You just bought a new ipad pro and you want to get a case, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on one, and i hear you because a ton of cases are pretty crazily priced, especially apple’s cases they’re really really expensive and they don’t really Offer that much so that’s, where this guy comes in from jet tech, now i’ve actually bought some products from jet tech in the past and it’s always really good quality, and i was really surprised to see that they were making a 2021 ipad pro case for just 10 for the 11 inch version they do make this case for the 12.9 inch as well, and that one is priced at just over 20 canadian dollars so still very cost effective. Now this case is going to be a folio style, which i really really like, but let’s go ahead and unbox the jet tech ipad pro case, alright, so pretty basic packaging here, just yellow and white, with the jet tech logo. At the top, like i said this, one is for my 11 inch ipad pro there’s, the back so super simple packaging. Okay, let’s, take it out of the box here so right away. I got ta say it feels pretty good. The inside feels like microfiber right here. It doesn’t feel as premium as the apple one, but it definitely feels pretty similar. It looks like there’s going to be some bumpers on it too. So if you drop your ipad, you should be covered, but let’s go ahead and open it up.

So this is pretty cool, so it’s somewhat see through which some people might really like, because i know a lot of people really like to see the back of the ipad with the apple logo. So let’s go ahead and put my ipad pro in there. Okay, so just press it in it looks like it’s going to be a perfect fit and there we go it’s in securely. It actually lips over which i really like right here. So if it were to fall down, this is going to protect the screen a little bit and then those bumpers are actually on every single corner, which is definitely nice if you’re looking for protection of the sides. This is definitely a great thing. This is going to give you a lot of added protection that a lot of folio cases don’t, give you so i’m actually really liking. This and it’s not really super noticeable, either there’s a lot of cases on the market with big bulky corners to protect it, and i don’t really like that look. This is kind of more minimalistic, but still giving you the protection that you need. Then we have the sleep, wake cover here, so you open it up screen turns on you close it. The screen turns off here’s. The camera cut out so it’s a little bit lower than i would have liked. A lot of cases will lip over a little bit in order to protect the camera, but this one is pretty low.

Then the back has almost like a space grey frosted design, which i actually really like. You can still see the apple logo and everything which i know is super important to a lot of people, including myself. I actually really like that design. One issue that i think some people might have is the apple pencil goes right here, but the front of the case slips over a little bit, so it might not be like a perfect fit for the pencil. I don’t have a pencil right now, but i feel like it would probably fall off i’m, not 100. Sure, though, but by the looks of it, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a perfect fit, but anyways that’s the front. This is the side right here, and the one thing that i don’t really like is how the front of the case comes over too much it lines up with the bumper protector. I guess, but it does look over the actual ipad, which i’m not a big fan of, but anyways that’s the other side here. So both sides of the ipad are protected there’s the bottom. Now it definitely gives you protection with the plastic here and then the speakers are still visible, with the thunderbolt port, so overall that’s actually a pretty good case for only ten dollars. It’S super similar to the apple folio case for a fraction of the price, but it definitely isn’t perfect, but it is only ten dollars.

So if you just kind of need something – and it doesn’t have to be like state of the art, then this should definitely do the job. Okay. Now here it is upright using the stand. It sits at a perfect viewing angle and it’s pretty sturdy, and you can see the plastic bumpers aren’t super noticeable, like you, can definitely still see they’re there, but they’re super thin it’s really about one inch of plastic. That goes around the corners, but it is nice that jet tech added the plastic here, because a lot of folio cases like i was saying, don’t put any protection really which is kind of a bummer. But i am glad that they added this and that’s the back. There so with that frosted space gray, you can’t really see it right now, because in the setting that i’m in it’s kind of dark – but it is nice to have the back with a plastic material versus just having the whole thing look like the front. It definitely makes this case look a little bit more unique, so yeah that’s pretty much it for my unboxing and review of the jet tech folio case. If you’re someone that’s looking for a new case that isn’t super expensive, but you still want it to have like a fold up stand and have protection and also look pretty good. I got ta say this is a solid buy like i feel like they could sell this for about 40 or 50 dollars, and people would still buy it.

Like crazy. You’Ve got a folio case with a smart cover with plastic on the back. The corners are protected with a plastic bumper. You can still sort of see the apple logo with the frosted back and you’re getting a lot for the price point of this, whether you go for the 11 or the 12.9 inch case, they’re still super cost effective. 10, bucks or just over 20 is still a great deal and i think it’s awesome that jet tech is making these cases so cost effective. I really only have about two negatives with this case, and one is just that the smart cover comes over past. The actual ipad and i’m not sure if that’s going to affect the apple pencil that’s, the only thing it might be, a perfect fit. But, like i said, i don’t have the apple pencil. So i can’t test it out and the other negative is how low the actual back of the case is compared to the camera, a lot of cases kind of protrude a little bit in order to protect the camera and this one doesn’t it’s, pretty much flush bang. On with the camera itself, so i feel like there’s a potential to damage the camera if you’re not super careful, but besides those two negatives. This is a great case and, if you guys do want to pick one up for yourself, i’ll leave a link down below in the description, but for now that is my review of the jet tech folio case for the ipad pro.

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