It has a lot going for it. It’S got the latest and greatest android 11. it’s got a snapdragon 865 plus hertz refresh rate it’s got a quad hd plus resolution 8 000 ml battery, which is going to give you plenty of time for gaming, and then you can top it back off with the Quick charge, but the nice thing about this tablet is: is it can play all of the aaa title games that are available on android and it plays it really? Well, you don’t have to worry about stuttering. You know it’s about slowing down. You know what forget about this i’m going to show you. You can see exactly the gameplay in this video, so you can see for yourself how good it is and we’ll talk about it, some more, but before we get into that, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. I appreciate you being here if you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell. If you want updates when new videos come out, i’ll take a look at the gaming on the tab. S7. So the first game that i want to take a look at is gentian impact. This one’s been a highly requested one lately, so i’ve been showing this off in a lot of gameplay footage. We got the highest settings on and then we’re going to go fire it up to 60 frames per second, of course, that does drop it down too high, instead of highest on everything, so it’s a little irritating that regard, but you can see here, 60 frames per Second that’s, what i wanted to show is the maximum frame rate here, because it’s going to give you the smoothest, looking gameplay experience, and i think a lot of people would rather play this on 60 frames per second on high than 30 frames per second on highest.

Really, when you look at the different graphics settings, there’s, not that big of a deal, but you can see here that the gameplay is nice. It’S smooth and this game really interests me like it’s, not something that i had ever heard of before people started asking me about it, but it very very much reminds me of like zelda breath of the wild, especially like the fighting and the game. Mechanics you see. The the bow and arrow the explosions like it’s, very much like breath of the wild, so it’s it’s a nice fun game to play and it’s one of those ones that really really you know, cranks up the intensity on whatever you’re playing it on. So the tab. S7 handles it beautifully and smooth, so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you want to play this and what game review wouldn’t be complete without pubg ultra hd settings, there we’ve got ultra on the frame rate, it doesn’t do max it. So that means it does 60 frames per second, not 90, which is perfectly fine on this game. As far as i know, the only one that gets over the 60 frames per second or 90, i believe, is the oneplus phones, so that’s kind of like a special thing. They worked out with them, it’s not on all different phones or devices yet, but you can see here with the ultra hd settings, it looks super super nice and it runs really smooth and even you know, jumping out of the plane landing running around on the ground.

The textures, it looks great, it runs super smooth and you don’t have to have like a super high powered gaming machine to play pub g, but one of the nice benefits of having better technology is you get to enjoy it where it looks better and that’s? One of the greatest benefits of playing this on the tablet, as opposed to your phone or some other phones, that you have because this one right here, snapdragon 865 plus you get the nice beautiful, smooth, 120hz refresh rate, and it makes it really fun to play. And then you have the quad stereo speaker setup as well, so you’ve got pretty much everything you could ask for, and the 8 000 ml battery will. Let you play for hours so now we’ll move along to call of duty mobile now we’re gon na test. This out on multiplayer and then also on battle, royale and that’s, something a lot of people have asked about, and this one we’ve got it maxed out as well. This one doesn’t do 90 frames per second either, unfortunately, but it still maxes everything else out and it’s a really nice gameplay experience and just like, i said, with pubg, you can play this on some like mid tier phones, mid tier tablets, but there’s, nothing as special As being able to like max everything out possible and still get this really great, smooth, gameplay experience, so you can run around you can play, you can engage, you can fight and you can do all your stuff without a single hiccup, and i think that it looks Nice, i mean really being able to crank the textures up and crank up.

The fps makes for a much more competitive and enjoyable experience now, looking at battle, royale again very high on graphics, quality max on frame rate. So this is going to give you everything you could possibly want whenever it comes to. You know getting your call of duty on in the battle royale environment, nothing on this game caused any hiccups. It didn’t overheat, the tablet it really didn’t impact it at all. I mean this game could have been running on medium settings and you wouldn’t even know the difference, because it’s so smooth so being able to crank this all the way up frame rate on max. I think that it handled it really well, and you can see here, i was able to engage several different people while i’m playing and i didn’t have any problems at all. No stutters, no hiccups, no page flip there’s, nothing at all in this game, that’s going to keep you from being able to play at your best and again, like i said, beautiful screen it. Nice super, responsive, good battery, great sound experience. All that stuff just adds up to give you the best gaming experience possible. Now this one right here is my particular favorite now league of legends wild rift, and you can see this one maxes all the way out at 120 frames per second, a lot of stuff doesn’t. Do that a lot of phones don’t? Do that a lot of tablets? Don’T do that this makes the tab s7, like the top of the top special special.

When you want to play this – and i say tab – seven as opposed to tab s7 plus, because it’s so much easier to hold the tab. S7, in your hand, as opposed to the tab, seven plus it’s, just such a big tablet, it’s heavy it’s bulky – and this really lets you get a better grasp and hold on to and have more maneuverability and play the game better, because the tablet’s, not so big And heavy your hands aren’t super spaced out. It just makes for an overall, more enjoyable gaming experience plus it’s easier like to carry around it. Doesn’T take up as much space it’s, not as bulky, and you don’t have to wait as long to recharge either because it does have a smaller battery, but the battery is more than adequate. I mean i did play games for about three three and a half hours screen on time, screen recorder, going testing out on max settings, and i got over three hours of screen on time and still had 50 battery left. So i think if you can get six or seven hours of solid gaming time, i i think that’s a pretty good win on this tablet. So and of course, things will be determined by how your brightness is how loud the volume is and how long you play. How much heat it generates and things like that, but generally, i think that this handles gameplay really well it’s a high performance machine that keeps you engaged and enjoying yourself for a very long time.

Alright, so pretty cool huh! You can play pretty much any game that you want on the tab s7 and in addition to that, you get the cool stuff like xbox game pass ultimate, you can connect and microsoft xbox controller this and use it just like it’s an xbox. So if you got game pass ultimate, you can play all those streaming games straight on your tablet now. The other thing i like to talk about here is you can record this gameplay while you’re playing, so you can use the screen record feature in here and then turn around. If you want to show off your buddy show your wife, all the great gaming you did on your tablet, show off the kids and show them how much better than you are. Then you can take this. You can go screencast it on another tv use, your wireless decks and then you can show them the gameplay or you can review it yourself. So you can try and improve on your craft, your gaming craft, so it’s got a lot of great things going for it, and the gameplay on here is solid. The battery life is exceptional. I played for three and a half hours today, three and a half hours of screen on time, and i was just down to fifty percent battery, so you should be able to get at least five six hours worth of solid gameplay binging session on here, and that Was while i was recording the gameplay too final transfer stuff – i was doing a lot on here, so you should be able to get through a nice game, binging session with this and then additionally, like i said you can connect the controller you can play that way.

You can play some xbox games through the cloud with the game pass ultimate, you can play league of legends fortnite, you saw it all in here, and the other great thing is is it’s handheld. Yes, the tab s7 plus is also handheld, but the tab s7 plus is significantly larger and heavier than this, so it makes it more difficult for two handed gameplay. So if you want to be able to play games and actually control the tablet use it play it. The way that you want to it’s much more ideal to have a smaller tablet size, so this gives you the best of the tablet world gives you the best of the productivity world, gives you solid battery life and everything you could ask for for some really nice Gameplay and 120 hertz refresh rate so that’s all i’ve got in this video. Hopefully you enjoyed this. Hopefully this is helpful and thank you for watching and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comment section i’ll get back with you.