Buy were going to head over to the store and take a look at the laptops on display and then were going to come back to the studio and were going to look online at the deals they have available. There lets go whether youre shopping for this Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas. Hopefully, this guide should help you find that killer deal Music, foreign Music and by the way this video is sponsored by Best Buy, but guess what I would have covered them anyway. Best Buy Ive been recommending them all year round because they do have some great killer deals. So, of course, I was going to cover them at this time of year: Music, Applause, Music, all right after having walked around Best, Buy and seen all the cool laptops on display. I know the ones I like, but I thought it would be easier to come back to the studio, so I can also go through the catalog of the laptops available at Best Buy online because theres a lot more available. There Im going to break this down Im going to start with those who want a budget laptop those looking for crazy good deals. Im going to cover you first then Im going to go for those looking for casual use. You know office workers, students not looking for something that needs a lot of performance. Then Im going to talk about laptops for Content creators followed by programmers and finally Gamers links to all the laptops I talk about today will be in the description below.

If you do decide to purchase, please use one as it helps support the channel so budget Shoppers. The first thing Id recommend you do is avoid the bait laptops. If you can afford to that, is these are laptops that are sold super cheap. You can see one on screen: Asus 14 inch seems like a crazy good deal for 110 dollars, but really isnt, because this has a super, slow, Intel, Celeron Processor, with only four gigabytes of RAM Ive had one of these in the studio I tested it like crazy. It was actually a smaller Asus one but same config, even upgrading the storage to a faster one, it still wasnt viable. It was really really slow. So, instead of buying a laptop like this new Id recommend, you buy a better laptop on sale as an open box. Best Buys open box deals are generally laptops that others have returned because they just didnt love them. In my experience, these laptops are often in very good condition and may still be covered by the manufacturers warranty and are still covered by Best Buys return period. So you can buy one, try it and if you dont love it, you can return it. When you combine some of Best Buys crazy sales with the open box discount. Then you get situations like this one, where you have the excellent yoga. 7I 14 inch laptop 2.2 K screen. Youve got the powerful I5 from the latest 12th generation, eight gigabytes of memory and a 512 gig storage, normally a thousand dollars, but on sale for seven hundred dollars and then, as an open box, you can see the prices.

If I click on them its around the 450 price tag, which is just incredible for such a laptop and definitely in the budget, Shoppers range so having covered. That here are the laptops that Id recommend for Budget Shoppers. Ive already mentioned the yoga 7i 14 inch, which is the one Id personally get. It is a quality feeling laptop that has a highest resolution 2.2 K display. It also has an Intel – u series 12th Gen processor, which is reasonably power efficient for the performance. You get, that means youll get more juice out of your battery. It is also a two in one, so you can use it as a tablet. Next youve got one of my favorite budget laptops the Asus Zenbook 14.. This laptop has a gorgeous OLED 2.8k display. It has a more powerful Intel, P series processor and a more comfortable keyboard. It has 8 gig of memory and 256 gig of SSD, so less than the yoga 7i model that I just mentioned. I have got a full review of the Asus with the OLED screen that I covered on this channel, which Ill post a link to in the description below so Id suggest. You go watch that and if youre considering buying it, if you dont like either of those check out the HP Pavilion x36014, its generally a good feeling, laptop and Ive had great experiences with The Pavilions Ive reviewed on this channel like the yoga. It is also a convertible laptop.

However, it only has a lower resolution, full HD display and if you do buy it make sure you at least get that model, as there is one with an even lower resolution panel. The one thing I would caution you with this laptop is like many of HP silver laptops. Youve got light, colored keys with a light colored backlight. This will make it hard to read the keys in certain lighting conditions, Im not going to recommend any of Dells Inspiron laptops. I did try several of them in store. You know, for example, I use the trackpad on one it just wasnt accurate. Compared to these three rounding out the budget laptops, I have to talk about the MacBook Air with the M1 chip. This is the model from last year, so not the current generation, but because of that, you can now find it on sale for some pretty hefty discounts. As you can see, 200 off its still a very relevant laptop up, the M1 chip is still very powerful. It runs very quietly, in fact, it runs dead silent because it has no fan its still got a great screen, its a very portable laptop look. It does push the range of what we would classify as a budget laptop, but if you search around for one with an open box discount honestly its going to be a pretty good deal. And finally, if you are a budget Shopper, looking for a crazy good deal on something thats super portable, take a look at the surface laptop go too, it weighs only two and a half pounds, its got a small 12.

