From the perspective of a student today i have an hpn vx360 that has a third generation ryzen processor, that cost me about eight hundred dollars. We will talk about its greatest features, its price io and its limitations again from the perspective of a student, so let’s get started Music before i begin, let’s clarify a couple things. The version i have has a 15 inch screen: 16 gigabytes of ram 512 gigabytes of storage and a ryzen 5 4000 series processor. I purchased this laptop late last year because i meant to use it as my main computer, but then my sister wanted a computer. So i passed it down to her but anyways. I just wanted to clarify that this current configuration is unavailable just a few months ago, ryzen released new 5000 series processors, which explains why hp discontinued the previous processors from their lineup. However, the changes were minimal, so i will talk about them as i review this laptop just know that anything i say about the processing power or the battery life will only get better with the new model now let’s transition to talking about use cases. First of all, if you’re a student who likes to draw or write on their notes, it is more than possible to do this on this machine. The main reason is: why is because you get a touch screen and better, yet you can fold it over into tablet mode to make drawing on this computer a comfortable experience more so having a touchscreen is great because we’re so used to clicking on things on our Phone that having a laptop where we can do the same, just makes sense right now.

Let’S, say you’re, not much of a drawer and you don’t care about having that functionality and you’re more of a person who likes to surf the web on chrome and open up. Some professional applications for your engineering or design class. Well, you can do that on here too, to achieve all of that you’re going to want a great cpu and the included ryzen cpu, and especially the new one that’s going to be in the new version is going to allow you to do all the basic things That you need, on top of that, the integrated graphics have improved significantly over the last couple of years to the point where playing rocket league gta 5 fifa, you can tell i’m biased, is pretty simple on these computers at 60fps, especially if you’re the kind of student To want a game after a long day of schoolwork now one thing to note is that you can get two processors for this laptop either the intel processor or the ryzen processor personally i’m, going to recommend ryzen, because you’re going to get better better battery life and Processing power, but the intel version is a tnc bit cheaper on hp’s website and in comparison to intel. Processors, ryzen consumes less power, so this leads to a little over 11 hours of battery life, which is freaking ridiculous, uh it’s not as great as a 13 inch macbook air that i reviewed last week. But since it has a 15 inch screen, we’re gon na, let them get away with that.

I know that great processing, power and extended battery life is really important to students who are on the go and need to get stuff done, and this computer checks both boxes. I’Ve taken this laptop around with me and honestly, it does excellently, especially because of that freaking long battery life i’m able to video edit code and have dozens of tabs open with no drop in performance. Now that i mentioned moving the laptop around, we should talk about portability. 15 inches is pretty big that’s what she said. Oh my lord, at least for me. I found the laptop to be a little bit too large for my needs. I’M. A lot more comfortable with a 13 inch macbook air carrying around 4.1 pounds is kind of bothersome. Luckily, there is a 14 inch option that was released earlier this year. In case you want something that’s, a little lighter and the same in terms of processing power. Moving on let’s talk about ports and everything i say here is going to be the same for the new 15 inch version, as well, so on the left side of the computer, you’re gon na get your barrel port and just a usb a which is great. So you can connect most of your external devices and then your power button, of course, and on the right side, you’re gon na get what i think is very great for most students, which is the hdmi port. This is great because when you want to connect your computer to a projector for presentations, it’s very simple to do this without having to have any dongles, you know people who embrace that dongle life may be fine with that, but uh.

Why spend more money? You know if you don’t need to right, then there’s, another usba again and another great thing, which is the a usbc. This is not thunderbolt and in case you don’t know what thunderbolt is you likely do not need it, but it will have most of the functionality that you want, for example, has displayport, so you can connect an external monitor if you use usb for that yeah again, You have the hdmi for the external monitor and then you are going to have a little switch, and this is honestly epic for privacy, where you can turn off your camera, like it’s, a physical like disconnect the power to the camera, so that you won’t have to Be paranoid about people watching you in case uh that’s, something you’re worried about. I forgot to mention uh a couple things here so there’s a 3.5 millimeter jack and then you have an sd card slot which, if you’re into video editing or if you’re into photo editing, that’ll, be great to be able to uh. Have that honestly, this combination of ports is harder to come by nowadays, especially with these newer, higher end models like the dell xps and macbooks, which are taking them away in favor of like uh thunderbolt ports. So it’s definitely great to see this nowadays, if you’re enjoying so far, please hit the bell to be notified. When i drop a new video because next week i will be reviewing a dell inspiron with an 11th generation intel processor, which i don’t want you to miss out on, especially if hp is not your cup of tea.

Now let’s move on to talking about price. I know that as a student, the biggest concern is the price of the laptop, and i want to set you up with something that won’t crack the bank currently on hp’s website. The price is 800 for a ryzen, 5 5000 series, processor, 8, gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage and on best buy’s website who was running a sale. It was 700 for the same configuration. The price is kind of high, if i’m being honest, especially since my version had more ram and more storage for the same price, but don’t worry. This is normal. Best buy and hp have rotating sales all the time, so you will be able to find it a lot cheaper if you are just patient now. As always, i recommend getting 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage. I say this because i don’t think 256 gigabytes of storage will cut it nowadays, especially with a lot of the files and applications you’re gon na have to download and keep on your hard drive and eight gigabytes of ram is just not sufficient, especially with the amount Of ram that chrome can take up taking those changes into consideration, the price rises about 140 dollars for a total of 940 dollars. Again, i know it’s high, but with a little patience and waiting for those rotating sails, it should easily drop below 800, which, if you ask me, is quite the steel.

Additionally, if you’re willing to sacrifice some processing power and downgrade to four cores, you can buy the intel version, which typically undercuts the ryzen version in price. Now let’s talk about the screen and the overall experience the screen is 1080p, which is honestly great. If you all you intend to do, is consume media and just work on projects. The color accuracy is not too great. So if you’re, a video, editor or you’re photo editing or you like to draw, you may want to consider a different option. The screen brightness is only 250 nits which honestly is kind of low, especially if you’re going to be working in brightly lit environments like a coffee shop where there’s a direct window and sunlight hitting your screen. If you are going to be in brightly lit environments, there is a 400 option which you can upgrade if you are ordering straight from hp. The keyboard is great and reliable, and it has a fingerprint sensor right here, which honestly is a great security feature, because it means that, if you’re paranoid of someone, you know somehow finding a way to enter your password that you won’t be able to lose any of The information that you have on your laptop for my zoom students, as you can tell this webcam isn’t, that great it’s only 720p, so i am going to recommend that you get a separate, dedicated webcam that is 1080p. As for the audio, well, you can judge for yourself overall.

My verdict is that this computer is going to be great for most students. If you are going to computer science and want to code, you can do it easily on here. If you’re going to become an engineer, need to open up big applications, again you’re going to be able to do it on here and for the average student who’s going into more of a field where you just need to do a lot of essay writing and or Project work with the office 365: you will be able to do it reliably on this computer without any drops in performance and it’s honestly, a great upgrade, especially if you’re accustomed to having a chromebook or a school issued computer that you normally use the build quality. This machine is excellent: it has an aluminum body, it’s, really reliable and honestly, if you’re transitioning, especially if you’re transitioning into college, this computer should last you four years and more easily. So if you’re a student who wants a lot of performance reliability for the next four years, this is a laptop you should be buying. If you enjoyed, please drop a like down below and subscribe to my channel.