Next many people voted for gaming headphone, so I thought to make a video on it. We have received E900 gaming headphone from ESKA. The name of the headphone gives a strong feeling that it is going to be very nice, So first we will see what all things we get inside the box. All these things you get here in this black pouch. We get the headphone, I have received headphone in green variant and I can say it is too cool. It looks like the light is blinking. If you don’t like the green variant, then you can go for the blue, red or violet variant. Its prize now, you can see, is around Rs.2184 in Amazon because of some offer or sale and the best buying link I have given in the description below. So you can purchase it from there. As I said, this is a gaming headphone, so we get an extended mic which can be attached along with this. We get a mic sponge. Also, we get a 3.5mm audio splitter, i.e. cable splitter manual guide, is also given to us, which is too big. A warranty card is provided here. The headphone is very nice At the top. You can see the ESKA brand name, which is not that visible the sponge. At the headrest is very soft, you will not feel like you are wearing an headphone. The ear cups are also very soft. It feels like a premium headphone. According to that quality is maintained here.

You can see here. This green colour part is made of metal, so it will last for longer You get height adjustable from both side, so when you adjust, the height is, can become bigger, and this will be good for those who have a big head size. Its wire is too long. So if you want to connect it to a computer or laptop and play games, then it is possible. Here We get a 3.5mm jack, which is golden coated, so you can use it directly on a computer, mobile, Xbox, PS4 or any other device in the cable. We get a button with that. We can directly mute or unmute, and we also get a volume controller, which is very nice. The best part about this headphone is that we get an extended mic here. If we are playing game or want to do video call or conference, then we may require a mic. So here we can simply attach or detach the mic whenever required. We can use it in a simple way. The background noise can be heard very less when we use this mic, so our voice is very much clear. We can use this headphone with any device like mobile or a computer, and we can use it for gaming purpose. On Xbox or PS4 also, the cable is very long, so we can use it nicely. If we talk about the audio quality, then if you are watching a movie, the voice here is perfectly audible.

You will not face any issue, but if you are very much fond of Indian music, then you may face some issue because everyone has different music taste. So when I heard music I felt it very nice and clear – and I liked its volume. But when asked my friend to listen to music, who is fond of Indian music, so he felt that this headphone is not that capable to produce that sound. Now I will make you hear the audio sample so that you get to know it yourself. Well, if you want a headphone for gaming purpose, then this is the best headphone, because when I was playing PUBG in with this headphone at that time, the footprints which were coming or gunshots that were coming. If someone is coming from right, then it was clearly audible from right. The sound was very nice and clear. Only you have to keep the volume at 80. The sound was very nice, so for gaming, this headphone is very nice. The built quality is also very nice. If you want to bend still, nothing will happen to it very nicely. It manages that doesn’t mean you bend it purposely, but if you want to can check the flexibility, then you can So if you like this headphone, then I have given the best buying link in the description. You can purchase it from there, but if you want to participate in Giveaway, then the rules are very simple. Firstly, you have to like the video, because once our like target is completed, then only I will announce the Giveaway result.

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