4 inch screen, but honestly, its good enough to Be responding to emails and doing things like that now this is the model with the Intel 11th Gen processor from last year, but because of that again youre seeing it on sale and when you take a look at the open box price youre, seeing it super cheap At around 400, by the way, if you dont see the same sales prices at Best Buy that Im showing in this video thats because Best Buy often rotates their sales. I would recommend regularly checking Best Buys deal pages and downloading price tracker like honey to ensure that youre buying the laptop at the best price that they have offered it at alright. If youve got a bit more money to spend but arent doing anything too intensive. You know youre mainly using the laptop to browse the web office work youre, a student studying, maybe youre dabbling in some video editing, but not doing anything too intensive. Here are the laptops that I have for you. I have to start by first recommending the MacBook Air from this year with the M2 Chip, its got a larger display than last years model. It still has a fanless design, so you wont hit any fan noise. It doesnt get warm to the touch, even though it has a more powerful processor inside which is great, its still lightweight high quality machine and honestly, it is plenty powerful. Even if you want to do some video editing next is hps higher end Specter range youve got the Specter 13.

5 inch, which I have right here. Youve also got the Specter 16.. Both of these have excellent keyboards. The best keyboards Ive used in a laptop when it comes to the Specter 13.5 youve got a great OLED screen its bright, its color accurate its in a 3 by 2 aspect ratio. So if youre doing office, work, say or programming, youll see a lot of information going down the page and when you compare the 13.5 inch from this year to last year with the Intel 12th gen chip that it has this year, its much more powerful. The downside of this laptop compared to the MacBook Air M2 that I just recommended is you will hear some fan noise, its not overly disturbing and its certainly not as disturbing as the model from last year. But you will hear it especially compared to that laptop, which doesnt have a fan at all. I have a full review on this laptop which Ill place a link to in the description so check that out and finally, if youd like a large screen laptop, that is still portable Id recommend, taking a look at the Asus Zenbook flip 15 and the yoga 7i16. Both are two in ones. The Asus M book weighs only four pounds has a gorgeous OLED display and a powerful Intel 12th gen H series processor inside the yoga 7i has a slightly larger display for minimal extra weight by the way with Lenovo laptops. If you see a little eye designation at the end of the number, it means the laptop has an Intel processor inside.

If you dont it has an AMD now for Content creators, you simply should be buying the MacBook Pro 14 or 16.. These are very powerful machines and because they were released about a year ago, theyre coming in at around 400 US dollars off, which makes them an excellent deal. They are still extremely relevant. Today. Theyve got fast, SD card readers, excellent displays and, as I said, they are super powerful and they run very, very quietly. Youll be editing. Videos like butter. You wont, hear much fan noise at all if anything from the laptop, especially when compared to PC laptops. These just should be at the top of your list. If you simply must do content creation on a PC laptop, say you like to do AAA gaming on the side. I would look. No further than lenovos Legion, slim 7 range Best Buy. Has several Legion slim sevens worth considering youve got the legion Slim 7i from this year with Intel thats the laptop Id consider getting if youre doing a lot of Premiere Pro video editing, because Premiere Pro works much better off intel if you arent using Premiere Pro. I take a look at the legion slim 7 from this year with AMD and Id also take a look at the slim 7 from last year with AMD the 4K model, its a great laptop. I personally have owned that one, because I actually fall into this use case myself of liking to do some gaming and also doing some video editing anyway.

