We have included links in the description, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range starting at number. One Logitech combo touch keyboard case for iPad Pro 11 inch. The Logitech combo touch is the best keyboard for most iPad Pro owners. It has well spaced backlit keys and an integrated trackpad. Best of all the keyboard is bundled with a durable protective case, with SMART connector compatibility, an apple pencil Dock and a highly adjustable viewing stand while testing the combo touch. We enjoyed its row of iPad OS shortcut keys, which includes a home button. It allowed us to control the iPad Pro screen, brightness and audio playback, without the need to visit the command center in iPad OS. You can order the keyboard in Gray or sand finishes for the 11 and the 12.9 inch iPad Pro for iPad Pro 11 inch. First. Second, third: fourth gen in 1980 and 2013 in 1934 and 1979, a 2228 a 2068 a 2230 a 2231 a 2377 a 2459 a 2301, a 2460.viewing angles, 10 to 60 degrees for versatile used modes. Allow you to type sketch View and read without ever having to remove your iPad Pro from the keyboard case, detachable keyboard and adjustable kickstand remove the keyboard when youre done typing, for more flexibility and enjoy 50 degrees of adjustable viewing angles. This iPad keyboard case features a responsive and reliable trackpad that allows you to use the entire surface to work and perform multi touch.

Trackpad gestures, backlit Keys, auto adjust to your environment with 16 levels of brightness and a full row of iPad OS shortcut keys, provide one tap, access to volume, controls and more a durable form. Fit cover protects the front back and corners of your iPad Pro securely holding it in place, no matter what youre doing, enjoy Instant Power and pairing with combo touch keyboard case and never worry about charging his power is sourced directly from your iPad Pro easily charge. Your apple pencil, while keeping the case on thanks to a convenient opening in the side of the iPad Pro case number two bridgemax plus wireless keyboard case for iPad Pro 11 inch. The Max Plus is a stellar alternative to the top keyboard from Logitech, offering a sleeker design at a similar price without skimping on features. It even makes the iPad Pro look like a miniature MacBook. It has a magnetic back cover that virtually transforms the tablet into a traditional laptop with a clamshell design and adjustable viewing angles compared to the Logitech combo touch. The Max Plus has keyboard keys with longer more satisfying travel, a much larger trackpad and a heftier base that make it comfier for use in your lap. However, its keyboard utilizes a Bluetooth connection instead of the iPad SMART connector, it requires recharging too. Bridge offers the Max Plus for the 11 and 12.9 inch iPad pro versions in matching silver and space gray, colors 11 Max Plus iPad Pro keyboard features.

A large native multi touch trackpad its size and scale enables the most immersive iPad OS experience available. Navigating even the most complex workflows has never been easier. Bridge 11 Max Plus iPad keyboard fits the iPad Pro 11 inch first, second and amp third generations and iPad Air 4th generation featuring a new snapfit iPad keyboard case thats, not only designed to flawlessly match your iPad Pro or iPad Air, its designed to protect it. The case design snaps to the magnetic back cover for a secure productivity experience, instant connection via Bluetooth 5.0 with zero lag. This Bluetooth keyboard provides a seamless experience, just like SMART connector based keyboards, featuring adjustable backlit Keys up to three month battery life and 135 degree screen rotation. The 11 Max Plus wireless keyboard is designed for the flexible workflow number three Logitech MX mechanical mini wireless keyboard, the MX mechanical mini, brings an understated, design and quiet tactile switches that are amazing to press. If you want to Clack your way into accomplishing more with your iPad, especially at a desktop pick this with its elaborate set of shortcut buttons, theres customizable, backlighting too, but disabling, it will get you up to 10 months of use between charges. You can order the Logitech MX mechanical mini in pale or space Gray. If you find its designed too subtle. Consider this Wireless mechanical Logitech keyboard with Emoji keys and bright colors, backlit Keys, light up the moment. Your hands approach and automatically adjust connect up to three Apple devices via Bluetooth, low energy, easily switch between them enable flow with MX Master 3s for mac and transfer text.

Images and files on up to three computers requires logi options, plus software USBC quick charge in one minute for three hours of use full charge lasts up to 70 days. Battery life may vary based on user and Computing conditions. Number four Logitech, slim folio Pro keyboard case for iPad Pro 11 inch sporting, a price tag slightly above 100, the slim folio Pro packs an excellent backlit keyboard with a row of iPad OS shortcut buttons and a protective case, unlike our top pick also from Logitech. This tablet doesnt have a trackpad and the case isnt detachable. It also uses Bluetooth instead of the SMART connector, to link to the iPad. The lack of these features is acceptable, given it keeps the price down. Additional product highlights include a slot for the apple pencil and up to three months of battery life. The slim folio Pro is available for the 11 and the 12.9 inch iPad Pro for iPad Pro 11 inch. First. Second, third: fourth gen a 1980, a 2013 a 1934 in 1979, a 2228 a 2068 a 2230 a 2231 a 2377, the 2459 and 2301, the 2460 Type of Way, day or night. Backlit laptop, like keys with three adjustable levels of brightness lets you achieve maximum productivity anywhere light and durable case with secure magnetic latch, keeps iPad Pro closed and safe from bumps scratches and Spills. Take keyboard anywhere without worrying about short battery life lasts three months on a single charge based on two hours.

Daily use enjoy easy one time: Bluetooth setup to connect iPad Pro and keyboard case charge apple pencil. Second gen, with the case on when youre done, writing store apple pencil inside keyboard case and use the magnetic latch to keep it closed and secure it in transit, number five Apple magic keyboard for iPad Pro 11 inch. Apples magic keyboard is undoubtedly expensive, but its the one to get if youre, looking for the best typing and trackpad experience for your iPad Pro when we tested it, the backlit keys in trackpad made switching to the iPad Pro with a magic keyboard from a Macbook. Incredibly, seamless the keyboard has a striking design that will make your iPad Pro look like its floating in the air. It holds the tablet via sturdy magnets and it has a USBC port for charging. The latter allowed us to simultaneously power up and plug in external accessories. You can order the magic keyboard in black or white for the 11 and the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. The magic keyboard is the perfect companion for iPad Pro third, second and first generation and iPad Air 5th and 4th generation. It features the best typing experience ever on iPad, a trackpad that opens up new ways to work with iPad OS, a USBC port for charging, backlit keys and front and back protection with a new floating cantilever design. Ipad Pro attaches magnetically and allows you to smoothly adjust to the perfect viewing angle for you, folds into a case to provide front and back protection number six.

I slim X1 Bluetooth keyboard, as its name suggests. The slim X1 stands out with a minimalist design and a compact footprint like many satechi accessories. The keyboard has a space gray, aluminum housing that complements an iPad or Mac satechi, equipped the slim X1 with crisp backlit keys and a dedicated Row for essential Apple shortcuts better. Yet the keyboard can simultaneously connect to and switch between three devices. It has up to date, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, solid battery life and a convenient USBC charging and connectivity port. Consider this wired satechi keyboard. If you dont want to deal with battery charging and switching between devices, it has the same design, otherwise, at a lower price. Upgrade your on the go setup with the satechi slim X1 Bluetooth, backlit keyboard, designed with Apple users in mind. The keyboard features a full QWERTY layout, Multi Device, Bluetooth connection and Mac OS function, keys all with a smaller, more compact size, perfect for setting up in your home office or at an outdoor Cafe. The slim X1 Bluetooth backlit keyboard is equipped with convenient backlit keys and rechargeable USBC port for enhanced typing in any setting Music.