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Our full collection of office, furniture and accessories helps elevate. Your workspace, making it happier healthier and more productive, the electric stand: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, hello, welcome to the arena assembly garden for the first part, we’re gon na put the bottom structure together then we’re gon na attach the desk top. After that, we’re gon na have the net underneath to begin we’re going to start with the leg and the feet and we’re going to attach those so we’re going to want to do is have the leg facing this way and attach it so it’s perpendicular with the Box at the bottom of the leg put the screws in diagonally for the next part, you’re gon na want to have the two larger metal pieces that has the L and the are representing the left in the right side. There’S gon na be two sets of those and we’re gon na do is attach those two larger pieces to the smaller one. What’S going to happen is these four holes are gon na attach to these four holes in the smaller metal piece. So when you attach it, these flaps are gon na, be at the bottom side of the table and attach them with the L facing forward, and you want the screw into that side, once you’re done with the inserting the screws into the metal rails for both sets. You’Re gon na want to line them up with the holes to the legs, with a box facing inwards, so once they’re lined up gon na want to have packet C screws and washers and then insert them into the holes, and these you’re gon na also want to Have a little bit loose as well and for the next part, you’re gon na want to have the table on a protected surface with the bottom part facing up, and all you got ta do is just simply put it together.

They’Re gon na have the under structure and just place it on top, so it lines up with the holes on the table and then you’re gon na take the screws and put them in each of the holes and again you’re gon na want to have it a Little bit loose once you get all fourteen screws in, you can start tightening them. Then you’re gon na take the package east screws, which are for the the net and you’re gon na put them in these holes. And these then one here here this one and this one right here and then lastly you’re gon na put on the net and then, if you’d like to adjust the feet, all I have to do is screw them in or out to find the right level. If you like to adjust the height, all you have to do is loosen this screw right here with your allen, wrench and find the height that fits you and then tighten it and then, finally, for the full surface, mousepad just got to roll it out and place It on top – and there you have it. Your new arena desk is all assembled for more gaming gear like chairs, desk, glasses and microphones. You can go to rosy, calm or rosy.