I’Ve made this list based on bar suggestions, opinions and hours of research. I also listed them based on price features and durability. Whether you’re looking for a good value and efficient chromebook or you’re, just looking for the best information on the critical advantages of these chromebooks, we will provide these details for you. As always. Our goal here is to create an exciting shopping guide so that our subscribers and our viewers can make the best decisions when buying these products. If you’re new to the channel welcome to the five best where we explore the best technology gadgets on the market and help, you make the right decisions based on your specific requirements, the links to all the products mentioned are in this video and will be shown in The description below make sure to click the subscribe button to stay up to date on information and content and hit the notification bell so that you never miss a video sit back, relax and enjoy the video number five. The samsung chromebook four samsung products have a reputation of being one of the best on the market, and this one has not disappointed at number. Five. Is this chromebook, with an 11.6 inch high definition led screen and a 1366 by 768 resolution assuring you of a good quality picture? It comes with four gigabytes of system memory and an embedded multimedia card of gigabytes. There are two other variations of ram and emmc combinations. These variations are available at different prices to this particular chromebook.

You get super fast connectivity from this device in the form of a gigabit, wi fi connection. Bluetooth is also available if that’s, what you want this ensures you have a smooth streaming experience and fast downloads on larger files fitted with an intel celeron processor n4000. With a 2.6 gigahertz speed, you can rest assured of a smooth running device, even while multitasking the operating system is the chrome os. With this you know, connecting with google is easy. You will be getting easy access to the google play store and the google apps accessible commands. Also with the google voice assistant. This device has the sweetness all samsung products are known, for it weighs less than five pounds and it’s ultra slim, despite the swimness and all the sweetness it’s pretty durable. It meets the eight military grade standards. This means it can survive. High temperatures, vibrations, freezing, specks of dust, transit drops and even low pressure, it’s a true beast. This device is protected against malware by multiple layers of anti malware. Also, it automatically updates its anti malware program to make sure the device is continually safeguarded. The battery life is guaranteed for 12 hours on a full charge and can vary on usage and network. The battery also charges fast on a usbc charger number four acer, chromebook 715.. The acer chromebook 715 is a quality, eighth generation pc. We feature at the number four spots on today’s list. So what are the specifications of this beauty and how does it perform? This chromebook has a system, memory of 4 gigabytes and an embedded multimedia card of 128 gigabytes.

The associated cpu is a core i3 8130u made by intel and has a speed of 3.4 gigahertz. It runs on chrome os. It also has a graphics processor, which is an intel uhd graphics, 620, combined with the intel uhd processor, is a bdr optical drive a solid machine right. Well, just wait for it. The body of this gadget is quite stylish and designed for optimal use, even in rough conditions. It comes with a 100 aluminium chassis, with an option for a keyboard backlight using such lightweight and high strength. Material aims to keep the durability and strength at a peak without compromising the device’s portability. The aluminium used is anodised, which ensures no chipping of paint and also no heat, dissipation or corrosion effects. Using this chromebook with a smart home is as easy as it comes. You can perform several tasks without lifting a finger set reminders play music make commands all while connected with the google assistant. The gadget makes the tasks easier with an improved dual microphone processing design, especially to filter out command voices in noisy conditions, that’s, a smooth one right. There moving to the hardware part of this chromebook, it weighs less than six pounds and has dimensions of 9×8 by 14 by 14 by 0.7 inches in terms of length, width and height it’s, still relatively easy to carry and also very durable. The chromebook screen is a whopping, 15.6 inches and it’s high definition. The screen has a display resolution of by 1080 pixels.

