In this video we are going to show five best, drawing pad for pc available on the market and dont forget to check the product link in the description. Lets get started number one wacom, pth 660 intuos pro drawing tablet. Wacom has been near the top of the drawing tablet game for some time and the intuos pro is arguably its flagship line of drawing peripherals. This version in what wacom calls the medium size is sort of the goldilocks of the lineup, giving you an 8.7 x, 5.8 inch active surface area, but occupying only a footprint of 13.2 by 8.5 inches. This means it wont, be quite as cumbersome at your desk setup but will still offer a lot of real estate for work. Some other impressive features are the eight dedicated function buttons you can assign to programs on the fly. The assignable touch wheel for navigating programs. More fully and even the hand, recognition switch that allows the tablet to respond to gestures. Much like a track pad would, of course, its wacoms pro pen 2. That brings with it the most notoriety. This active pen provides a whopping one hundred and ninety two levels of pressure sensitivity allowing for excellent sketching precision. Wacom has also baked in a latency time that is four times faster than the first generation pro pen and has even included tilt support for sketching more natural fading lines. It also includes bluetooth, in addition to wired connectivity. The whole package works with the latest operating systems and design softwares and though it isnt the most affordable tablet out there, its a pretty reasonable price for a creative professional overall, the wacom intuos pro is comfortable to work with and performs well with creative apps.

Its also small and lightweight enough to use on the go battery life is also decent. There are a few niggles in the form of the slight lag and an unergonomic pen stand. We think most people will be happy with this wacom tablet, but you may also want to consider newer alternatives, such as the zencelabs pen, tablet, bundle which has a similar price point but offers more in the box and performs very smoothly number two wacom cindick 22. Drawing tablet weve already covered wacoms cintiq line above and because of the gorgeous displays inherent in wacoms products and its tried and true drawing tech. Its no surprise to see the brand again on our list. What makes the cintiq 22 different is the truly massive 21.5 inch display at play here, in fact, thats really. The only reason this unit will run you about one thousand two hundred dollars. That massive display means a lot more real estate that wacom has to cover, with its pressure induced sensors and color accuracy, driving the manufacturing price up. But you do get truly excellent performance. The 72 gamut accuracy is every bit as professional as you would expect, and the excellent 1920 by 1080 hd resolution is strikingly beautiful. This is a massive screen, so perhaps wacom could have loaded in a bit more resolution to go with the high price tag, but thats a small gripe. The build quality here is really second to none and the impressive pro pen, 2 wacoms proprietary.

Second generation active pen technology provides 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity, tilt recognition for more accurate line widths and virtually no detectable latency, while conventional drawing tablets without a display like wacoms intuos line, are capable of working over a wireless bluetooth link that isnt yet realistic for a Combined tablet and display the cintiq 22 uses usb a for its drawing tablet connection, so you need an adapter if your computer only has usb c ports an hdmi for its display connection. This really is the option for the designer who already loves their laptop but wants the functionality of something like a microsoft, surface studio, tons of touch screen real estate, beautiful accuracy and a workhorse for your design needs number three wacom dtk, 1660k 0a drawing tablet the wacom Cintiq 16 aims to offer artists a true digital canvas to work on a standalone touchscreen display that packs in the same precision of wacoms non screen pads, but with a colorful visual to offer immediate feedback on your work that display measures 15.6 inches diagonally and features an Hd resolution of 1920×1980, the glass encasing the top of the display, while a bit glossy features a glare, reducing coating, thats easier on your eyes. Speaking of accuracy, the cintic 16 can portray up to 16.7 million distinct colors, giving it a gamut accuracy of 72 percent. This is pretty standard for design needs and will work well for most art projects. The other side of the wacom equation is the physical feel of drawing on the tablet.

Wacom is known for its accuracy and functionality, and the company has done its best to include those features here on an actual screen based tablet. Youll sacrifice some control, such as the multi touch, capabilities and assignable function, buttons found on other wacom units, but youre doing so to get the best possible display oriented tablet you can for a steep and it really isnt a cindic pro. You dont get the uhd resolution. Multi touch control or, as many connectivity options it isnt as portable as a surface pro or ipad pro either, but build quality appears similar and for less than half the price of the 16 inch pro version, you get what looks to be a very capable pen. Display importantly, you also get access to wacoms industry standard, drawing tools. These are the displays you find in most animation and special effects studios if youre a cash strapped creative pro the wacom cintic 16 is definitely an option worth considering. If youve made your decision check out our guide to the best cheap wacom tablet deals number four one by wacom small drawing tablet a lot of big name. Tech brands are going the way of attainable when it comes to pricing. Alongside options such as the microsoft surface go and the entry level ipad youll find the wacom one. Now the one isnt a standalone tablet like the above and featuring wacoms excellent, build quality. It fits the aesthetic of the budget, but still premium feeling devices.

The 6.0 x 3.7 inch tablet measures only 0.3 inches thick and has a nice durable plastic build with rounded edges. This makes it a joy to use and ensures that it can be tossed into your laptop bag for travel. The pressure sensitive stylus does offer only 2048 levels of pressure, sensitivity akin to the rest of the budget tablets on the market and at 2540 lpi of sensor density. It isnt the most accurate tablet out there. The wacom one is a solid entry into the budget. Drawing tablet market for windows and older mac owners looking for an affordable drawing screen, the wacom one should be high on the list for newer mac and apple pencil equipped ipad owners. The recent inclusion of sidecar makes it a harder sell. The wacom feel is better than the ipad in terms of latency, however, the drawing experience is identical on ipad or wacom 1, and a basic ipad and pencil can be found for approximately the same price as a wacom one for window users. However, it is a very different story. I have never been tempted by a drawing device other than wacom due to their reliability and feel in this regard. The wacom 1 maintains the wacom brand. Well, the wacom one is a robust and dependable device that always just worked when i plugged it into the razer laptop due to its flexibility, rugged construction and drawing experience. The wacom one should be considered by any artist looking for their first drawing display as long as they dont work in room with lots of bright lights.

Number five xp pen, star g640, drawing tablet as graphics tablets have grown in prevalence, so have their use cases. One extreme example of this is the beat mapping rhythm game osu and its sequels. The game can be a standard mouse, but many serious and professional level players prefer a graphics tablet. So if you want to get into that level of gaming, a great place to start is with the xp pen, star g640 tablet its a great low cost low risk way to try out this new way of playing the 6×4 inch. Writing surface is enough space for most players to cover their needs and the passive stylus that comes with it allows for 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. This is in essence, xp pens, budget non screen, drawing tablet. So, to be fair, it will work for design programs as well its compatible with windows and mac and requires no drivers, so you can just plug it in and play this makes it ideal for other non art processes such as capturing signatures for your business or even Just taking notes on a laptop and because the thing is so compact itll slip right into your bag. This tablet offers wide compatibility with drawing and editing software office, apps and gaming, its supplied with a nimble and easy to use pen and is quick and simple. In setup and usage, no shortcut keys might be a downside for professional editors. However, the pen functionality is quite diverse in any setting mouse game controls, drawing and editing.

This tablet is a handy graphic device with multiple functions. It can be used for artist and editor tasks, as well as for studying its intuitive to use thanks to the sensitive pen with the comfortable lift off distance, the stylus has a good balance.–6xE