directly on their laptop body. I personally did not care. I did have a skin on it already, so it didn’t even matter there for me, but i put it on the skin.

If you want to know if it would work on the skin. Yes, it does i’ve had this on here for about a month and i’ve been using it using it at home. I basically set it up every single time. I use my laptop. I almost never use it flat anymore. So basically, what it is is it’s a pu material and it’s basically can fold to two levels. So once you stick this down all that’s it, oh now, all you have to do is put it to a certain level. It took me a second to figure it out. I actually had to go back into the instructions and figure out how to fold it correctly, but really all it is. Is you fold it to one position which is this, and that is one height which i believe is 15 degrees, and then you can fold it back like this and get 25 degrees out of it. So to show you how that looks fold it up like this? Usually just lean it, so there is 25 degrees and if you just flip that back right, there boom you’re 15 degrees. This is probably how i use it. The most one of the downsides i would say to this is, if you do like to use your macbook flat, there is since there, even though it is so slim like you can barely even see, but it is higher than the macbook’s little feet. So if you do like using your macbook pro flat uh, you will have this if you put any weight on the front here or in the laptop, maybe, but especially this macbook pro 16 inch.

I guess you could place this differently. It does suggest to place it near the back so doing that there’s going to be a rocking, which is a con of this, but i don’t use my macbook pro flat anymore. I put it at the 15 degrees and i’ve used it like this. Ever since i got it so that is the con there that if you don’t like the wobbles, then and you’re going to be using it flat, then maybe it’s not a good choice. What i did want to try is it actually says that this is reusable, that you can unstick this and stick it back on multiple times in the description, so i’m actually going to do that right now, because it’s bothering me and i’m going to show this to You guys so you don’t have to mess up yours once you get it do that, for you see it’s this, like silicone, sticky material here, just like a sticker i’m, actually going to line this up correctly this time, so all you do is if this was new. You would take off the film here. This is the installation take off the film you line it up on the back to where it would be actually equal, both sides and it’s still sturdy, still very sticky. That’S not work out well, but i’m, probably not going to be lifting it from there many times. So, as the weight sits on this, it will probably become stickier again um.

You can see works fine! No. Did it see it? Yes, if you lean to the left or right it’s going to have some instability, but using it how you would use a normal laptop you push down on the keys, it’s pretty stable, because most of the time you’re going to have your wrist down, which gives you Some stability so really i’d say for how thin and unobscure it is for the stability of it is pretty impressive. I do like that it’s, not an external thing that i have to put on there, because i like to go to coffee shops and work from home. In different places of the house and i’d like to have that incline on the on the laptop that, if i was away from my desk, i would not have if it was a stand that i had here on my desk. If, if you’re, looking for a slim laptop stand that you can take to coffee shops or on the road or you do computer work in your car or you work at a desk it’s, just a no brainer, the moft is actually only 25 on amazon. My opinion, if you’re in the market for a slim laptop stand that you can bring anywhere and you don’t mind, sticking this sticker to your laptop again. You could have a skin to not have that direct contact. I don’t believe it would hurt at all at all. This is a grippy material too that’s.

Another feature is this is really grippy. So when you put it on your desk it’s, just a glass top desk, i can push and it’s not sliding all around it’s actually got some pretty good grip to it, which is another great feature so yeah. I really have basically only all good things to say about it. Obviously, it’s a personal preference, if you like this style or not, some people would like the external stand that props it up real high here and silver metal and whatever i just wanted wanted something that i could take with me and be ergonomical and work well, and I believe this achieves all of them and it’s only 25 on amazon. So you really can’t beat it you put in your laptop bag. You still got to stand. Ergonomically stand anywhere, you all right, y’all. I appreciate you all watching to the end of the video. So, to conclude, the moft most ml ft stand. However, you pronounce. It is a great accessory for your laptop, especially if you got one of these bigger laptops like i got the 16 inch. It just makes working on the laptop so much better, your posture or your wrists, everything it’s absolutely worth the 25 dollars it’s a no brainer for me, hopefully it’s a no brainer for you. Hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you did, i appreciate a like, if you want to see me review more stuff, that i’m going to be doing in the future i’m going to be doing at least an upload per week every week to show y’all new stuff that i already have, and for Some new stuff that i’m going to be getting so don’t miss out subscribe to the channel without further ado.

Thank you for your time today.