Particular piece of data sounds kind of cool alliteration piece of tech that will help you be a little bit more productive with carrying a lot less crap around, and that is my mini little bluetooth keyboard that i recently got from amazon. Excuse me, good old pocket here. Thats right here it is, and all of its teeny weeny glory its compact, its small, its wireless, its rechargeable, and if its wireless, it has to be rechargeable, anyways, so pretty cool keyboard. It has a touchpad built into it. 2.4 gigahertz capability, its capable of hooking up to two different bluetooth devices, android ios mac. I mean its compatible with pretty much everything as far as bluetooth. Connectivity goes well everything in the sense of controlling a computer type of device, its not going to control your bluetooth. Speaker thats just stupid, you must have got manure for your brains, but anyways were going to break it down, show you how to hook it up and have a little fun with it and yeah check out the video coming up right now. Well, heres our little keyboard. Everybody so real quick were going to go over a couple of things. Number one were going to turn it on theres. A power switch right here that when you switch it to the on position, it will cause the bluetooth light to flash one time, letting you know that the bluetooth is ready bluetooth when we go into pairing mode, its going to be blinking, blue and then once were Paired you wont have to worry about that anymore, because thats going to turn off and then, of course you have the little a right here, which means that your cap caps lock is on so were going to switch it on right here, bluetooth just switched on just Let it blink one time: let you know that its ready to pair so were gon na set it down right here and the way that we pair it is really simple, youre going to select which bluetooth location you want to use.

You have two different options on this particular keyboard: bluetooth, 1 or bluetooth 2.. So all were going to do is hold the function down and press one of those two. You have two different things you can hook up hook it up to so lets say you want to hook it up to a tablet, and you want to hook it up to a cell phone were going to hold these two together function and bluetooth too. Once we do that, then we just push the activate button right here, which is a little button next to the power button which lets it know, we want to activate it into pairing mode. As you can see there, the little bluetooth led is flashing blue, its in pairing mode. Now we just go find it on the tablet im going to go into the settings of my tablet here: im going to go into bluetooth settings, bluetooth, preferences pair, a new device, and we should see our keyboard come up here shortly. Bluetooth keyboard boom im going to hit bluetooth keyboard. Its pairing we do want to pair with it so were paired were going to go back to the main screen here now, in fact, actually we should be able to use our little mouse so im going to zoom in just a hat tab here see if we Can get a nice little tight picture of hopefully right here, youll see im controlling the keyboard now with im. Sorry controlling the tablets mouse on screen with the keyboard all right folks, so we have the keyboard hooked up.

All we can. All we got to do now is find something to do with it. So lets click on use our little mouse pad right here. Our little trackpad were going to click on the internet were going to go to youtube, so lets just type that in there one more time, so you can see that were actually doing it. With the keyboard there we go and once were in youtube, lets search. Um lets search my channel and then just to see that this thing actually functions. The way its supposed to function lets scroll a little bit here lets click on a video there. You go its working all the functions, work of the keyboard. You can turn the volume up and down using your keyboard. You can just use the function button here and then just raise the volume up and down Music function volume mute, i havent charged it in about three or four days, ive been using it off and on. It, takes two to three hours to charge the keyboard fully. Once youre done with everything, you can just switch the keyboard off the little button right here. You switch it off keyboards off fold it away whats cool about it is that it stays folded up because it has little magnetic holders that holds the little wings up. I think thats kind of a cool little feature im going to move my hand over here off to the side, so you can see little magnets hold it up.

Pretty neat comes with all the wires and charges. You need everything as far as charging it goes, but it doesnt come with a wall charger, but it does come with the wires that you need to hook it up to a wall charger and it has little rubber pads right here. Its pretty neat man, i like it, a lot open it up and youre ready to go switch it back on. So i have it hooked up to my cell phone and i have it hooked up to my tablet here: thats pretty much it all the cool features and functions that you would possibly need all for one low low price. Our prices have never been low. You have to talk louder, never been lower, all right guys, so there you have it. I have my entire productivity workflow here in this little palm of my hand, stuff right here, which is just a wireless keyboard which is capable of 2.4 gigahertz technology, got off amazon. Im gon na put a link in the description below for ziki board and my kindle fire hd, which i also got off amazon during prime day for around 49.99, two combined less than 100 bucks get all my work done. Things like that that i need to get done without carrying a huge, backpack full of stuff with me and thats, pretty much it uh. Please look in the description below for the discount link for the keyboard, hopefully youll enjoy it as much as im enjoying it.

Also. Please comment: let me know what you think about the little keyboard and if its something that you can see yourself using or if you have one you dont like it or if you have one and you do like it, please let me know. I appreciate you guys watching i appreciate all my subscribers like and subscribe. Please help me grow my channel and ill catch.