From topping this list, especially considering the lower price but similar offerings of its predecessor, the chromabook, flip c 434, still, if money isn’t an object for you, there’s a lot to like about the two and one c 436, it has a nice compact convertible chassis. Unlike many convertible devices, it’s actually light enough 2.4 pounds to feasibly be used as a tablet for an extended period of time inside it has a comfortable and snappy keyboard and a fingerprint reader in the top corner of the deck. The audio is good. There are two harman kardon certified speakers in the hinge, as well as one on each side of the cover and it’s powered by a 10th gen intel core i3 that performs quite well under a heavy browsing load. The c436 is a pricey chromabook, but it certainly looks and feels premium number four acer’s krama books pin 713 is hands down the best chroma book you can buy with a gorgeous three two screen that rivals some more expensive competitors. You’Ll have a ton of extra vertical space for your work and multi disking. The keyboard is excellent, with a comfortable quiet feel and nice backlighting there’s, even an hdmi port, which you don’t see on a thin chrome book every day and, most importantly, the 10th gen intel processors can handle a heavy load of tabs with no problem. The spin speakers aren’t great and there is no biometric login, but those are reasonable sacrifices to make for a laptop of this quality of this low of a price in a market where the main differences between promo books in this price range boil down to their screens And maybe an included stylus acer sets itself apart by making an affordable, laptop that’s excellent in almost every way Music number three.

If you’re looking for an affordable device for on the go work, the lenovo krama book duet delivers excellent value for its low price it’s, an ultra portable 10.1 inch two in one device with a detachable keyboard and kickstand cover. The duet contains a mediatek helio, p60t processor. Four gigabytes of ram and up to 128 gigabytes of storage, and it performs well if you’re, just browsing and don’t plan on using a super heavy load. It also uses a version of chrome os that’s made for its convertible form factor, including the first version of chrome, that’s optimized for tablet use when detached from its keyboard. The duet supports an android desk gesture navigation system that makes switching between apps a breeze, but the most impressive feature is battery life. I got close to 11.5 hours of fairly heavy use. Of course there are drawbacks. The touchpad and keyboard are quite small. There is no headphone jack and only one usbc port and the 1610 screen is a bit them, but those are reasonable trade offs to make for such an affordable price. It makes a great secondary device for schoolwork or on the go browsing Music number two. The google continues its tradition of making the best drama books in the world, while its older pixel book used to occupy the top spot, it’s been replaced by google’s latest chroma book the pixel boot go. This is a chroma book that proves that these devices can be just as stylish and powerful as traditional laptops and the pixel buco brings a lot of the original pixel books premium features to a more affordable device.

One of its most impressive features is the fantastic battery life, which can outlast many traditional laptops with ease and means. You can go a full work or school day without needing to charge it. We also love the fact that you can close the lid leave it for a few days and when you pick it up again, it’s still got plenty of battery life left something windows, 10 laptops never achieve its brilliant keyboard is also worth pointing out. It feels fantastic to type on and makes working on it incredibly comfortable. In fact, this has meant we’ve stopped using much more powerful and expensive laptops in favor of the pixel buco. It really is that good Music number one, the samsung’s first galaxy chroma bookshop for the moon with a one thousand dollar price tag, an olay display, a packaged stylus and a premium build the galaxy chromabook, 2 isn’t, so much a sequel to that device, as it is A pair down more affordable, alternative, there’s, no fingerprint sensor, no stylus and no laid but it’s quite functional and with the sub 600 starting price, it’s a much more reasonable purchase. The chroma book 2’s highlight feature is its finish: it comes in a bright fiesta red that will certainly stand out wherever you’re, using it there’s a great option as well. If you prefer something subtle, it’s. Also, the first promo book ever to feature one of samsung’s qled panels: qled isn’t laid it’s, just a fancier led, but it still makes for one of the most gorgeous displays i’ve ever seen on a chromabook.

Nice screen sometimes wrecked battery life, but that’s not the case.