The touchpad screen is a corning gorilla glass, the hallmark of screen, durability, tapping scrolling and zooming all just got smoother than ever number three lenovo chromebook duet up. Next, we check out the lenovo chromebook duet, another chromebook, that bangs this chromebook doubles as a laptop and a tablet. Hence the name duet. This gadget is high grade and well worth the spend it has high specs for virtually any purpose. You need a pc for gaming coding, video editing and anything in between this device is always a great choice and 64 gigabytes embedded multi chip package, mcp storage, the cpu manufactured by mediatek, is a 1.2 gigahertz cortex a13 processor that ensures a smooth running system. In addition to this, it has a graphics, processor arm g72, mp3 800 gigahertz for high graphics content like games. This pc has a screen size of 10.1 inches it’s a touch screen and has 920 by 1200 pixel screen resolution that amount of pixels on that screen. Size gets you super clear and high definition, visuals also, it has a front camera 2 megapixels with fixed focus and led indicator and a rear camera. Eight megapixels with autofocus. The connectivity of the gadget is quite stellar, with new age, wi, fi and bluetooth options, which means you can connect with your printers and other devices in your home or work network still talking about connections. It has a usbc port. Amazingly, it takes just under 10 seconds for the device to boot, meaning you get to start using your device at a moment’s notice.

This chromebook is very portable and don’t worry. They did not sacrifice its durability to achieve a compact device. You already know you may decide not to use it with a keyboard. The exciting thing is, the exciting thing is that it has the option of a stylus pen that you can use to navigate the chromebook. It weighs just 2.03 pounds. This includes the keyboard and the stand. You know you can carry a chromebook anywhere. You want keeping in mind that the keyboard is a detachable plug and play one with a battery life of 10 hours. This chromebook is an excellent choice for both work and play. Number. Two asus chromebook flip c436, if you’re after style and efficiency in one or a convenient switch between a laptop mode and tablet mode. This is yet another excellent choice for you to consider. We feature the asus flip c436 on the number two spots on our top five best chromebooks. You can buy in 2021 list. What makes this next generation device stand out. Let’S take a run through. It has a whopping eight gigabyte system memory. This is accompanied by a 128 gigabyte pci essd memory. Storage intel made the core i3 11011u processor, with a speed of 4.1 gigahertz. In addition to this is a graphics, processor, intel, uhd graphics, which is essential for smooth running tasks with high graphic needs. This chromebook is perfect for people with tasks that require high processing power, because you will be able to multitask and not sacrifice the needed efficiency of your chromebook.

While this device can be used as a tablet, it does not have a detachable keyboard. Instead, it has a 360 degree hinge that can help. You manipulate the chromebook into any position you want. Despite this, this chromebook is quite durable and also portable. The screen on this chromebook is 14 inches wide. The touchscreen is 1920 by 1080 pixels and displays in full hd as a bonus. It has a four sided nano edge display that helps you improve the visuals around the edges of your chromebook. It has two usbc ports, a wi, fi, six and bluetooth all are for different modes of connections. This device also has a backlit keyboard. For times you may be working in the dark. It weighs 2.58 pounds which makes it sleek and efficient to use. It also has a built in quad speaker, that’s harm card, empowered number one, google pixel go coming in at the prime position for the top five best chromebooks that you can buy in 2021 is this device. It has a comparative advantage over the other chromebooks, because both the os and the computer were built by the same company, google. It has a system memory of eight gigabytes and a hard drive of 64 gigabytes. The ram which intel builds is a core m3 8100 y. This powerful processor makes it highly recommendable for people that want efficiency, even when multi tasking this chromebook has a startup of just a few seconds, making it accessible almost immediately when you turn it on this device has a titan c security tip and different levels of anti Malware that help protect the device from malicious threats, seamless and background updates are available.

One significant advantage of this is that you don’t have to be on high alert to update the chromebook’s anti malware. It updates necessary apps itself and continues to protect against cyber threats. The screen is 13.3 inches wide touch screen and also displays in high definition. The webcam on this chromebook has a 1080 pixel clarity. It comes with two solid speakers you can connect to other devices via bluetooth or wi fi. Also, tethering is available for instant connections to the outside world, it’s a very slim chromebook. It weighs just 2.33 pounds and yet is still very durable. Despite having a battery life of 12 hours, the laptop is just 13 millimeters thick. What is astonishing is that you can get two hours of battery life from charging this device for just 20 minutes. It has a backlit keyboard, very soft keys and a sensitive touchpad that makes surfing easier as a final trait. This google pixel go is also durable. Portable easy to use and has a quality display inside the connectivity via wi, fi and bluetooth, is also top notch, easily adapted for intelligent home use and that’s.