Do this lets set up these categories. First, category is going to be products under a hundred dollars. Second, category is gon na be 250 and under category three we have 500 under and category four. We have a thousand under and over of course, what were gon na do is were going to be looking at drawing tech that is available in each one of those categories and narrow it down to what i think is the best product in each one of those Price ranges well start by taking a look at that under 100 category. What kind of drawing tablet are you even able to get for under 100? Well, theres theres, some good ones out there now im throwing a lot of products out there. So if you are getting a little bit confused or wondering where do i find these go to my website and i have pages where i compare and rank my favorite drawing tablet, so you can find all the things im talking about over there. One thing is that in this range you arent going to find a screen tablet to draw and youre not going to find a windows tablet youre, not going to find an android tablet. What you are going to find here are different kinds of graphics tablets. Now these are the kind of things that sit in front of your computer. They dont have a screen when you draw on them with the included pen, you see the mark that youre making show up on the screen in front of you.

Youre gon na get some pressure sensitivity to the pen. That means that the harder you press, the more or less transparent your line is or the wider or thinner your line is going to be. These are pretty simple: theyre, basically fancy mice, but dont discount these. Just because theyre inexpensive, a lot of pro artists, really love these kind of tablets, not just because theyre simple, but also because theyre ergonomic and they can get the job done. The downside to these is there is a steeper learning curve here to using one of them. It takes time to get used to drawing this way. You have to build up that eye hand coordination. Now these start around 30, but once you get over around id say the 50 mark, you can find some really really good stuff. There are two that i really like, maybe three theres the entry level wacom intuos tablet. Now this one is the cheapest tablet that wacom makes it sells for between 70 and 80 dollars. U.S, and i would say it is a really good starter tablet. The drawing area is 6 inches by 3.7 inches, which isnt very big. So, even though its good enough, i think the next one might be a little bit better. This is the huion hs 611. The one im showing here is pink the one i reviewed a while back that one was blue. It sells for about eighty dollars, and so this is about the same price as that wacom that i was just talking about.

The reason i like this one better is that the active drawing area is larger, its ten inches by six inches, and that may not sound like a very big space to draw on, but that little detail by almost doubling the size makes this so much easier to Use, even though when were talking about pens, i think we can say hey that wacom pen is a little bit better, but i think that drawing area that you get on this tablet just makes it a better buy overall. So if i had to compare those two id say go with the hui on, however, im gon na throw a third one in here, xp pen makes a really nice tablet in this price range as well, its called the xp pen deco 01 v2. Now this thing is a lot like huions that i just talked about, but its a little bit cheaper. So you still have that 10 by 6.5 drawing area, but its coming in at 60 dollars, so youre gon na end up saving about twenty dollars here. So, if youre on a budget, i think this is a really good one to check out all right round two. What can we get for under 250 dollars? This is where i think things get really interesting, because at this price point we can now draw directly on a screen. There are a handful of like 12 13 inch tablets in this price range that you can plug into a laptop or a desktop computer and use that way, and these are really good for the price.

Now they do kind of look like computers, but i want to point out even though they look like an ipad or an android tablet: theyre, not these are screens that need to be plugged into another computer. Now there are two that i like the first one is the xp pen, artist 13.3, and the second one i like is the huion canvas 13.. Both of these have the same size screen and both of these have solid pens. Both of these displays also have shortcut keys, now, im a fan of this, because i can set undo or my brush size to those keys, and then i dont have to worry about my keyboard shortcuts, quite as much also because these have screens. This is going to be a step up from those graphics tablets. These are generally easier to use. I know that i find it much easier to draw on a screen where i can see the line appearing underneath my pen than it is when im just drawing off to the side or drawing in front of my computer and seeing it appear on the screen in Front of me all right so which one of these two would win this category. Well, there is a dark horse candidate that i threw in that nobody saw coming except me. I saw it coming because i i wrote the list. The other option that you can often find for just around 250 is the galaxy tab. S6 lite sometimes youll find it for about 300, but often it will drop below 250 dollars, and what this is is its an android tablet.

It comes with a pen, the pen doesnt cost anything extra and youre getting a full blown android tablet. So this thing doesnt need to be plugged into a computer. It doesnt need to be plugged into the wall, except when youre recharging it. You can use all of those great android drawing apps out there for it. So this thing, i think, is a tremendous value and is one of the best values in drawing tech out there right now, even though, nowadays its about two years old, its running older hardware, i still think its a really good value for the price. The one downside of going with an android tablet, however, is that it doesnt have the same art apps that youre gon na find on a pc, its not gon na, be quite as robust, even though theres some really good stuff out there for it. For some people, its just not gon na, be the fit that theyre looking for now before we get to the next category, i do want to shout out todays sponsor squarespace. You already know squarespace can build you a great website, but they also give you all the tools you need to take your business to the next level start by checking out all of the insights available in their analytics. Learn where your site visits and sales are coming from and analyze which channels are the most effective, improve your website and build marketing strategy based on top keywords and the most popular products and content.

