So i decided to get this cooling pad to keep it chugging along and i’ve. Already got it out of the box: this is it right here, a few things i really like about this is that for one thing, it’s really light, so you can add this to your gaming backpack and carry it around with you, and it does not add very Much weight at all to your backpack. It feels like it’s solidly constructed it’s got three nice oversized fans in here, and the whole thing is mesh. It’S got plenty of ventilations along the uh, the side and the back. So this thing really moves a lot of air under your laptop it’s nice, because you can use this in your actual lap right or if you want to have it on the table. You can fold out these nice heavy duty feet right here and actually have it tilted up, and this will do up to a 17 inch laptop and i’m. Pretty sure mine is a 17 inch laptop it’s, a big one, and it fits perfectly on this. On this cooling pad here and to make it work, you just simply plug in a usb cable, so um you can plug this into a phone charging block if you want to – or you can just plug it into the side of your computer into one of the Usb ports as long as it’s powered and uh we’re gon na i’m gon na take my laptop off of the stand.

So you can see what it looks like when it turns on. So here we go, you see, it’s got the blue lights, it gives it a nice nice, look to it and uh i’ll just go ahead and set my laptop on here. So you can see how it sits, but yeah. You can really feel a lot of air moving around underneath this it’s. Definitely those fans are pulling a lot of air, so i think this is going to be really good for my laptop, i think it’s going to keep it nice and cool and i’m really excited to use it so yeah very, very happy with my new laptop cooling Pad Music, heavy usage and poor ventilation of your laptop can cause your device to overheat. Keep it cool with the targa’s 17 inch. Dual fan: chill mat with two fans to disperse heat, a ventilated mesh surface for the laptop to rest on and an ergonomic wedge like design to keep the air properly circulating. This cooling pad is the perfect accessory to keep your laptop running smoothly sporting, a soft neoprene bottom to rust, comfortably on your lap, it’s powered by a hideaway, usb cable that connects to your device. This offers both comfort and convenience for daily use, Music, Music, Music.