This is the polling back legacy of discord. I hope you’re all doing good. So today we have one of the best events in a very very long time and i’m gon na go and review that, but before let’s see what else we have, which is what looking at today so first off, we are seeing a free purchase here. So this is good, so this is gon na be the last three purchase here during the valentine’s phases. Event here and phase three is looking best in a very very long time, so you can go and use the free purchase if you are especially going for the top five and then we are seeing the diamond rebat here as well. So this is going to help you when the event and then, if we go to the singer recharge here, fargo is a clemson line. I won’t recommend getting that you can play the race thing in the game and get that mount freeze and we can just skip that and then we have the superior birthday and 3k. Cyber leather is something that i would recommend you guys getting. If you can recharge totally about it in my penis still is a very, very good amount, and then everything else remains the same below here for 4k, 5k and 10k, and now let’s go and review the mean of wet, which is going to be the warm affection Here it is a big game hunter, but what makes it one of the best events in a very long time is because we are seeing a payroll experience here here for the top five super prizes and those are absolutely awesome right now in game.

One of the best items that you can get because you get a lot of holy damage on the activation and you can upgrade them and get a lot of total damage, total damage reduction after the activation. And then, if we go and see the total ranking, reverse top three will get the in the tortoise ranking mount watcher. So that makes this event one of the best for the top three and the top five right now. So i do expect this event to be a very, very expensive. Since uh there is going to be a lot of players who would want the heroic spirit and getting a new, a gold mine with that, just like a cherry on the top for them. So but anyways we have the faces rewards here, which gives you a lot of rattling skyping collection there, which is good and then, as for the day ranking like i was saying it makes this amazing really really good for the people who will be playing for it. A top three can get the latest gold mouse on the daily ranking, so that makes it a really really good and they will be getting some alice packs as well with the weapon souls and everyone else in the top. 10 will get superior patch, watches, elite materials and some alice packs and everyone else will be getting missing. Business people and watches elite material action and then again, total ranking top 3 will be getting the latest gold mounts and then everyone else will be getting the missing pages.

Some mount watchers doesn’t have all the latest ones, so it makes the daily top three really really tempting, and then there are some material boxes here as well. So that is everything here. I expect this event to be expensive. Uh might stay a bit low on the first two days. A lot of people are gon na just observe how the ranking is looking and maybe uh spend at the last day, depending on the bracket, so just be aware, do not spend unless you can pull off a lot of diamonds. This is going to be more expensive than your usual events, and now let’s just go and check out the show up, some recommendation for you guys. So if you are getting the wing guard or this hero, experience make sure you purchase this here and upgrade that, and that will give you a lot of total damage, total damage reduction with bunch of special attitudes, and then you can also go and activate this hair Experience here decent, but i won’t recommend upgrading that with the holy thing there and then we have the ellis packs. Here we are trying to get the meta slots done or the clarity gems good. For that, then we have some uh around rat wings here, decent price for the amplifier. If you need some uh, but i won’t recommend purchasing those, since you can get them free during the big game hunter from the consume, and then we have the meta more fragments there.

You can go and grab some of those, but don’t spend too much there. Let’S go to the material tab, skip all the skill stuff there infusion stone is something i would recommend, keep your infusion weapon in balance. That gives a lot of rare active views and then you can go and get the frame girlfriend keep the weapons in balance again gives you some rare attributes for decent price, and if you are looking for special attributes, you can go and purchase the runestone here and Do those upgrade it will give you a lot of free, sorry special attributes, and then you can always work on the second avatar. There gives you a lot of uh skill level, skill damage, reduction, total damage, total damage, it’s, actually, one of the best ways to get a lot of weight at views and yep.