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So the real cost here of that base level ipad is about 429. You also might be thinking. Ah, the bazel level ipad. I dont know if thats powerful enough, but it really is. There are definitely some benefits to moving up to the ipad air. The apple pencil 2 just charges better its more convenient. You have more ram, so youre able to make bigger pieces of artwork. That sort of thing, however, i think for people who are just starting out its its fine youre, its gon na get the job done now. What about windows tablets? This is the price range where youre gon na see some windows tablets start to sneak in there. I would say: stay away from windows tablets in this price range, unlike android and ipads in this price range windows. Tablets here are going to be underpowered for a lot of what you want to do and since everything that ive tested under like the 900 800 range for windows tablets, just as far underpowered, i would say stay away from them. If this is your price range, so im gon na say that the winner here is the ipad, but i think once you hit that 500 mark anything that youre going to get youre, probably gon na end up loving. There are some really good options in this category. I chose the ipad just because i think its so much fun to draw on. I was talking about that galaxy tab a little bit earlier and how cool it is to like pinch and zoom and tap to undo.

The ipad is like that, except i, like the art apps better, but like that android tablet i mentioned before its not for everybody. If you need the adobe suite, if you need full photoshop, that sort of thing, this probably isnt going to be the right thing for you, but if youre just starting out its a great value, all right were jumping into round four. Here we have 1 000. Now, strangely enough, this is the hardest category for me, because theres so much to choose from you could go grab an 11 inch ipad pro or you could get one of huion or xp pens giant 21 inch displays. You have the samsung galaxy tab s8 and the tab s8 plus those are both fantastic tablets. If you want to go a little over a thousand dollars, you can get the bigger version. The ultra and, like i said before, this is the price range where you can. Even start to find some really nice windows, computer samsung just released their galaxy book 2 360 laptop, which folds around and becomes like a form factor tablet. Its super light that one the non pro one starts at 900 and it doesnt come with the s pen. So youre gon na have to factor in maybe 30 40 extra dollars. For that the surface pro 8 also starts around a thousand dollars. However, the one thing you should take into consideration there is that it doesnt come with the keyboard cover that costs extra.

Also, the surface pen slim, which is the one i would definitely recommend that costs uh 80 to 100 more as well. So you know once you get into that surface line, you are getting more expensive, even though that is a really great computer to draw on. If you do want to go over a thousand dollars, you can start looking at some of wacoms things. I reviewed the wacom cintiq pro 16 a few months ago, thats a really good tablet, thats also very much on the pricey side. Wacom also makes a giant 27 inch or 32 inch version of that as well thats very expensive and, of course, you have a whole smattering of windows, laptops that are over that price range as well now. The reason this category, for me is so hard to decide is i i think when were talking about price and fit its really hard to figure out and say this is the perfect product for you, because once you get into this price range, you have options, and I think this is the area where you kind of have to decide for yourself. What do i need? Am i gon na be using photoshop, in which case you have to go windows or do i need a super high powered ipad, in which case you go? The ipad route – or maybe you hate apple, but you like the idea. Then you go the android route. Maybe you want to draw on windows, but you dont need something portable.

Then you go with those larger screen, huion or xp pen tablets. I think just like the last category, once you get up to this price range for the most part, everything is pretty good. Some of the windows tablets are still going to be low powered. However, any ipad, android or drawing display that you get in this price range is going to be really good and youre going to be really happy with it. But since were talking about value with price im going to light up the comment section and say my winner. This time is going to be the ipad air. Now i mentioned the ipad pro just a minute ago. However, the ipad airs just been updated. It has the m1 processor same processor as the ipad pro uh. The the 11 inch ipad pro also doesnt have the high end screen. So this has a very similar screen to what you find on that 11 inch. Pro gon na run the same apps youre gon na get the same performance. You arent gon na get the same refresh rate, so youre gon na be losing a little bit of a little bit of performance there. But if you check out my review, i talk about that a little bit. It doesnt really affect pen lag or drawing performance at all, and so, where we stand now kind of at the middle point of 2022, i think thats the best value for this category. So those are my lists.

What do you think? Let me know down below in the comments which one would you choose? Thank you all for watching and ill talk to you.