com the device you run zwift on can make or break your experience. I did a video on troubleshooting zwift and it made me wonder why do so? Many people have so many issues. So this is a follow up. Video or maybe it should be a prerequisite to that video most problems with running zwift can be avoided if it is running on the right device im going to run you through the most common devices for running zwift, and i will talk about the pros and cons Of each one and later on ill tell you what device i personally use, so you want to stick around for that, but quickly before we get into that, i want to mention that zwift has minimum requirements for devices and these requirements are published on their website. Basically, microsoft windows, 10, 64 bits or higher. If you are running zwift on windows 7, you wont be able to do that starting next year. So this might be a good time to go shopping for that new pc that you always wanted. Assuming you can just upgrade to windows 10 for mac users. You need mac os 10.12, which is sierra or higher for apple mobile users. You need ios, 9 or higher android users. You will need android, 7 or higher and other hardware requirements. Basically, if you cannot find it in the google play store, then your android device is not compatible. So these are the software requirements, but thats, not all the hardware plays a huge part in your drift experience.

Zwift has a minimum cpu ram and gpu requirements to run zwift. One last thing i want to mention before going through the list is and uh no. I was not going to say, subscribe and hit the like button, but sounds like a good time to say it anyway. So please take a quick second to hit the like button. It helps the video and the channel a lot, and i really appreciate it. Okay, lets go through the list. My favorite device to run zwift on and most likely will give you a trouble. Free experience is the ipad simply just works. Zwift instantly start on the ipad. The pairing process is very simple and straightforward, and it does not matter which ipad you get, whether you have the ipad mini ipad, air or ipad pro. As long as you can still update the ios to the latest, it will just work the ipad uses bluetooth. So just make sure all your devices are bluetooth compatible. So if you are using a garmin heart rate, monitor that only broadcasts any plus thats not going to work also with an ipad, you can still run the swift companion app on your phone to give thumbs up, chat and all things you can do with the companion. App, my second favorite device from a simplicity, standpoint and trouble free is the apple tv, 4k, first generation or second generation just make sure it has a 4k on it. I have personally used the apple tv for about two years and really never had any issues.

Its also the most economical hardware, to get you starting with zwift, you can buy an apple tv for around 180 dollars. I have seen it even go for 120 on black friday and you only need to get the 32 gigabyte option. Apple tv just works. Zwift starts instantly on it and you get to use your big screen tv with that. The only problem with the apple tv is, it does have limitations on how many bluetooth devices you compare to it. So if you try to pair a bike trainer, a heart rate, monitor and a separate cadence sensor, you will run into these limitations, but you can override these issues by using the pair with the swift, companion app option. Also, many of the new bike trainers, measure cadence. So it can be paired as power controllable, trainer and cadence, using only one bluetooth signal which sold the bluetooth limitations with the apple tv, zwift and apple tv remote, do not play well together, but youll eventually get used to it. Zwift is also working on fixing that soon, with a new redesigned interface and hopefully well see that new interface very soon, with the apple tv, 4k youre not going to run zwift in 4k, actually just a basic graphic profile and will get you 30 frames per second. But if youve never seen zwift and ultra or 4k, you wont even know what youre missing, okay moving on to laptops and desktops. One thing i like about running zwift on these devices is: you can use the keyboard and mouse and use some of this with keyboard shortcuts and different camera angles that you dont get on other devices.

Laptops and desktops can work really well. However, this is also where i have found most issues pop up as they vary greatly devices from apple like the macbook pro macbook air and mac mini, tend to run zwift very well as long as you are not running something very old zwift particularly runs so well On the new max with the m1 chip, easy to pair devices in bluetooth and youll get a very good performance with most of the intel variety, you will get high graphic profile. If you have a new one with the m1 chip, you can run it in ultra graphic profile. Windows, desktops and laptops can run swift, but these seem to be less consistent, unlike apple where the hardware and software are integrated and you sort of know what you are getting windows devices can differ greatly from one device to the next. Your experience with running zwift on windows will all depend on what you get, how much you spend when you get it or who gave it to you. But assuming you have something that meets your requirements, you should have a very good experience. One issue that i have noticed with windows is: they tend to have more trouble with bluetooth connections, so you might have to settle for ant plus, which i personally do not like to use when indoors. I know this can be a controversial topic, but when indoors, bluetooth works much better than ant plus – and i stand by that – and you can also improve your bluetooth experience by getting a decent bluetooth hardware.

Bluetooth aside, one plus with windows devices is that if you get a decent graphic card, you can run zwift in 4k and once you run zwift in 4k, everything else will be inferior and you will never be able to go back. Okay lets talk about running zwift. On your smartphone, these are great and easy to run swift. They are convenient as they are with you all the time and zwift runs really well on them. I have used my iphone a lot when going to a gym to run on a treadmill. The main downside with using your phone is a screen size and you cant use the zwift companion app, but other than that. These just work well, iphones or bluetooth. Only some android devices have bluetooth and ant plus okay, so i have run zwift on almost all of these devices, all except android and use them for a decent period of time. From my own trial of all of these, my favorite and current setup, which i have been using for the past two years or so, is this alienware windows desktop. I know everyone who knows me and know how much i love apple is shocked right now. Yes, i said windows its a 10th gen intel core i7 with nvidia geforce rtx 3060 ti connected directly to a big screen tv via an hdmi cable. It is just sweet, it works so well and i get 4k graphics and some ridiculous crazy frame rates.

But unfortunately, my tv does not support that high of a frame rate, so im usually maxed out at 60 frames per second. Even so i just love it. I really have connectivity issues and with the smooth frame rate and graphics, i feel like im right there in watopia, okay, this is all i have for you here today. Hope you find this video helpful and help you better understand the different devices you can use to run zwift and if you know of someone that can benefit from this video, there is a share bond that you can press and send them. This video remember to hit the like button and if you are still watching and have not subscribed yet, then you know what to do. Thank you for watching and see you guys in the next video and as soon as apple released a mac menu that can run zwift in 4k. That alienware will be out of here.