Now this is the first laptop Ive been able to review with the Intel Arc GPU. This has the a370m and Im excited about this, because this is giving me some perspective on. If we should choose an Intel. Gpu, a Radeon or an Nvidia, and I must say from a power management standpoint. Intel has definitely got something great here. For the longest time, Ive been waiting for Intel to optimize their power efficiency of their i712700h processors, but Id get to see anything. I was really impressed by with this laptop were seeing great power efficiency between the GPU and the CPU, with 10 hours of battery life from the PassMark productivity Benchmark, as well as streaming. Video playback in the past weve only seen laptops with i7 12700hs be able to get around eight hours of battery life tops. That example comes from the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro, which actually has a great battery life with an igpu mode, keep in mind, theres no igpu mode on this laptop, so youre, actually getting 10 hours of battery life with the GPU and the CPU running together on whisk, Promote inside of the Asus Command Center here so right off the bat Im seeing great power efficiency, which makes me very happy and well get into the benchmarks later in the video. So you can see if it has the performance that you specifically need matched with power. Efficiency now this is also an OLED screen. So not only are we getting gray power efficiency with the CPU and the GPU, but this is a bright color, accurate and High color gamut range screen, so its really nice to see all the components working together with that screen.

Sometimes, if you have a higher screen brightness, I run all of my tests at about 25 percent. I dont really run them at an exact Niche, so if its a brighter screen its going to consume a little bit more power, and even with that screen consuming more power were still seeing great battery life, this laptop is thin light and On The Go friendly with That efficient battery life – and this has become my new daily driver. I love that I have an HDMI port to connect into my live streams when Im doing streams. I have two USB type Cs on the right side panel, as well as a headphone jack, and you have two nice large vents to keep this laptop cool since it is running a four gig equipped vram card and we do have a micro SD card hard slot. Im not exactly stoked on the micro SD card slot. I wish it was a full size that would be one area where I wish they would improve that for me personally, I know a lot of you use GoPros and a lot of you use drones and now micro SD card works for you, but for me personally, When Im doing photography and doing stuff on the go I like to have a full size, SD card, we have a USB type, A on this side, giving us a total of two USB type Cs: a USB type, a HDMI and a Micro SD card reader lets Go ahead and open and close the laptop with one hand see how that does no problems there.

You can see it lifting off the desk a little bit with that Ergo lift to give you a little ventilation. This is also a two in one laptop. So go ahead, flip it over! You can use it as a tablet. Put it in presentation mode, very flexible, a lot of features very on the go friendly and of course it is touch screen and Pen capable. So you can get like the Asus 2.0 pen Ill link that in the description below, if you want to check that out – and that will work with this laptop now to cover a few things we didnt get to during the unboxing heres. A quick sample of the speakers in you, so you can hear what they sound like Music and though we did Cover in the unboxing heres a quick example of the webcam. So you can see what that looks and sounds like this is the webcam on the Asus Zen book with The Arc 370 mgpu. Now the keyboard is laid out very nicely. It has a numpad on the right side. The trackpad is pushed a little to the left, so its centered on the keyboard and theres a nice spacing around the keys, its very comfortable to use. I have a full size shift, key, which Im very happy about, and the arrow keys right here so youre, not sacrificing bigger arrow keys for a smaller shift, key which I totally dislike. I love the full size shift key with the smaller arrow keys.

Now the trackpad is a good size on this laptop, its not huge its got some nice spacing around it. It could be bigger, but really it doesnt have to be, in my opinion, its big enough for your creator use on the go. It has a nice, confident. Click a little on the loud side, but it makes me know that Ive got a good click on it, its not too dampened where youre like, not really sure if you click it. So I really like the trackpad on this laptop and Im going to give you a quick audio sample of the keyboard and trackpads. You can hear what they sound like. So weve set a goal to reach 100 000 subscribers and when we reach 100 000 subscribers well be giving away three Lenovo Legion 5 Pro. So you definitely want to subscribe ring the bell. So you dont miss out on the announcement video of how you can win one of these Lenovo Legion 5 pros once we pass 100 000 subscribers now, as were going through the video, if youre curious about the exact pricing and availability of the Asus Zenbook Pro 15 Flip OLED, you can head down in the description below and click those links. Now, if you do make a purchase, I will get a small commission, but at no extra cost to you, but of course, thats. What keeps this channel alive and the helpful content coming your way now. The thermal management and fan noise on this laptop were really really good.

I liked how they took an i712700h in this new 4 gig equipped Intel Arc GPU, and they give us great thermals and great fan noise. So the highest amount of fan noise – we saw – was 48 decibels and that was for on performance mode for the 4K export. And then we saw an average of about 35 to 40 on standard mode at about 72 degrees Celsius. And then we saw Zero decibels of fan noise on whisper mode, which honestly is not always very common for these quiet modes on laptops a lot of times, you flip it to quiet mode, but if you push the laptop hard, they kind of ignore it, and you Know give you fan noise, but on this laptop we saw no fan noise and we still saw good performance out of the laptop. So I was really happy to see good thermal management and fan noise from the Zenbook all right now. I just realized that I actually havent done an unboxing of this laptop Id reviewed a Zen book earlier this year, and I thought I dont really want to unbox it. I just want to get right into the review so before we head on into the performance benchmarks. I need to flip this laptop over and check out the upgrade path, so lets jump in and do that alright, so Im not a huge fan when companies do this, but as you can see, they hid two of the screws under the feet.

