Today we have a brand new laptop in the house, and this one is from asus. Asus has recently launched this new model, guys called the expert book. B9. 2021 edition part by intel’s, 11th gen cpu, and let me tell you this – is the world’s lightest 14 inch laptop. That is mainly targeted for business people, and you know all the professionals and today in this video we’re, going to unbox it and i’ll be sharing my complete experience and review on the product, so let’s get started all right guys. So here is our brand new laptop from asus. The expert book b9 2021 edition part by intel’s 11th gen cpus. It comes in this sort of box. Packaging looks like a simple cardboard box, with just the asus branding everywhere and at the back side, we’ve got the details regarding the model the model we’ll be reviewing. Today is b9400ce. It comes with a 14 inch. Ips led backlit display it’s powered by intel’s 11th gen i7 has 32 gigs of ddr4 ram and 2 db, pci gen 3 ssd. So those were some of the main specs of the laptop without wasting any more time. Let’S get started with the unboxing, so the outer box is not the actual packaging of the laptop inside you’ve got some more boxes, and you also get a free carry case for the laptop looks like it’s the same one that you usually get with the zenbook series. Good quality bag has this nice fabric finish and feels quite premium.

Keeping that aside now, let me show the actual box of the laptop there you go. This is the laptop box packaging, very compact box. It says asus expert book at the top side. Let me just quickly open up the box and show you the laptop by the way. The laptop is only available in one color for now, which is called as the star black and there you go a brand new laptop in the hands. My god is this: for real the laptop feels very lightweight in the hand, i think it’s only around like 1 kg guys and looks very clean and gorgeous we’ll just come back to the laptop in a moment. Keeping that aside, let me also show you what else we get in the box packaging. I guess we’ve got some paperwork yep. You have some paper guys just make sure to read them and that’s it in this box. Along with that, you also get an accessory box in the main package, and, let me tell you: asus has done something eco friendly, so that you can use this box as a stand for the laptop. Also, that is very creative and inside this package. You’Ve got some cables and stuff like there’s, a micro hdmi to lan port cable, a 65 watt compact, fast charger for the laptop and, lastly, a mains card for the adapter that’s it. These are all the stuff we got in the package, all right guys, so that was our unboxing part.

Now what i’ll do is i’ll give you a closer look at the laptop and then we’ll talk about the design and the build quality. So there you go guys. This is how our brand new asus 11th gen expert book, b9 2021 edition laptop, looks like, and let me tell you from my first impressions. The laptop looks awesome first thing i have to tell you is about the size and the weight. The laptop is very compact. It’S just the size of around like a4 sheet paper and is also very lightweight it’s actually available in like two different variants. The first one comes with a 33 watt hour battery and that one is like super lightweight, weighs around 880 grams. The one we have right now comes with a 66 watt hour battery, and this one weighs around like 1 kg i’d say this. One is also like pretty lightweight you. Won’T even feel like you’re, actually carrying a laptop with you when you just put it in your backpack and if you ask about the looks and the build quality. As you can see, the laptop looks like quite minimalistic. It’S got a clean, simple design yet looks elegant, and this laptop is actually available in only one color, which the brand is calling it as starry black. But you know it sort of looks like deep navy blue sort of finish, and it has a matte sort of finish on it guys and doesn’t attract fingerprints.

Also, that is one plus point. You’Ve just got the asus mirror finish logo at the center, and that is pretty much it there’s. Nothing else over it and if you ask about the build quality, build quality is also excellent. Guys. The whole body of the laptop is made of a super lightweight material, known as a magnesium lithium alloy. That is much lighter than magnesium aluminum alloy. So what i’ll do is i’ll. Give you a closer look and show you all the available connectivity ports on this laptop starting off from the left side over here. You can see that you’ve got two usb type c ports that also support thunderbolt 4.0, pretty sweet right beside that you’ve got a hdmi port and then you’ve got a micro, hdmi port as well beside that well that’s it on the left side. Now going to the front over here, you’ve got a special alexa light bar as well and on the right side. You’Ve got some status led indicator like there’s, a storage access indicator, battery charging indicator, there’s, also a 3.5 audio port, a full size, usb 3.2 port and, lastly, can sink unlock. So these are all the available connectivity ports on it. I felt the connectivity ports were a bit limited. I wish it had like two usb 3.2 type, a ports that would have been like very awesome, anyways moving to the back side – there’s, nothing over here guys – and this is how the laptop’s bottom panel looks like you’ve got an exhaust vent over here to let the Heat escape some rubber foot pads on all the corners, and you see these two grills on the bottom left and right corners.

These are the speakers on it. It’S got stereo down firing speakers and, if you ask about the upgradability part, well, the ram on it comes soldered. So that is not upgradable. The model we have comes with 32 gb ddr4 ram and that doing dual channel configuration and if you ask about the storage, it’s got two nvme pci slots and both of them are occupied with 2tb pci gen3 storage. So that is pretty much it guys. Our complete overview on the design and the build quality. Now what i’ll do is i’ll just quickly open up the laptop and show you the interior of the laptop as well, and as soon as you open it. The first thing, you’ll notice, is this design, just like most of the other asus laptops. Even this one features, asus ergo lift hinge design. That means, whenever you open the laptop right, you get a small gap created on the bottom side, which adds some benefits to you. First thing is: it improves the thermal performance of the laptop because see there’s a gap created right, so there’s like much better airflow happening right now, and not only that. It also improves your keyboard typing angle and because of that, you’ll feel more comfortable while using it and second, it also improves your audio listening experience. So that was about the hinge design and if you come to the display, my god just have a look at that display. Asus is now coming up with a four sided.