That laptop from last year is getting some insane discounts right now, so definitely look out for it, and I do want to mention the XPS 15, because I do feel that laptop is very viable. For this use case. Its got a gorgeous edge to edge 15 inch display its stunning. By the way the laptop looks great. It has a comfortable keyboard, it has an SD card reader. It is a very strong performer. That being said, its Graphics are not going to be as good as those in the slim, seven that I just mentioned, and also the pricing I mean its very very expensive, so only buy this laptop on an insane discount and for my fellow software developers. Firstly, if you are a student honestly any of the laptops Ive talked about today, you can learn to code off now, if youre a professional software developer. There are some factors that separate a decent coding laptop when you can code off to an excellent and heres what they are. Firstly, Id like to see you with a crisp high resolution display thats a 16 by 10 or 3×2 aspect ratio that will enable you to see a lot of lines of code on screen which will help. You understand the algorithm that youre coding for next Id like to see you with a high performance processor that will enable you to compile code without having to wait long and at a minimum 16 gig of RAM.

So you can run multiple applications and VMS. At the same time and finally Id like the laptop to be portable, so you can carry it around with you, because us coders we like to be mobile and for my favorite laptops for software developers, Im going to start with the MacBook Pro 14.. Honestly, I think this is the best coding laptop that has ever existed. You see a ton of information on screen, also its very portable, its very powerful, and you almost never here fan noise, its dead silent, which makes it very comfortable to use. If you want a larger laptop, so you can see even more information on screen the MacBook Pro 16, its even more powerful, its honestly, a great laptop, if you must code on a PC laptop the legion slim sevens that I mentioned earlier, are the way that I Would go and finally, if you want a lightweight PC laptop the HP, Specter 13.5 youll see a ton of information on that screen because its a three by two aspect ratio and its OLED. So its a great screen to look at and that laptop has such a comfortable keyboard and finally, if you loved a game Id start by looking at lenovos Legion range, they make excellent gaming laptops Ive got the legion 5 pro ride here. They have excellent displays. Theyre very solidly built, they are high performance machines, their keyboards are comfortable and they dont make that much fan noise, while youre using them, and they dont feel that warm to the touch, which is great.

My next favorite gaming range is those by Asus and Best Buy stocks and pretty powerful machines heres one with a 3070 TI now. The reason I put it after the legion range is because I find that the Asus laptops you hear more fan noise and you can feel more heat while gaming, if a portable gaming laptop, is super important to you. Id go for the Asus G14, which I personally own Id avoid something like the Alienware x14, as its trackpad is way too small and its secondary function, keys, dont light up. That being said, if you do go for a small screen gaming laptop, you absolutely will sacrifice how immersive the game feels while playing. And finally, if you are shopping for a gaming laptop and are on a bit of a budget, I would look no further than the Acer Predator Helios 300, I mean look at this price. Best Buy is running a 500 sale on this laptop, so for a thousand dollars you get an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, that is crazy, powerful gaming, Graphics. At this price point, a good friend of mine Jared from Jareds Tech who specializes in gaming laptops reviewed this one and gave it a good review and if you cant afford that laptop and take a look at the HP victim 15., this laptop after Best Buy sale Is 800 US Dollars and it still has a fairly powerful Nvidia RTX 3050 TI inside and Id also watch the prices of the Acer Nitro 5 range.

I use the 17 inch in store and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the display looked and how comfortable the keyboard was, but before I go a couple of other tips for shopping at Best Buy. I personally am a member of Best Buys total Tech program. Its a new program, and with that program you get an array of benefits I like it because of the extended 60 day return period. That means I can be sure I love the laptop before I keep it and then, of course, there is the Best Buy credit card which I also have, which gives you extra rewards When shopping at Best Buy. That being said, Im not here trying to push you to go, get a credit card use your best judgment. If you think this is the right thing for you well thats all for today. Folks, links to all the laptops I recommended today will be in the description below. If you like this video, you know what to do smash that like button and get some subscribed. Not only does it show your appreciation for the insane amount of work that goes into making these but, as I always say, it makes my mother very proud till next time go.