I finally broke down and decided to buy a pen tablet for a little bit of dabbling in digital art. The easy solution would have been to buy a wacom intuos medium and be done with it thats. What everyone else is doing, but im a good tech nerd, so i decided to do some research instead, look into it and youll find three big names that sort of dominate this industry. They are not the only ones, but if you are looking for pen tablet or a pen display, you will start seeing three brands more often than any others, wacom xp, pen and huion. My first choice was xp pen deco pro. But of course i have never seen a graphic tablet before so i thought to go with the brand which everyone is buying nowadays, but still, i feel xp pen deco pro has a great design and overall great specs with the same price range. Xp pen, deco pro, is having a large 11 inch by 6 inch working area. A prominent scroll wheel, a secondary touch, wheel and 8 express keys, build quality is solid, with an aluminium base and most unique design of the bunch. But still i decided to go for wacom ctl 6100 without bluetooth model, because i dont think im going to sit 10 feet far from my laptop and work, so i dont need bluetooth. Of course i have to sit near the laptop or my display and its. The combination like bluetooth is equal to lagging so, of course, im not much fan of wireless bluetooth, so the same without bluetooth model is available around 10 000 rupees and this bluetooth model, which i got, that is of 13 000.

. So i didnt want to spend 3000 extra for just bluetooth, so when i wanted to order this without bluetooth model ctl 6100 from amazon, it was not available. There wacoms authorized retail partner iws, they have the official site. I purchased the model which i wanted. It was for 10 000 rupees. I waited for many days and i didnt get any kind of response or message regarding my order. I waited for many days and i called them many times to know about the status of my order, but their customer care representatives were not able to give me any kind of information related to the order. After six seven days, they told me that this model is not available. Then i got disappointed and got this model from amazon with bluetooth, iws wacoms authorized retail partners. Customer support experience was so bad. It took many days to give me a clear information regarding my order. Those who dont know what is a drawing tablet, a drawing tablet, is best described as an oversized trackpad similar to that of you would find with a laptop but with two major differences, the size and ability to use a specially designed pane. This allows you to interact with the computer as it were, pen and paper. If you have ever tried writing with a mouse, you will quickly learn just how hard it is. Having the ability to use a pen enables the possibility you to interact with more precision than a mouse and lets see whats in the box Music inside, as you can see the tablet, its lightweight and thin, its micro usb cable, to connect the tablet to your pc Or laptop Music, we have the instructions manual as well as the new 4k pen.

It has more than 4 000 pressure sensitivity, youll get three replaceable nibs for this pen. You need to turn the pin around unscrew the back cap to get rid of the old nib. Simply you have to place the nibs in the tiny hole of the cap like this tilt it slightly and take out the old nib by pulling it out, take the new nib and simply push it in and screw the cap back and thats it Music. Its a battery free pen with two buttons on the side, its a usb to micro, usb cable with l shape. So i got this wacom ctl6100wl into a medium bluetooth, pin tablet its having 4k pin pressure sensitivity. The pen is battery free and its use. Emr electromagnet resonance technology, it comes with 4.2 bluetooth connectivity, but im not much fan of bluetooth im not going to sit far from my display. So i dont need bluetooth as well as it would be better if i could connect directly with my mobile phone via bluetooth, but its not possible. You need to have that type c, usb and cable, of course, to connect with android so again that bluetooth has no use, because you need wires to connect with the phone or mobile. The pen comes with three accessory nibs that you can find back portion of this pen. You can get complimentary softwares with this product, but again those softwares are for 90 days or something like that, so i even never cared to download them.

Those are not free softwares. You can use them for limited period after that you have to pay so, of course, thats. Not a good idea, whether i would say ctl 672 is way better than this. If you are on budget, because that model will cost you 6800 only and almost you can have the same, look and feel and everything its having four dedicated buttons that you can set according to your needs as shortcuts. But whenever you try to use those shortcuts another that tab kind of pops up on the screen, so when you are recording your screen, it doesnt look good. Instead of using those shortcut keys, i prefer to use keyboard shortcuts. So these are the specs it is having.