This asus model number un3481 it’s the q528 zen book flip 15.. By the way, this microphone is amazing on this computer and i will tell you two of the main reasons. Well, maybe three three of the main reasons why i selected this computer for my lifestyle, it comes in this lovely box with a handle it’s, quite a briefcase. Okay. That was fairly easy. So, as you can see, when you open the box, be careful not to drop it, there are some boxes up here: i’m sure there’s, my power cord and some other some other items accessories. Then we have the lovely you guys, i think open it up right now. Okay, open it this way here we go. Look i see, i see the words. Look! Okay! Here we go open it this way. Okay, so quick tip, keep the handle on the bottom. Okay, it’s not like. I would have known that. I don’t think i could have known that so that way, um the computer will rest this way, all right: okay and it’s, upside okay, whatever so here is the outside of it. I mean you know: hey it’s, the computer. I, like the contrast between the black and the silver. Now i didn’t want something pink, but they didn’t have anything like that. They just have black okay, and i did get this from best buy. I love the the width of this screen, how large it is because my last computer was was really small um.

I love how this is a 15.6. I think okay, so i think i found four reasons why i got this anyway, so it didn’t take me long to make up my mind because the moment i walked this best buy. I told the gentleman that i am a video creator and he immediately was excited because he is too, and so he brought me to this one because he uses, i think he said final cut pro or something like that, and i use one to share from femora And so it holds these large files that you have to also the download of the camera. I believe, like the pixels i’m, not like tech savvy or anything like that, but i know this particular sticker. He pointed out intel core i7 right here, also utilized this computer. In tablet mode, you can go into your settings and customize it. You can see here it has the 4096 pressure level stylus support. You guys. I literally just realized that i can flip this computer backwards. Look on the hinges. It moves. Oh my gosh, while i’m sitting here editing, i noticed this so i had to add this clip for you guys to see the transformation from the laptop to tablet mode. How awesome is this computer now, so i had a microsoft computer and those things cannot be fixed. Okay, i personally need something that can be um repaired um, and this was one of them. This is definitely one of them.

We have the power button on the side here. I will charge this up a little bit, so one trick that i learned from my last computer is to never give your computer a power shock, always plug the out plug the uh cord into the outlet first and then attach it to your computer. Otherwise, the surge from the outlet will be a little bit too much for your computer and your fire battery, something that um. I was told by some some some tech geeks, no offense, where a technique i wish i was one oh it’s, coming on already people look at how quick that’s happening, but there’s there’s, where you can see the lights immediately. You can see Music a little sign in here, a wi fi there and we’ll. Have your pc ready for all you plan to do you guys just got my live reaction? I had no idea that was gon na happen. This thing is talking to you as soon as you turn it on. Are you serious? Are you even kidding me what’s, your name, katana girl. What would you say what’s your name. Can i rename you it’s gon na ask you for your region and obviously i’m in the united states, i’m going to say yes now i’m, not going to walk through an entire setup, but let’s see – and this is all wallace – is charging you guys. So this is happening with just a little bit of charging power, so i’m going to say yes to that.

Is this the right keyboard layout? If you also use another keyboard layout, you can add that next want to add a second keyboard. Layout let’s just see what it looks like add: another keyboard layout, okay, so it’s asking for a different okay. Now let’s go back. I don’t want to do that. So i went back and then i’m just gon na hit, skip let’s connect you to a network. Okay and i’m gon na do that yeah. I can’t show you guys my password so hold on a second. Let me know if you all have this computer, how you like it? What features are your favorite? What do you wish this computer had um if you’re a video creator like myself um? How has it worked for you speed, wise storage, space, wise and um, all those good things so yeah, so i am going to uh be making some awesome videos for you guys here on this channel once again. Thank you so much for being patient with me, as i figure out my flow for this channel i’m looking forward to growing and getting to know you guys and thank you for the love you’ve shown on all of your all of my other, my home decor videos That are up thus far my spring decor videos um. I have, i am literally shooting videos and getting them prepared for you guys, um. Currently, as we speak and like i said before, all of those channels that are that were on what is now called tiffany j um, i have brought those all over here to this welcome to tiffany’s, channel and um.

I took the welcome to tiffany’s name off of that other channel and put tiffany j. Okay, you see my profile there and i do have my um channel announcement change over there it’s going to stay up for quite some time. I need google to understand that it is me – and these are my videos – and i i just i stripped myself of those views and i brought those videos over here. They are going to be coming out at different times because they all i love a lot of them were um, seasonal, so i’m, just going to be updating some information on them and hey it’s, all still good information, also great spring decor, and all that it’s all Relevant it’s all relevant, so yes, i’m excited to be utilizing something that’s specifically tailored for video creation, and do you guys, like the name, did you notice that i called you beauty creators? Yes over here we are visually, inspire you to create something beautiful or visually inspiring. You to create a beautiful space, so i have deemed you guys my beauty, creators and so um. Let me know how you like that name at the bottom i’ve been really trying to figure out something to call you guys that i will be proud of, and that would be. You know something that you would like, and so let me know if you like it beauty creators, you all are beauty creators, even if you um think that you struggle to be creative, i’m, pretty sure you are fed in some way, and the fact that you are Here on this channel lets me know that you are, you have a heart of a beauty creator.

You want you desire to make something beautiful for yourself or your friends for your family, and yes, thank you for being here with me. Um and i’m excited to bring you more product reviews, home decor products and how to’s, whether that is a how to create a beautiful floor arrangement within your my home, decor videos, or how to remove the old seater mop head. You know whatever it is. I am going to bring that stuff to you guys here. So thank you so much for watching drop a comment below. Let me know if you have this computer, let me know how you’re liking the little the change on the channel. Any questions comments, concerns drop them below and i will talk to you guys soon have a great day. Thank you, bye, that’s, it look y’all did they put all this in here? They put all of this in your different. What i thought there was something extra something else extra inside here. I want to make sure but y’all look at the packaging. You see they have this whole other compartment and i could have. I would just want if there was something else in here i mean i don’t know what else they would have here, because you have those two i know already but, like i don’t know, look at that it’s empty. What exactly is all of that for okay? So just so you know there’s nothing else in there i mean, if they’re supposed to be, if you get a package and you have something else in yours, please drop a link below and let me know, let me comment below and tell me: okay, because um i Got you i had to drive an hour to get this because my best buy did not have any more of these and it was on sale.

They only have three, so i had sacrificed to go with this mug and i’m just missing something: i’m, not gon na. Be happy okay so anyway, but yeah that’s. It that’s there’s, nothing else in here.