Nano edge, bezel design and just look at those bezels bezels are like very thin on this laptop it’s got like only 4mm thin bezels on all the sides and looks pretty awesome, and if you ask about the display specs, it comes with a 14 inch. 1080P ips led backlit display now going to the top side. You’Ll observe that you’ve got a 720p hd webcam and quad microphone system. So there you go, you can even use it for your online meetings, conferences and even online classes as well, so it’s pretty nice. For these sort of stuff, and not only that, it also features a proximity sensor, just beside the camera, and this one is like super useful because it automatically detects whenever you’re in front of the laptop, and you know it automatically unlocks as unlocks your laptop. Also, that feature is also there and whenever you just move out of the laptop and it automatically locks the laptop, also so that nobody else can use the laptop pretty nice features, and one good thing that asus has done with the webcam is they’ve included. A mechanical shutter to close the camera when you’re not using it and they’re, calling it as webcam shield option. This is like super useful and a must have feature on every laptop guys, so that was about the upper half section. Now. Let me just give you a closer look on the lower half and then we’ll discuss about the keyboard and the touchpad.

The asus expert book b9 comes with a full sized led, backlit, chiclet keyboard, and the quality of the keyboard is very good. It offers a nice and comfortable typing experience. The quality of the keys is nice, feel tactile and clicky with a key travel of around 1.4 mm and you’ll have a quite satisfactory experience. The only thing is the brightness of the keyboard. Backlighting is not adjustable. You only have two steps on and off, and i felt the brightness was a bit dim now coming to the touchpad. It’S got a wide premium, touchpad covered in glass and quality of the touchpad is very good. It easily recognizes all my gestures and inputs, and i had no issues with it. I didn’t face any sorts of dead zones also, and the good thing about it is. It also comes with asus number pad 2.0. That means the number pad is built into the touchpad itself and you can easily toggle it by long touching the shortcut on the top right corner just like this. Even the brightness of this number pad is easily adjustable and you can even use touch functions. On top of this number pad as well and not to forget this is an enterprise level laptop made specially for business purpose right. So you have some extra security features like you. Do have fingerprint scanner to the right just beside the trackpad, and it also has an ir camera on it, which automatically unlocks your laptop.

Whenever you just sit right in front of the laptop now let’s talk about the main aspects of the laptop starting with the display. As mentioned at the beginning, the laptop comes with a 14 inch, 1080p ips led backlit display, and the display quality is very good for the price. This great amount of detail the text on it is like easily readable. Everything is like crisp and sharp, and if you ask about the colors, the colors were also rich and vibrant. It supports 100 srgb color gamut right, so you can even use it for your productive and creative sort of applications like photo editing. Video editing, no issues over here, color accuracy was also pretty nice and dynamic range was also decent contrast. Levels were fine, black levels were also good, and if you ask about the white balance, that was also on point no issues anywhere and coming to the audio. The expert book v9 features stereo down firing. Speakers powered by herman carton and the audio quality was pretty decent. It was producing great clarity with minimum distortion, and the audio output was also satisfactory. Just check out this clips you’ll get an idea on that. Hey guys vimal here and welcome back to my channel so today, i’m back with an exciting video, and we have a mystery pc from asus thing is asus did say me that they were sending me a pc, but i was not sure about the model or what Actually, they were sending me, and let me tell you this is not your regular pc or gaming pc also it’s, completely different it’s, an eio pc guys, which is basically like an all in one solution, see it’s like a complete all in one system.

That means you, don’t have separate cpu now let’s talk about the main part. The performance expert book b9 is powered by intel’s newest 11th, gen cpus and the one we have right now comes with i7 1165 g7, which is a 4 core 8 thread cpu with a max turbo boost of up to 4.7 gigahertz and has intel iris, xc graphics. On board pair that with 32 gb of ddr4, dual channel ram and 2tb pci gen 3 ssd boom amazing performance on the go. This laptop can handle most of your tasks quite easily without any sweat. I’Ve ran google chrome with dozen tabs open and the laptop didn’t. Even flinch guys, you can easily do your photo editing and even 1440p video editing smoothly, but don’t expect it to handle graphic intensive sort of applications, as there is no dedicated gpu on it. One more thing i forgot to mention is the laptop is also intel evo platform. Certified. Not every model has this because they have to pass certain tests like the laptop should be responsive and break from sleep in less than a second should offer a minimum of 9 to 10 hours battery life and also support fast charging, and the expert book b9 takes All of these now, if you ask about gaming well, this is not actually made for gaming, but, yes, you can even do a bit of casual gaming. You can easily play most of the basic and highly optimized games, like even gta 5 at 1080p resolution in normal graphics and easily get around like 45 fps on an average lower down the resolution to get a consistent, 60 fps results.

So we are almost coming to an end right. Let me tell you about the battery life. I would highly recommend you to get the 66 watt battery variant as it offers excellent battery life, which i found during my testing on a typical usage like browsing the web. Slight photo editing streaming videos on youtube netflix, with the brightness set to 60. I was getting around 10 to 11 hours of battery life and the good thing about it is. It also supports fast charging and goes from 0 to 60 percent in less than 40 minutes. Well guys that’s it for today that was my video on the new expert book b9 2021 edition powered by intel’s 11th gen, cpus it’s, a great laptop for office or work purpose. Very compact lightweight offers good performance on the go. Has a nice display and excellent battery life? The only few cons i felt were it’s got limited connectivity, ports and the display brightness could also have been a bit higher. It will be available to buy in india soon, and the pricing starts at 1, lakh, 15. 000. Rupees for the base variant, i’ll just leave a link to that in the description box below you can check it out there so that’s it for today.