So that you can make better buy in decisions just make sure to check the product links in the description let’s get started. We present the five best chromebook for kid. Let’S get started with the list. Music number one asus chromebook flipped, c4 342 in one laptop at 0.6 inches. This super slim chromebook packs a full 14 inch screen into a chassis. The size of the average 13 inch screen laptop. The most impressive thing about this version of the asus chromebook flip is that you get an expensive premium model made affordable by choosing the lowest specifications. So you get a backlit keyboard and a large touchpad that is palm rejection and supports multi touch gestures. Ultra slim bezels, full hd and a 178 degree viewing angle result in a screen that is excellent as both a tablet and for tv and movie watching Music Music number two google pixel book go chromebook laptop the google pixel book go is the closest thing you’ll find To a future proof, computer for your child with a 64 gigabytes hard drive, your child may not need all the memory available to them right now, but as they grow, there will be plenty of room to store music images, files, school projects, textbooks and more. It is 0.5 inches thick just over 2 pounds and has a special grippable design to make it easy to carry the pixel book. Go is also available with a 4k display, but this saps the battery life faster.

So we recommend the hd version, which still has a fabulous display: Music, Music number three acer, chromebook, spin 11 convertible laptop. The acer chromebook can be off putting at first, but it is way more durable than it feels with an hd touch screen. The acer spin 11 allows you to do anything. You would normally do on your phone or tablet. The stylus allows you to draw write or edit, just as you would, with a pen or brush with ease making this an ideal chromebook for your budding artist. You also get a bundle that includes a touchscreen pen and a chromebook cover the 360 degree. Flip design allows you to use the acer chromebook spin as a laptop Music number. Four lenovo chromebook duet, waczka 1920×1200 display the lenovo chromebook duet packs a mighty punch into its tiny frame. While we can’t guarantee that your child will never complain about carrying it. The fact that this model is under a pound makes it as unlikely as possible. That’S, not to say the lenovo is delicate testing shows it to stand up well to general use and even after being dropped on the floor in a backpack, it was intact and working. Fine, the plug and play keyboard can be removed entirely, so you can use the main body like a Music laptop Music, Music, Music number, five samsung chromebook three 11.6 inch hd led the samsung chromebook 3 is an outstanding pick for an affordable first chromebook for kids, the Water resistant keyboard is made for those who are less than careful with their drinks, while the slight curve to the keys makes it comfortable to use.

If you just need something quick and dirty this durable, clamshell chromebook should get the job done without making you shell out too much money for a decently performing chromebook it’s. Also worth noting that, since these are customized laptops, you will have to wait a little longer for the laptop to be assembled and delivered Music Music, thanks for stopping by please like this video.