Today, Im going to be talking to you about multimedia packages, specifically gaming. Now I am a gamer. I dont talk about it too much because its not a gaming channel, but I do want to talk to you about a review that Im going to do today on the red dragon multimedia keyboard, earphones kit and Im, going to be reviewing that today. So before we get started, please dont forget to like share and subscribe to the channel and lets get started Music. Thank you were gon na review. Today is the red dragon, so1 wired, RGB black gaming cat keyboard and mouse, which includes the mouse pad all in one with earphones. Now, one of the things you have to look at when youre buying a keyboard for gaming, of course, is latency and response time on the mouse theres three things that you have to thats one of the things you have to look for and, of course, anti ghosting. Um, obviously, this keyboard says that it has an anti ghosting features and has unique, lit keyboard keys. So you can change the colors on the keys to make it work, as you can see here in the picture were going to get into that more about it. Of course is that when you press down on the keys – and you probably know what Im talking about one thing is, if youre quoting any of these, you dont want the keys to click, so it has to be quiet.

As you can see here, I have the keyboard in my hand and Im touching them and its quiet. The other thing is, you want to be able to hit that key, quick and you need to be able to go and get that response time. So this is one of the higher end response time on Keys, latency is very, very low and the keys are lower so that when you press down youre going to get a better better response now for money value for the money, this is a, I would think, Is one of one of the gifts for the holidays? You get because it contains four in one: it contains the keyboard, the Mouse, a mouse pad and the earphones now, the only thing they show you in the picture that it has that keep a headphone stand, but it does not come with that. So thats a little misleading in the packaging, but what can we do with that? So this is an audio test of the microphone from the headset uh lets see how Ive got it on medium gain. Uh lets try to go with a little higher a little main. Now were getting up into the yellow, so lets see how that sounds. Oh no, I give you this rating for this red dragon keyboard bundle about a seven to eight um, where I dont find it useful. I find that number one. The picture showed it that it did have a headset holder.

It did not number two is I found that the microphone was a little bit tinny a little bit weak Im, not that great uh, the earphones were a little bit low on the output. The mouse was great on the Imaging and moving back and forth in response time, and so was the keyboard that Loki really did play on game side. Again I dont this is not a gaming channel, so Im not going to show you playing games but all Ill. Give it a seven edit eight, I, if you like it its available on Amazon, so this is Casey from Casey, Grandpa Tech out and until next time you have a great day. I give this keyboard pretty good rating of 7 out of 10, where it could be better is uh, obviously the Mouse a little bit bulky on its size. So if you have a smaller hands, youre going to have issues with the mouse, the response time was really really good on the mouse. Uh definitely definitely worth the money. The mouse pad is probably the best item of the whole thing. Just the mouse. Butt alone is just fantastically looking now: headset uh Id have to say its on the low grade that found the mic output: okay and the volume into the headset. Where is very weak, there was no volume control on either no controls. So if youre gaming and youre trying to talk to your buddies online, not the greatest uh the keyboard, probably one of the better items, uh all the features – you know – standard Keys, 25, programmable Keys, laser Edge keys just really on the high end of all of this.

So for a gift um, if youre giving something for Christmas and know you have an avid game ringing, he wants a gaming keyboard and you have a limited budget. This kit will go for around 50 bucks on Amazon. I personally I have a better keyboard that I use and a better system, because, when Im playing, I want to play well, so this is Casey from KC grandpa techa again, this is a review of The Red Dragon s 101 bundle assembly. I hope that you, like the review, if you have one leave your comment, let us know how you like it. If you uh dont like it, let us know in the comments All In All, I found it okay, so this is again. This is Casey from Casey Grandpa Tech out.