This one is a portable one, handheld hooks up to your pc and your phone, so this one can be very, very handy when i’m, like when i’m traveling. This is what’s in my my luggage. I take this literally with me. It goes to anywhere. I need to go, and i love that so you could. This is lightweight. This could break down and put right into your bag. This is there’s no weight. This is plastic. This is metal, so this is the only metal to it. This is lightweight plastic, so uh we’re going to talk about it, how we use it and how to use it on your phone, so stay tuned. All right. Everybody, let’s, uh, let’s check out this micro microscope. Uh, like i said before, it is portable. This was actually very, very handy to have it’s handheld. You can use it for whatever you want to put on this uh. You know display grid that does have a grid here. So i guess you can measure things if you need to uh that’s convenient for a lot of people’s got a measuring inches over here and i think it’s yep centimeters on this side. So you have two sides for magnification here or measurements and uh for you know. So you know how big or small it is, so that makes it convenient, i’ve rode mine off, because i use it so much. This is my favorite. Like i said this thing has gone with me for years now and i use it for everything.

So i love it, it is handy uh. This comes off, it just has a screw in the back, as you can see very easy to come off uh, you can just turn. This part comes right off and just put your screw back in and make it throw it in your bag you’re on your way, uh. This is a plastic piece here. This is all metal. This is plastic as well. The actual magnifier microscope is actually plastic as well. This part is glass, it comes with a little cap lens cover. Let me pop that off yeah. This is a little plastic cap, keeps the dust and so forth from getting inside of your lens. This is where your camera lens is, and you have eight l lcd lights around outside of it uh it works, really really bright. You can adjust the the light up here up and down for brightness uh, the more you want, the less you want with coins. You know you kind of keep it in the middle because you don’t want too much glare. This here is where you magnification adjustment from 50 to a thousand times, which is really great. You cannot see a whole coin on this. I advise you. You cannot use this for an entire coin. You will have to use a camera or you know, um. You know i use my canon if i want to take pictures actual of a full coin um, because these do not do that they do not.

You know do that. This is just not what this is made for um. If it went to 25 to 1000 it would actually work for a coin, but because it’s 50, it starts at 50. It just is too far away, so you can’t see a whole coin, but you can see the details in the coin: that’s really what i’m looking for when i’m looking for airs. This is what i use, and i hook it up to my stand up station behind me. As you can see, this is not my main computer. This is just my laptop, so you can see that right. There it’s my laptop and i hook it up to the screen – little monitor. It has a really great resolution, which i love using this with, and i do my videos that’s, where i shoot my videos from on the actual error coins, so let’s turn this thing on. I have it on the pc right at the moment um, but we will unplug. So let me show you i can um you can use this cord. This is not the camera. I actually bought a longer one. You get like a six inch uh usb uh cord with this um, but i bought a longer one, because i want to be able to use it and be able to be comfortable with it. I’M. Not having too short of a cord six inches to me is just not long enough to really get comfortable having it far away on your computer and or because most usbs are underneath a desk or so forth for your your plugins, so it’s not long enough.

So i ordered it off amazon, an extra cord they’re, cheap they’re, like eight bucks for the cord it’ll, make it worth it. As you can see it works without the cord. This is battery operated as well. You do have to charge it like. I said you have to use that usb and charge. It takes just a couple hours to charge this and i get hours and hours of use of it. So it comes off of the stand, so you can hand hold this i’m going to show you with my old phone uh how this works into a phone. You can use it on an iphone. I have actually a note that i use um it’s android, so it does work for our iphones androids and any other kind of phones you might have. It will use work for a mac pc, iphone ipad, uh, android, android tablets so forth. They work for all of it, so this is very, very convenient and all you do is uh download from your google store and inscam is called and it’s the program you need to have to actually be able to uh hook it up. It’S, i n s, k a m i’ll put that on the link in the b below uh. So that way you know, and then you have the side here. It says pc here and wi fi so make sure it’s clicked up to wi fi when you’re, using it for wi fi on the phone and or using the pc.

So for you to do this, you have to turn your phone wi fi on. So you go to your phone, pull down your wi fi stuff and select your wi fi hold your finger on. It pulls up your wi fi. You cannot see this on my screen and select your inscum okay, and it will connect to your your my microscope. It’Ll tell you when it’s it’s connected there, it goes it’s connected, oh well, it’s, connected without internet, because i don’t have this connected up right now, it’s, not really on um. This is my old phone, but it should work. Let me show, and then you go back to your program, you open it up and bam. You’Ve got a micro microscope. So let me uh, let me show you, i guess you guys really can’t see this. Can you let me put a coin under here and let you guys see a coin see if i can get it to show you guys. We’Ll use this penny and let me get it straight. You have to figure out what direction to put the coin down so that it is straight um don’t know. If i’m gon na you’ll be able to see this or not oops. Here we go it’s not wanting to back uh. It is upside down all right, everything’s, opposite, okay! Here we go all right. Oh, i turned it too far. My bad okay, okay! I guess you can’t really see this.

Can you i’m so sorry um i’m, trying to get this to line up to you guys? Okay, so you turn it on the program and see. I know you can’t really see the details of it, but you can see that is on your phone. This is my portable phone, nothing hooked up to it is just working and, like i said you could take this and put it on your skin and just look at stuff. You can go out and look at a bug or a leaf, or whatever you want to look at this thing is so cool. It will show you details that you never thought you could see with a microscope so uh as for portability. This is the one. My other one well is not as portable, but it is portable, but not as portable. It does have an lcd screen to come with it, but this one you can use with your phone or your tablet or your. You know your your ipad or your even maybe even works up to your phone. I uh your your watch. Phones um, you know i’m sure it probably does. If you can get that program downloaded, you can use it. So this is a very convenient uh turn. This off here just this, the off button right here in front, so it clicks it right off and turns it on and off like i said, this is the volume of the light up and down um, so there’s not much more to it.

You know this, like i said here, you go so you can see the light and you can scroll it. You can turn it all the way off, which you know if you don’t want light on something you just want to use the magnification. You got that so it is optional. So, like i said this is the ideal one i paid about 40 for this on amazon. You can pick it up very easily. They have black ones, they have white ones. I prefer the white one. They do have a black one, that’s, actually hardwired as well. So if you know, if you don’t want to do the wi fi you don’t have wi fi in your house, you can use a hardwired one of these. They do have them just look put in lcd or i mean um a a wireless uh microscope and you will find one of these and, like i said they do have black ones um in the exact same style as this one, and then they have ones that Have a wire that’s actually hooked up to it. I actually do have one of those. It does not come in as clear as this one does for whatever reason, so i do recommend this style, one, not the one with the wire. I think this one just comes in better it’s got a better quality: it’s 1080p uh. You know for magnifica uh uh for resolution, so you can’t go wrong on this as handheld’s.

You know it’s it’s mini small, so you can take anywhere. You want perfect for small hands like kids when they’re you know doing projects or out there looking at bugs and or you know, looking at different things that they’re into so uh like i said this is definitely uh a micro microscope. You’Ll want to get to do for your hobbies um. I hope you guys like this video. I i think this will be very useful for a lot of people. This is the tool to have so this is linda with copperhead collectors. Please hit that like button and leave me a comment. Uh subscribe to my page um if you haven’t already and if you have thank you. I really really appreciate all your support. I try and make some video videos for you guys weekly, if not twice a week. Um, you know as long as i have time to make all these videos and edit and so forth. So i hope you’ll subscribe to my page and leave me a comment. Let me know what you guys are collecting and or what microscopes you guys are using. So this is linda: copperhead collectibles.