It may be easier when you have a reliable source like our channel. Actually, our team reviewed a lot of products, analyze endless reviews from the actual users and made our rankings based on many factors such as price quality, durability, performance and the reputation of the manufacturer. If you choose from this list, you can be sure that you’re buying one of the best products you can see their latest prices and find out more information about these products by using the links below in the description and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Okay, so let’s get started with the video vehicle. Gps trackers have become very popular these days because of the advancement of gps technology, knowing your vehicle’s whereabouts and having the ability to track it in real time can give you peace of mind for a lot of reasons. Gps, trackers won’t just prevent the permanent theft of your vehicle, but they are also a good solution. If you need to monitor the driving habits of an employee, your teenage child or an elderly family member, to help you decide which one to get we’ll be taking a look at the best vehicle gps trackers available for purchase and giving you a rundown of their features. In this episode, we break down the top 5 best hidden gps trackers, starting at number 5. We have the bouncy gps tracker. The bouncy gps tracker gives updates on your vehicle’s location every 15 seconds when it’s in motion.

It gives you access to addresses routes and you can zoom in or out for better viewing using the phone app. You can draw geocircles anywhere on the map and you will get an alert every time the tracker enters or leaves the location since it installs in your car’s obd2 port. It can also be used to monitor your vehicle’s health and gives you alerts on maintenance problems. It can also interpret diagnostic trouble codes when they pop up and give you a simple description of what they mean. On top of that, in case your vehicle gets stuck on the road. You can request bouncy to contact local service shops for help, be it a tow truck an extra battery or fuel at no extra charge. Unfortunately, it’s a bit more expensive than most standard gps trackers, owing to the advanced features it offers. Also, it can be customized to update you on your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, but you have to manually input the dates. Otherwise, you won’t get the alerts. Moving on at number four, we have the brickhouse security spark nano. Seven, the brickhouse security spark nano is a great option for live tracking your vehicle because of its ability to connect to 4g lte it’s, one of the smallest trackers available, allowing you to track more than just your car. Its rechargeable battery can provide 15 hours of live tracking or last 15 days on standby mode. You can set up the device to do continuous, tracking or program it to send information at regular intervals to save on data expenses.

It has a geofencing feature that can alert you every time. Your vehicle goes beyond a predefined boundary that you’ve set on a map and the manufacturer claims the device will work anywhere in north america, canada and mexico. While the security spark nano is small, packed with features and will tick most boxes, the battery life is where the device takes a hit at number 3, we have the spy tech, sti gl 300 gps tracker, the 2 inch spy tech, sti gl 300 gps tracker is Small enough to be tucked into a pocket or attached to the undercarriage of your vehicle, this tracking device is battery powered, so you’ll need to charge it periodically. The manufacturer claims a two week battery life, but it’s more like 8 to 10 days. Monitoring will cost you around 25 a month and you’ll get location updates only every 60 seconds unless you pay more for faster tracking. There are no contracts or cancellation fees and we like that spytec offers a 30 day, no hassle cancellation policy at number 2. We have the moto safety gps tracker with a driving education course for teens google maps root, replay, geofencing and customizable location alerts, the easy to install and inexpensive moto safety. Gps tracker earned our top spot for new teen drivers, whether they’re out with friends or extracurriculars. Having a gps tracker like this can make it easier to enforce their curfew. This tracking device costs around only 20 with a monthly fee of 19.

99. You won’t have to sign a contract or pay a cancellation fee, but you will have to call the company if you want to cancel. We like the included driver training program with access to educational content and practice quizzes to help your teen prep for their driving test. We also like the daily driving report card on the mobile app, but metrics can be confusing speed limits. Aren’T, always accurate on google maps, so moto safety might say you’re speeding, even when you’re, not likewise normal. Rapid acceleration, like when you’re merging onto a busy highway, can also count against you. We recommend taking it out for a test, drive and checking the sensitivity before taking away your teen’s car keys for a bad grade on their moto safety driving report and, finally, at number one. We have the vinx gps tracker. Vinx evaluates your driving to give you a tip performance index, tpi score that can help you save money on car insurance. Its free companion, app vince miles is compatible with amazon alexa and can track mileage and categorize it by personal and business use. Vinxx uses one year plans instead of month to month deals. This kind of pricing can save you cash if you’re committed to tracking your vehicle’s location for a while. You can also check out vince basic premium and pro plans that sweeten the deal with services like roadside assistance. Vinx also has a fleet service for commercial customers who might want to monitor their employees during deliveries or routes.

The obd plug in gps device costs around 75 and comes with a one year. Basic plan subscription and a one time activation fee of thirty dollars. Yearly renewal costs are about the same, which works out to around six dollars a month, making it the least expensive gps. On our list. We don’t like that. The default refresh time is three minutes the fastest refresh time 15 seconds is available only for an added fee. The user interface is also a little tricky to manage. Thank you for watching guys. I hope you like this video. If this video was helpful to you, please make a sure like comment.