So you had to take the feet off and then the bottom cover pops off. I dont like that. It makes the upgrade a little bit more difficult, but nonetheless heres the interior of the laptop. We have the 96 watt hour battery. We have one upgradable, SSD, so theres, not two ssds in this laptop uh. She has to see slot, so you can either just you know. Can you leave that one in there and go ahead and upgrade that one but theres not a secondary SSD slot for you available, so the upgrade path is pretty slim. I dont even see an easily accessible Wi Fi card um, so literally battery and SSD is going to be your your really only upgrade path. The fans are placed very nicely. You can see that they pull air in from the side Vents and then push that air through the cooling pipes right onto the CPU and GPU here, and so I love how the fans are actually placed where the vents are a lot of times. Vents are just like here and the fans here, and hopefully it drags air in theyre placed right at the outside so thats. Why were seeing great thermal temperatures and great fan noise because they dont have to run so hard to get the air into this system? So great work on that Asus now without further Ado lets, go ahead and jump into the performance benchmarks of this video and see how this thing performs see if its right for you all right so now that we have the bottom cover on lets jump into the Performance benchmarks and see what this laptop is capable of now, first and foremost, looking at geekbench, single, core and multi core, you see it actually hits near the mid range to chop of the charts, and this is an i7 12700h and, of course, the four gig of Vram card and the arc a370m GPU so for geekben single core, this things showing very good results.

Now, as we get into multi core, it is actually on the top of the charge of the laptops I have here above the I9 12900h and RTX 3070 TI inside of the Asus Republic of gamer zephyrus M16. So the thing is well optimized showing great results in geekbench, single, core and multi core. Now, as we move into cinebench or R23, it holds about the same position as geekbench single core. As we go into R23 multi core, you can see it drops down the list. Quite a bit now multi core in cinebench R23. To me more shows you how it might perform on intensive workflows that have a lot of graphical processing, and I think, as we shift into the real world benchmarks, were going to prove ourselves right, that this laptop is not as powerful as geekbench might have told us. It is so jumping into the Photoshop Benchmark. You can see we score a 968, which is a fantastic score. I mean this is a thin light, great battery life laptop and were scoring a 968 anything above the seven or eight hundreds for Photoshop is fantastic, but, as you can see that same M16 that this laptop beat out in geekbench is being beat out by almost a Hundred points, so real world benchmarks show a tiny bit different story, but not a big difference, all right going into After Effects. You can see that we score a 702 good score or not a great score.

I wouldnt say this is your best bang for buck After Effects laptop but youll be able to perform well in After Effects now moving on to Premiere Pro playback. Now this is an area where I was actually quite surprised. I did not think we would see as lower drop frames in 6. Kb raw, as we are seeing here, were seeing 535 drop frames for 6kb raw thats, better than other laptops, with the RTX 3050 TI, which is a comparable GPU to this GPU that ones from Nvidia. This is the Intel GPU and were seeing a very low Drop frames for 6kb raw 4K, no drop frames. 1080P. Of course, no drop frames so really excited for the performance of this laptop. Now, moving into the export times, we had really good export times, not great one of the better export times for the 4K export is the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro with the i7 12700h and RTX 3060 thats, a six gig vram equipped card with a two minute and 30 second export time: this is a 3 minute and 20 nine second export, so nearly a minute Faster by choosing a high performance gaming laptop than choosing this thin and Light On The Go friendly laptop with the latest Intel Arc. Gpu. Now, moving on to DaVinci Resolve, you can see that we have a 10 minute and 59 second export, not exactly equipped for DaVinci Resolve. Im sure the team over at Intel is going to continue to work on the optimization for DaVinci Resolve, but, as you can see, it isnt performing very well its two whole minutes slower than the Asus Republic of gamer flow x13 with the RTX 3050 ti.

So thats a substantial amount of time difference now I didnt show you 6K export times, because honestly it was about a 30 plus minute export. So though, you can play back 6K footage in Premiere Pro with very little drop frames. The actual export time was substantial, so I would not recommend this laptop for extensive 6K video editing. This to me is a 1080P and 4K video editing laptop punch for punch. Should you buy this laptop and for me personally, I would definitely recommend it. I mean its. My new daily driver, its a laptop Im, using on a daily basis for my business work, editing, photos and, if youre, a graphic designer digital artist or photographer. I think this would be a great fit even for some 4K video editing. Absolutely now, if youre going to be getting into 6K, I would not recommend it and, if youre considering 3D modeling, this would not be the laptop that I would personally choose. I just didnt see the 3D modeling performance I want in order to say yes, this is a great 3D modeling laptop now, perhaps, when Intel rolls out higher vram equipped cards like six gigs, eight gigs, 10, gigs Etc, we could see Intel Arc, gpus start to prove Themselves as great for 3D modeling, but this 4 gig vram card just isnt, quite enough links in the description if youre ready to make a purchase likes of this video has brought you some value and, of course subscribe.